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Talk Fusion is for People that Wish to Be Happy

A lot of people in life talk about being happy and how badly they wish to experience life. They know the way they are living now is not a happy life. They are not blind to that fact. However, maybe they don’t have confidence at the moment or they don’t feel as though they can actually follow through with it. A lot of people doubt themselves and it can be hard to get over that doubt. They feel as though they don’t have options. The option, however, is Talk Fusion and it is the best option for people that are tired of the same old, same old.

It is for those that are excited and hyped up about the future. They have plans, dreams, and aspirations. They want to make all of them come true. For a lot of people, they don’t know where to start or how to get off the ground. Talk Fusion has what they need in the form of voice, data, and chat. They have everything that a person needs to branch out. A lot of people love to write and they have strong opinions on many topics. That is a good thing. It gets people talking and it creates a buzz.

With Talk Fusion’s video chats, they can share ideas with people and even get into friendly debates on topics such as football, movies, or just life in general. That is why they were awarded the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award  from the Technology Marketing Corporation, a company that is also considered the best of the best when it comes to judging and looking at products. This was their second award from the company, and it is a testament to the hard work they have put into this and how much it means to them.

This is not something that is a hobby or a past time for the people at Talk Fusion, especially Bob Reina. This is their life and this is their livelihood. Because of this, they do whatever is necessary to make it the best and make people happy.


Get Ready for Camp Mars with Thirty Seconds to Mars

According to Facebook, Thirty Seconds to Mars fans are being treated with the prospect of a three-day wilderness weekend experience with their favorite band. From August 22 through the 24th, fans are invited to participate in Camp Mars in Malibu, California. They can hike, climb, do yoga, meditate, learn spiritual teachings, cook, sing campfire songs, and of course make lots of S’mores! The band will also treat campers to two of their own performances, as well as numerous DJ sets.

Singer Jared Leto said that he is always on the lookout for new and unique ways to interact with fans. This camping experience seemed like the perfect way to blend summer fun with great music.

Fans who want to participate in this event are invited to check out the Adventures in Wonderland website to learn about the various packages being offered. Options include overnight packages and day passes. The sale starts at 9 AM PST on Friday, June 19th.

Bjork career showcase kicks off at MOMA

The career of Icelandic pop star Bjork has taken many different directions and influences that have marked her out as an individual performer in a period where this is not often seen. A career retrospective at New York’s Museum of Modern Art looks back at the life and work of the singer through the artifacts she has collected over her career, Rolling Stone reports. The planned exhibition will open March 8 2015 and take in a variety of aspects from her career, including the amazing costumes that have been a highlight of her public appearances, including the Oscars swan dress.

According to crunchbase, live performances will mark the opening of the event, which curator Klaus Biesenbach hopes will show where Bjork has come to in her career in 2015 and not simply be a retrospective of what has taken place. Working closely with Bjork has seen MOMA look to incorporate music and sound into the exhibition as much as possible to reflect the fact Bjork is primarily a musician.

John Textor and the Digital Media Empire

John Textor is one of the most interesting men in Hollywood. He is a self made auteur that has served his time at various levels of the production business. Textor got his start back at the Wesleyan University in 1987 where he received his BA in Economics. Textor took the knowledge that he gained and the drive that was intrinsic to what he wanted to do and he worked his way into co-founding Wyndcrest Holdings. This private equity firm, based out of Florida, would serve as a launching board for what Textor would be attempting to do later in life with his work out of Pulse Evolution. It is with Pulse that Textor made his big contributions to the cinematic landscape.

While John has an incredible work ethic it has been his ability to enhance connections and to smooth the work flow of major productions that has made him so popular.  Launching a franchise is impossibly hard in this day and age and it is almost as hard to simply keep one up and running.

Textor’s old visual editing studio, Digital Domain, served as the primary force behind the hugely successful ‘Transformers’ franchise. He also had a hand in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. These two box office legends helped launch his career as an executive in the world of entertainment. Textor also has key credits on such critically acclaimed films as ‘Zodiac’, ‘Flags of Our Fathers’, and ‘Letters From Iwo Jima”.

Digital Domain wasn’t always a juggernaut in the entertainment world. In fact, it was John’s acquisition and restructuring of the company that made it so successful. The majority of the major credits behind Digital Domain began in 2007. Textor acquired and reworked the company from 2006 to 2012. It was his work at the ground level that made his studio reach such great heights. The company would go on to be nominated for countless Academy Awards for visual effects and it would also end up winning quite a few of them. One of their finest achievements was the completely digital version of Brad Pitt in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. Textor and his company received a 2009 Academy Award for Visual Effects. The digital work was so effective that the company also received nominations for ‘best make up’ despite the fact that it was all computer work.

Don’t Lego of Rap: Cam’ron Immortalized in the Plastic Brick

Who says rap has to be all about negative stereotypes and thuggery? I had to pause on the dog’s Beneful when I saw a report about one creative kid that has decided to take his love tor the genre and create something magical. MTV is reporting that one child has put his love of Legos and his love for rap music together into one astounding statue.

The youngster loves a rap artist named Cam’ron. He loves Cam’ron so much that he decided to create a Lego statue in honor of the rap superstar. The young man is named Yung and is only seven years old. Yet, his skills far surpass others of his age group. Cam’ron is both thrilled and honored that the young man has decided to enshrine his look in the popular block building toy.

Rap is often pigeonholed as a genre that does nothing to contribute to society. However, this young man shows that rap can be both artistic and fun. Cam’ron obviously loves his portrait done in Legos. Yung Lennox loves having one of this rap idols talk to the world about his work.

Yung doesn’t just stop with Cam’ron. He has many of these influential people immortalized with the great plastic brick. It isn’t a hobby that many seven year old children have but Lennox doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.