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DonataMeirelles Continues To Give Tips on the Latest Fashion Trends

The fashion industry stands among the most profitable ventures. The business has gained momentum in recent years because of technology that has made it improve tremendously. Experts like Donata Meirelles play a key role in ensuring that the industry remains strong and promising.

She has developed a knack for sharing her insights and counsel with others. She insists that the primary factor that leads to success in the fashion industry is networking. The players in the industry that don’t engage other colleagues don’t go far because they rarely get time to know the new trends in the industry. See more of Donata Meirelles fashion and style at Fashionismo.

According to Donata Meirelles, the fashion industry is very dynamic, and one must be very creative to remain in the market. She recently gave her take on the fashion trends taking place in the current market. Donata noted that transparent bags are some of the items that have gained considerable momentum. Many people look appealing in the transparent fancy bags.

However, Donata notes that the people need to look out for the colors of their clothes and ensure that they match with the bags for a gorgeous and appealing look. Another thing to consider is how to organize the contents in the bags because of visibility. Giving an example of the smartphones, Meirelles notes that the screen must face on the backside to hide the incoming messages. Placing the smartphones in an organized manner keeps the stalkers at bay because they can’t access one’s data.

DonataMeirelles points out that the transparent bags allow the women to display their fancy things, including jewelry and making to name but a few. Another trend in the fashion industry is dressing styles. Donata remains in the frontline in helping people choose their dresses and other items for a perfect match. She continues to work hard in doing research and updating people on the latest fashion trends. Learn more:

Kate Hudson Has Put Fabulous into Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s rapidly growing activewear brand, Fabletics, is taking the fashion e-commerce market by storm. Hudson’s brand has grown into a company that’s worth $250 million in just three years—posing a threat to online giant Amazon, which at present controls around 20 percent of this market.


Fabletics uses a novel approach to its sales. Members subscribe to the aspirational brand, and when combined with the convenience of e-commerce, has turned out to be a recipe for surefire success. High-end brands’ traditional elements such as price point and quality no longer guarantee sales. Today’s customers are savvy enough to place value on different aspects like customer experience, gamification, exclusive design and last-mile service.


In addition to e-commerce, Fabletics has been poised to open additional physical stores as well, to add to the sixteen that are already open in California (of course!) Florida, Hawaii and Illinois.


From its very beginnings, Fabletics set out to construct a reimagined version of what a modern high-end brand should be—and key to this has been its membership model, which allows Fabletics, at half the price of competitor brands, to provide the latest trends in activewear and personalized service to its members simultaneously, according to Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics’ General Manager. He asserts that when a company knows who their members are, and what they want, then it’s so much easier to keep them satisfied.


What sets Fabletics’ physical stores above the rest?


For one, they do “reverse showrooming.” Traditionally, showrooming has been bad for brands, as people have seen what they like among high-value stores, and yet went for similar but less pricey items in other places. But since Fabletics started out in e-commerce, they’ve already established good relationships with their members, who go out of their way to also purchase items at Fabletics’ physical stores. And many walk ins at the stores become members themselves. Simply put, Fabletics knows its members very well, and through events and other activities, has grown its membership even more. Additionally, Fabletics keeps track of members’ choices, as these end up in the members’ online carts. For Fabletics, there is really no difference between buying online and in the physical stores—retail is just part of the many services they provide.


Secondly, Fabletics makes excellent use of online data, keeping items in stock in local physical stores that the members are likely to want, and as tastes and trends change, adjustments in the stock are also made accordingly. This is made possible by analysis of preferences based on data Fabletics collects from their members. Social media, real-time sales and store heat-mapping are taken into consideration carefully in planning and preparing the stocks for each physical store.


Finally, Fabletics credits its growth to their concentration on people, culture and accessibility. The company has grown by 35 percent yearly. Value for money, a spokeswoman with authenticity and its very own creative and media teams are what’s making Fabletics a tremendous success across the globe.

Check out some of this summer’s hottest fashion trends

The Summer heat often seems to bring out the hottest fashion choices. This is true for both men and women. This summer will offer many awesome fashion choices. Fashion model Matt Landis has been spotted sporting many of the looks that will be popular during this hot summer. 

matt landis tank

One of the hottest looks every summer is the sleeveless tank top. For most of the country the summer can be unbearably hot, and it can be even hotter if you are wearing sleeves. A tank top will make it extremely easy to keep cool and as Matt Landis has shown, the tank top is also a wonderful way to bear your cut arms.

matt landis model
Shorts can be extremely popular in the Summer. When you pair your shorts with boat shoes and button up shirt, you have an amazing outfit that works throughout the summer in a variety of settings. Button down your shirt for a cool day on the pavilion or button it up for a night out with friends. This versatile look is extremely classy and will keep your legs cool.
matt landis posted
The t-shirt has been a staple of American fashion for decades. While some believe t-shirts to have worn out their welcome, I believe that the t-shirt is still a fun and exciting way to express yourself. T-shirts are sure to remain an exciting part of summer fashion throughout this year. Grab some high quality graphic tees now and amuse your friends, while keeping your body cool.


matt landis long sleeves
Many parts of the country require hardly any clothing during the summer, but there are some cooler climates that have to contend with wind and rain.  The wind and rain can run your beautiful summer day and can make an outfit that seemed fashionable and cute before your trip began into the source of your misery. If you want to stay comfortable all summer long, then you have to make sure that you have a long sleeve shirt available in your summer wardrobe. I like to wear long sleeves during unexpected summer windstorms or during my walks down the beach. Long sleeve shirts are extremely fashionable and they make an excellent buffer against high velocity winds. 
This summer is sure to be filled with excitement and with many wonderful opportunities to look your best. Make sure that you have versatile wardrobe that is filled with the hottest possible wardrobe items. This is a great time for you to look good and attract attention to yourself, while still staying comfortable all season long.