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Nick Sarnicola Gives Back and Improves Lives, While Raking in Profits from Healthcare Products

Nick Sarnicola is Chief Operating Officer and co-Founder of Visalus Holdings LLC. Visalus Holdings LLC is a healthcare product manufacturer. The company produces a line of nutritional supplements and weight loss products. Sarnicola founded the company in 1997, along with co-founder Blake Mallen. The company has offices in Los Angeles, California and Detroit, Michigan. In 2005 the business was purchased by Ryan Blair. Mallen and Nick Sarnicola remained with the company. Sarnicola first stayed on as a salesperson with the company, but later moved back into a leadership role.

Blair, Mallen and Sarnicola’s wellness company has helped more than 150,000 people start home based businesses selling their products. In the process of building a powerful company, Nick Sarnicola and his colleagues have helped 250 people make a yearly six figure salary. Six of the team’s ambassadors have become millionaires through their career with the company.

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Sarnicola and his wife Ashley are very active ambassadors for the company. As top sales earners for the company, the duo rakes in more than $220,000 per month from their sales. Their lives are not just focused on the success of the company. Nick Sarnicola and his wife Ashley make sure that they remain active in giving back to the community.

In 2012 the wealthy couple earmarked $1 million for the Sarnicola Foundation. This gift was to ensure that 13 to 19 year old students have access to information and training on entrepreneurship. In 2016 the foundation worked to secure a partnership with Networking for Teaching Entrepreneurship to offer an array of services to help on the path to entrepreneurship. Just this year $10,000 was given to a 21 year old aspiring entrepreneur at Michigan’s Muskegon Community College.

Nick Sarnicola grew up in Gran Rapids, Michigan and attended Wyoming Park High School. He became an entreprenuer at age 18. By the time he was 25 years old, he had already made his first million dollars. Sarnicola is a high-demand speaker giving presentations often. He has a strong social media presence too. He can be found online through platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Connect:

The Rise of Investment Guru Randal Nardone & Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone went to the University of Connecticut where he studied English and Biology. After graduating with a Bachelors degree he studied law at Boston University where he received his JD in Law. He went on to practice law at the prestigious law firm, Thatcher, Proffit, and Wood. The experience he gained there took him to the financial entity, Blackrock, in 1998 where he was the in house lawyer.

Something about the financial industry must have intrigued him because he was inspired to create his financial firm only a year later with partners Wes Edens and Rob Kaufman. They called the new firm Fortress Investment Group (FIG). It was the mission of this business/hedge fund to invest in so-called alternative investments.

Randal Nardone’s strategy seems to have worked well. In 2007 FIG was the only hedge fund to be publicly listed on the NYSE. A decade later it would go private again due to being purchased by Japan’s Softbank. In the intermediate time, Randal Nardone would go from being COO of FIG to CEO in 2013. This was due to Randal’s success at managing FIG’s private equity side which invests in North America, Western Europe, and the Caribean. Click this link to read this article.

After the purchase by Softbank, Federal regulators prevented the purchaser from managing FIG’s funds directly, so Randal Nardone and his compatriots at FIG are staying in their positions as principles and leaders of the hedge fund. Currently, FIG manages 41.4 billion in worldwide assets. There are at least 1,750 institutional and individual investors. FIG employs 915 asset managers and 205 professional investors.

Randal Nardone has parlayed his success with FIG into directorships on several corporate boards. His latest directorship is with Eurocastle Investment Limited. As of 2017, Randal ranked as number 557 on the Forbes Billionaire list with about 1.5 billion in assets. Learn More:

The Creative Blake Mallen

Blake Mallen has been a phenomenal promoter of ViSalus. He is a pillar of this successful company which he co-founded with Ryan Blair and Nick Sarnicola in 2005. Since this time, Blake Mallen has seen to it that ViSalus maintains its reputation, and improves its brand. His creativity and entrepreneurial skill have steered this remarkable company to success over the years.

The impact of Blake

Through Blake, ViSalus has branded itself as a healthy lifestyle company by maintaining its reputation through the creation of useful connections that influence the transformation of our lives, to a prosperous, and healthy lifestyle. Blake has managed to promote entrepreneurial freedom and create a remarkable platform for attaining proper fitness and weight loss.

ViSalus has gone an extra mile not just to influence people on living a healthier lifestyle, but also in innovation of nutritional supplements and products to assist in weight loss. They sell their products right to their consumers through internationally independent promoters. Their products are accessible in North America under the brand ViSalus® and Vi™ for European markets.

For more information about Blake Mallen, visit his crunchbase profile

Blake’s Success

Blake Mallen was the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, under his leadership, he has managed to come up with strategies that have helped steer the company to success. A good example is the disruptive challenge marketing strategy. This excellent marketing strategy saw the company achieve over 600% sales growth in just 12 months. Besides, it brought back more than $2 billion worth of revenue provides us with the undeniable statistics that the weight-loss shake brands are the best and most trusted in North America.

His Value for Technology

Blake Mallen has always valued the use of digital landscape and technology in marketing. Blake and his team have been awarded numerous awards for their digital and social marketing strategies and skills.

Over the years, Blake has managed to redefine, reinvent, and build a ViSalus brand for it to be successful as it is, which led to his promotion as the president of ViSalus.

Besides all that, ViSalus values giving back to the community. It has made charitable donations to trusted institutions over the years. Its headquarters are in Troy, Michigan, with offices in Los Angeles and European countries. Read:

Dr. Sam Jejurikar Performs Cleft Palate Surgeries In Bangladesh And Sri Lanka

Smile Bangladesh is a not-for-profit that provides free surgery for people in developing countries that were born with a cleft palate. This condition is usually caused by the mother’s poor nutrition during pregnancy. It has been helping people since 2010 and relies on surgeons to donate their time and expertise. Dr. Sam Jejurikar of Dallas, Texas, was a plastic surgeon who answered the call for help.

He spent March 2019 in impoverished Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, where he operated on children with cleft palates. This condition leads to people being socially stigmatized and an unattractive appearance to others. It also results in speech impediments and difficulty eating. There are 300,000 people with this condition in Bangladesh but only 30 doctors there who can perform the surgery to correct it. This is why doctors like Sam Jejurikar step in and help.

He’s been a plastic surgeon for over 20 years and is a graduate of one of the best medical schools in the nation, the University of Michigan. Dr. Sam Jejurikar joined the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute after graduating and has helped thousands of patients. He performs not just plastic surgery procedures but also reconstructive surgery.

Patient safety is Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s top priority. An expert in gluteal augmentation, he says that this type of surgery has to be performed exceedingly carefully. He is increasing awareness about the risks of this surgery with his fellow plastic surgeons. His message is that if they don’t perform it right it can result in horrible complications including an embolism if fat is injected into a vein.

Through the Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force, this doctor is helping to develop best practices for gluteal augmentation surgery. He says that he and his colleagues have engaged in productive talks and hope to limit deaths from this surgery in the future.


Beal Properties

People who live in the Windy City of Chicago have some of the most historical landmarks in their view. Millennium Park, The Magnificent Park, and The Willis Tower are places that visitors flock to, but residents are too accustomed to them. The summer festivals, afternoons on the beach, and the fireworks in the summer turn to holiday cheer, ice skating, and zoo lights in the winter. Chicago is also a city where people move in and out of frequently which makes the real estate market a bustling industry. Homes and commercial property is affordable, and availability is throughout the city in any given area.

The friendly professional staff at Beal Properties are highly committed to enhancing the quality of life for those who are under served in the Chicago neighborhoods. The company supports qualified organizations throughout the Chicago area. Beal Properties has a Giving Team who meets monthly, and chooses an organization that supports the community, and the company in turn makes a donation to that organization to help assist,provide aid, and support the local communities. People who are searching for the right home, apartment, or commercial property can find them all in the Beal real estate listings.

Chicago has much to offer residents in the housing market, and Beal has a great selection of dwellings available for lease and purchase. All around the Chicago area are homes, business property, and apartments that Beal Properties has among their varied selection of prime properties. These real estate properties are ideal for young singles, families, older adults, and those who are venturing into an entrepreneurial business, and want to lease or buy. Enjoy all that Chicago has to offer, especially a home of your own. The best Realtors are at Beal, and they will gladly find the best property for your needs.

The great achievement of Sharon Prince on the Grace Farm Foundation

Sharon Prince is the Founder and Chair of Grace Farms Foundation, a nonprofit organization that empowers life through a secure connection of nature, justice, and community. She has a degree from Tusla University and has been the advocate of the growth of the farm. The farm is an open space that is majorly visited by individuals and other not profit institution who hold important meetings or conferences or those individuals that seek new experiences. Sharon Prince awarded SANAA the opportunity to design the glorious river building. In her leadership, the farm has received many awards and accolades due to its immense contribution to the environment and social wellbeing of the community.

The Grace Farm Foundation

The farm rests on an 80 acre land on a landscape covered by serene beauty, a community and an institution that empowers communication, culture, and education. The foundation is free upon entry and is usually open throughout the day. People are always welcome to listen to essential talks on crucial matters from professional speakers as well as interacting with other people and integrating with the beautiful nature.

Grace Farm Foundation provides other special programs such as fishing and nature view through the long walking paths constructed across the farm. The farm offers different sceneries, especially during the season’s interchange such as the changes on the trees as they adapt to the seasons. Other unique activities by the foundation include restoring wastelands by planting and managing trees that attract some indigenous creatures at the same time maintaining a healthy environment around the farm.

The restored lands have been able to attract over 40 new species of birds from neighboring forests that cloud the air with their quick fluttering and chattering. Sharon Prince Grace Farms attributes their success to their main initiative, which is to preserve wildlife as a critical element in the farm’s natural beauty.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’s: Twitter.

How Did Igor Cornelsen Go From Engineer to Finance?

Igor Cornelsen is an expert investor and entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he’s made millions taking his own advice and trusting his instincts. Now, as a retired investor, he spends much of time publicly talking about his investments strategies and sharing his personal experiences with aspiring investors and new investment managers.

Igor Cornelsen moved to Rio de Janeiro after graduating from the Federal University of Parana with a degree in economics. Originally, he wanted to pursue a career in engineering but changed his mind sometime during the university’s engineering program. Once in Rio de Janeiro, he started working as an investment banker.

Before long, he was made CEO of the firm and started holding multiple high-ranking positions and several institutions. After leaving Multibanco and Unibanco, he took a job at the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank in Brazil. He worked there for seven years before decided to leave and start his firm. With 11 years of investment and managerial experience, he easily made the transition into entrepreneurship.

Today, he spends his time advising investors on how to invest in Brazil and successfully set up passive income investments. Brazil may not seem like a great investment on paper, but it’s quickly becoming a popular choice since the United States is struggling to control its irrational president.

After President Trump forced higher tariffs on China, China simply started looking for another trade partner. Brazil, which was still recovering from a recession in 2016, seemed like the perfect opportunity. Today, nations like the U.K. and many other European counties are looking to form trade agreements with Brazil in favor of staying with the U.S.

According to Igor Cornelsen, Brazil offers amazing passive income opportunities. Passive income is a favorite investment option for those working multiple jobs because they can’t make ends meet.

Eric Lefkofsky: The Transparency of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO of Tempus, a world renowned leader in the technologically enhanced field of medicine. While being a very active investor his is a founding member of Lightbank and the co-founder and Chairman of Groupon. Eric is extremely passionate about everything that he is involved in within the business realm. He believes that science and technology together can be the reason why a person’s life can be saved due to any health issue.

Tempus is data specific precise medical technology. The company gathers and analyzes clinical and molecular data on a larger scale. Tempus utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create a flaw proof biome in the world of health and medicine. This allows the patient to be on a specialized action plan for therapeutic treatment. The true goal of Tempus is the redefine and culture the Cancer Care experience and therapeutic planning. With the data analysis techniques that this company has created, one can understand their cancer to a depth that allows treatment both medical and personal. Thus creating a full lifestyle change for the patient for a longer and healthier life.

Another aspect of Tempus is the genomic testing. These tests analyze DNA, RNA and proteomic data to breakdown the composition of a tumor at a molecular level far advanced from the normal testing procedures at most medical facilities. These tests allow medical professionals the ability to fine tune and design a specific plan and course of action for each patient on an individual level. This is the future of healthcare and it is evolving very quickly. These test can also create a mapping concept that can be handed down through families to discover traits and diseases early on to help with eradication of the disease.

The company is open to working with medical professionals from across the world. Tempus offers a program called the TIME Trial Network. Tempus has brought over 1,800 oncologists into this program which allows clinical trial access to their patients. The practice or facility must pass the extensive qualifications and requirements and investigational trial preparedness evaluation. However, once that part is complete your patients will experience a new world in their care treatment plan. They will thank you for any and all that you had to do to become a part of this innovative movement within the world of Cancer.

If you are interested in obtaining more information in regards to the TIME Trial Program please contact Tempus at: Be the light at the end of the molecular tunnel for your patients. They will thank you when they ring that bell!

Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman reflects on his two hobbies of fishing and golf

Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur who values the importance of having hobbies outside of the workplace. Some of his favorite hobbies include golf and fishing as he answered a short Q & A on his hobbies from Blogwebpedia. He is known as the co-founder and leader of a business company named NICE Global based out in Jamaica.

Herdman is also a family man who has two children. In the first question, the entrepreneur reflects that his love for fishing grew from a young age as he started the hobby at just 5 or 6 years old. He noticed early on that he was interested in fishing and even asked that his parents get him a fishing pole for Christmas. One of the reasons that he feels that both fishing and golf are vital to his overall being is that it helps him relieve stress and clear his mind from work.

A couple of times during the year he will plan some extensive golf trips that he finds to be quite fun. When it comes to competitiveness, Paul Herdsman stays clear of it as he finds golf just relaxing in general and for fishing it used to be competitive when others would challenge him in high school.

The individual reflects that many people don’t see how much preparation can go into fishing as setting up tournaments can take weeks. Herdman is not a part of many fishing tournaments nowadays but did it in the past. Some of the great things that he mentions about golf and fishing are that they can be done either alone or with company.

Although, he does find it enjoyable to go with his two daughters. He hopes to instill the values of patience and thinking outside of the box to his two daughters, which both hobbies can teach someone. The entrepreneur remembers one fond memory where his team won a fishing tournament in Florida, proud of the work that had been put in and it being worth something.

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Gustavo Martinez Uses His World Travels To Create Some Of The Most Iconic Ads

World traveler and marketing consultant Gustavo Martinez brings a lot of skill, talent, and leadership skills to the table. That is how the advertising and marketing consultant has been able to have a long-lasting career that has spanned many decades. No matter how hard the challenge, Mr. Martinez delivers. He takes a workaholic approach to his career, putting in the time, energy, effort, and then some. Gustavo is not afraid of a challenge and especially in the leadership roles he embodies.


His resume is quite impressive, racking up some of the best jobs at the most famous agencies in the entire world. This includes working as Ogilvy and McCann’s president and was also the chief executive officer at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. Working at these companies get Mr. Martinez the opportunity to create some of the most iconic ads of his time. As a consultant, Gustavo uses his expertise to help companies flourish. He is an independent contractor of sorts. The marketing and advertising consultant brings his ideas to life with a great team backing him up. They work together in unison to create inspirational and iconic ads.


These creative agencies just don’t pluck anyone off the street to work for them; they hire the best. This may mean nearly sacrificing everything to find the best talent around. When the intense process ends, the work begins. Gustavo Martinez is a team leader, so it is his job to inspire, motivated, and uplift his team. He engages them, listens carefully, and acknowledges their ideas. This mutually respectful relationship creates real results, and is one of the reasons why Mr. Martinez has had such a long and successful career.


The advertising and marketing consultant earned a Doctor of Philosophy, a.k.a Ph.D, in economics from the Universitat de Barcelona. In addition to achieving this momentous goal, Gustavo earned a PDG at the University of Navarra’s IESE Business School in 2000. A solid education would be the foundation to Mr. Martinez’s career. He was born in Argentina, but moved to Spain in his youth. Gustavo would stay in Spain to his very day. He lives in Barcelona, where he works at his current job. The marketing consultant is taking a more entrepreneurial approach these days, working at U.V. Business Solutions.


Now the businessman has traveled the world. This has given him insight on how differently people think. This has indefinitely inspired his work. This worldly approach presents many perspectives, creating a more full look at life. The advertising and marketing consultant has traveled to Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the United States. In addition, Mr. Martinez picked up many languages along the way and is fluent in multiple. This includes English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.


For updates, follow Gustavo Martinez on twitter.