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Doe Deere Is Making Women’s Daydreams Come True

Doe Deere is a woman who’s heavily focused on the idea of dreaming. But she’s also a woman who has brought a unique twist to almost everything in life. Her view of dreams is no different. When most people talk about dreams it’s within the context of sleep. There’s an underlying implication there that dreams are something to have while doing nothing. And at the same time this implies doing nothing about those dreams. Doe Deere thinks dreams are important. But what she focuses on is making people’s day dreams come true. The difference is that a day dream is a flight of fancy that takes place while one is awake. It’s a moment of inspiration which can push one into an amazing new direction. This is both the message of Doe Deere’s Lime Crime brand of makeup, and an explanation for how it came into being.

Not all that long ago Doe Deere was spending her nights on stage. She was part of a band and was placing a heavy emphasis of visual design for the group. Anyone who’s been on stage for very long can attest to how direct an experience it can be. When something connects with the audience it’s usually quite obvious. At the same time, when something isn’t connecting than it’s equally obvious. Doe Deere was loving the chance to really play with this connection. And she was happy with most of the results. But the audience simply wasn’t seeing the work that was going into the makeup work. She wanted a really wild and unique look. But the available brands of makeup simply weren’t living up to her needs. She was day dreaming of a brand that combined a wide selection and the highest quality ingredients. Compromising on either simply wasn’t going to work on stage.

Once again, Doe Deere found herself drifting into a day dream and wondering about the possibilities. Her day dream led her to the only possible way to push forward. So without any doubt she simply decided she’d need to start making her own makeup. Makeup is a multi million dollar industry. Obviously one might well be somewhat daunted in trying to not only match, but surpass what they were capable of. But Doe Deere brought something in which the industry had mostly forgotten about at that point. She had imagination, and on top of that she was creating makeup to fit a need. Many heads of cosmetics companies were men who didn’t even use makeup. Given those differences it’s clear why Doe Deere suddenly found crowds of women wanting to know where she purchased her makeup. After a while Doe Deere also realized that she wasn’t the only one looking for higher quality makeup than what one could typically find in a store.

Doe Deere once again had a day dream about the future which she proceeded to make into a reality. She took her makeup and created a business and brand around it, Lime Crime. Today she’s able to offer her amazing cosmetic creations to women all around the world. And she’s also able to offer inspiration to those women to reach for their own day dreams.