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How Fortress Investment Group LLC Changed The Investment Industry

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a worldwide manager of assets. The company saw it’s inception during late 1998. Randal A. Nardone, Peter L. Briger, and Wesley R. Edens lead all of the company’s major operations. Wes Edens and Randal Nardone are the co founders of the firm; Peter Briger (along with Wesley) serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Fortress Investment Group manages more than $39 billion for various investor clients.

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Asset-based investments has fueled the ongoing success of the Fortress Investment Group over the last ten years. They have filled a gap in the investment world. By providing a diversified business model, their traders and investors have high returns and success rates. This is one of the major reasons why fortress generally deals with complex investments with ease. Another reason for their abundant success is that Fortress Investment Group communicates with their investors frequently to assure smooth transactions.

Fortress Investment Group LLC has a large credit sector to their asset management. This is because they tactfully approach these types of undervalued assets and provide plans for growth. There is currently more than $22 billion being overseen in this sector of Fortress. The company also specializes in investments that deal with intellectual property and oil resources.

There is an industry information component to the website of Fortress Investment Group. This is where clients of the asset managers can see patterns within the industry and important news. They also have an archives library section to the website. This enables investors to go back and search for information that may have been released prior to their partnership with Fortress.

Being a worldwide asset management company, Fortress Investment Group also provides information that is specific to respective countries on their website. This includes important tax information and financial reports. The company has main offices in New York City, New York and San Francisco, California.

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The Work of Professional Investment Company Fortress Investment Group

When it comes to the Fortress Investment Group, this is a wonderful company that you can trust for any and all of your financial needs. This amazing investment group has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, which has made it a wonderful option for lots of different people. If you would like to learn more about the Fortress Investment Group and how they work, you can easily go to one or more of their social media pages and get a feel for the type of work that they have done. You will enjoy the fact that this is something that will help in all of your financial endeavors.

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There are a few reasons for why the Fortress Investment Group is one of the top options for people worldwide. Not only has the company been in business since 1998, but they are based in New York. They are able to handle a variety of liquid equities, hedge funds and other types of investments to help entrepreneurs and other companies see the benefit in what they’ve been able to do. You can easily find out more about how the Fortress Investment Group works by going to their site and checking out the thorough portfolio that they have available for you to find and look through. Now is the time to give the Fortress Investment Group a try and see just how different they have been for those who need them.


If you would like to be able to make use of the Fortress Investment company and want to know what they have done from their New York location, be sure to contact them. They will happily and easily tell you all of the different options that they have available in a way that is beneficial for you. This is a company that you can trust, and one that is going to help with a wide range of different types of investments that you have going on right now. They are there to help you make sense out of the different investments that you have going on right now and need assistance with immediately.

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Equities First Holdings- Geeks News

Equities First Holdings – Get Financing Quickly

As a reputable lender, Equities First Holdings has made it easy to get access to a loan for any financial issue you may be facing. Its loan offer involves turning your stock over to the company before getting access to the loan. The stock portfolio will be returned after the loan has been paid back. Equities First Holdings has financial experts to assist its customers during the loan process.

Jingdong Becomes Lifestyle Brand With New Partnerships

Jingdong is marketing their new membership program as apart of their initiative to become a lifestyle brand. The company has been around for many years and this is well known. Their popularity is major in China and because of this, they are launching a new membership that bundles their services plus products and services from other companies. Essentially, this membership is a lifestyle membership that offers many things to those that enroll as a paying member.

Millennials are becoming the core customer for Therefore, the company his having to alter their business to meet the need of this new set of customers. Millennials enjoy being apart of memberships. They like getting special offers and knowing they are apart of an exclusive community. has learned the shopping habits of this group and they believe their membership program embodies everything the millennial shopper wants in a lifestyle brand.

JD Plus is this new lifestyle membership started by Jingdong. Members are able to get better perks by being a member. Some of the lifestyle brands that members will have access to include Sam’s Club, iQIYI, and Zhihu. All of these different companies are working together to hopefully grasp the attention of the millennial shopper. By being a member, more shopping opportunities at a better price are going to be given to the members. Healthcare options, restaurants, vacations, hotels, resorts and retail stores are included as options in this program.

Jingdong has an extensive number of hotels and resorts. They are leaders in the hospitality and vacation industry. They understand travel planning. They understand that customers want to be able to be apart of a program that meets all of their needs. This program runs lucrative to members because it offers such great discounts and perks that one could not get without being a member. This membership will fuel popularity amongst millennial shoppers in China who may or may not already be customers of Jingdong. The program has recently started and is already having great success. Ten million people have already joined this membership and this number is expected to only increase.’s: Twitter.

Fortress Investment Group Completes Recent Deal With iPass

Fortress Investment Group has been involved in a number of significant deals within the past year. It has recently completed a deal with a technology company called iPass. The firm has given iPass up to $20 million in funding. Fortress Investment Group has provided iPass with $10 million that it can access immediately. Gary Griffiths of iPass has been very happy with this latest deal. He has mentioned that iPass can now focus on increasing its revenues as well as becoming more profitable in the near future. In order to help make this deal work, Griffiths stated that iPass has used its patents as the security. These patents include the products iPass SmartConnect and Veri-Fi.

In order to secure the loan from Fortress Investment Group, iPass had to use some of its assets. It has used one of its top assets such as SmartConnect. This has allowed iPass to ensure that it gets the funding it needs from Fortress. As well as collaborating with Fortress, iPass has also been assisted by another investment banking firm. Riley Financial helped finance the deal for iPass. This firm is one of the leading investment banks which specializes in capital markets principal investments and valuation and appraisal. Before finalizing the deal with both Fortress and iPass, Riley Financial researched the equity of iPass. With its extensive research, Riley Financial was able to determine that providing funds to iPass was an investment opportunity that will prove to be beneficial.

After completing the recent deal with iPass, Fortress Investment Group will look to continue making significant financial transactions. The firm will continue expanding to other industries and diversity its portfolio of assets. Over the last year, Fortress Investment Group has been involved in a couple of other financial transactions. The firm recently finalized a development in New York City’s Times Square. It will build a skyscraper that will serve as a commercial building for retail space. This will help businesses get needed space to operate. Fortress also completed a rail system in Florida which will allow people to travel between Miami and Tampa on a regular basis. The firm was also acquired by the Japanese technology company SoftBank as well.

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Key Contributions of Serge Belamant in Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant was born in France and moved to South Africa with his family at a young age. A bright student, he was awarded the Victor Ludorum in 1971. He attended both Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa (UNISA) where he studied engineering, computer science, applied mathematics and information systems.

As a founding patent holder of blockchain technologies, Belamant was a key contributor in the development of blockchain applications for which he used smart cards. The smart cards that were used contained microprocessors that functioned online and offline. For the past 20 years, Belamant has filed several patents that led to the development of blockchain technology.

When new technology has been developed, it’s common to have difficulty convincing others of its value. This is especially true in the banking industry where executives generally want proof that the technology will not pose unknown risks. Serge Belamant repeatedly overcame this challenge. He launched Net1 Technologies and in 1995 was hired by Visa to develop a new application that used Funds Transfer System (FTS) and Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS) technology.

Serge Belamant moved to the United States to complete the Visa project, which ended up being a tremendous success and of great value. The project resulted in development of the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card (COPAC), which is still used today by Visa as a key security feature against fraud. It’s also used to combat the misuse of credit and for verifying personal ID numbers.

Another important contribution of Serge Belamant is the work he did in 1999 when First National Bank of South Africa sold Cash Payment Services (CPS) and the system needed to be updated. One of the primary areas of modernization that was required was for the payment of grants to over a million citizens of Africa, especially in rural areas. Belamant successfully implemented the UEPS, which resulted in greater security and speed.

Early in his career, Belamant worked at Matrix Engineering with software that provided finite element analysis. This is where he developed applications that analyzed water levels in dams. This is just one more example of how Serge Belamant has always used his technical acumen to make a difference.

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Some Suggestions to Help You Finacially by Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is the editor of “The Bauman and Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert” through Banyan Hill Publishing. When Ted Bauman was first employed at the Banyan Hill Publishing in September 2013 he worked in asset protection, privacy and international migration issues, and low-risk investment strategies.

When Ted Bauman was younger he had worked at places like McDonald’s, Burger King, etcetera. While working in those environments he learned how hard it was to pay bills and buy groceries: Ted Bauman also learned how to appreciate the fact that if society is to thrive for long-term that companies should not just pay attention to the welfare of the workers on the top but, also, to the welfare of the workers on the bottom.

Ted Bauman also regrets that he did not make better use of his time early on in his career.

In one interview he had made some suggestions on how to hang on to your money and assets: such as, use a home safe or lockbox and use a safe-deposit box and a independent vault at a local and foreign banks. Read more articles by Ted Bauman at Banyan Hill.

In another interview he has also suggested some possible outcomes if the stock market were to crash: such as, a return to average ratio [(Robert Shiller made an adjustment to the price-to-earnings ratio for stocks)basically stocks are made to be worth more in value than they actually are worth over a ten year period],he also suggests a yield curve recognition of the long-term interest rates and how they are staying in low-difference between them and the short-term yield is less than the amount of their worth, and he also suggests how there could be a possible rise in the stock market after a sudden and possible unknown drop. Read more about Ted on Bloomberg.

He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Master’s degree in economics and history. He has coauthored a book and has researched and written several papers on several related to international development.


Jeff Yastine’s Leaking Kennedy Accounts

We all need someone to look out for us with all the get rich schemes going on out there. So, this where the individual we are here to learn about comes into place. The individual that I am referring to is Jeff Yastine. Jeff was nominated for an Emmy for financial investigative reporting. Jeff Yastine is a financial journalist who has made a career speaking with very powerful individuals. Some of these individuals are names that you may recognize or may not depending on the circles you follow when it comes to economic relations. Jeff Yastine has had a chance to speak with Warren Buffet multiple times, Steve Forbes, CEO Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines and Michael Dell the CEO of Dell Computers. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Talk Markets.

Jeff became very famous for his video about John F. Kennedy the ‘Kennedy Accounts’ where Jeff reveals how Kennedy had a goal to get America moving forward from the struggling American economy. During this time Kennedy was running for election the unemployment rate was climbing and the stock market dropped by 13%. So since Kennedy was the son of SEC chairman, he knew how important the stock market was so he needed to get the Main Street Americans to begin to start to invest. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more. So in the early 1960’s Kennedy started a program that would help mostly the struggling American economy by funneling billion dollars into American companies to get America moving forward again where it would benefit not only the companies but also Main Street investors. These results are known as what Jeff Yastine refers to the Kennedy Accounts. What Jeff has found in his investigation is that a 26-year-old postal worker by the name of Samuel Murphy found a way to turn $45 into a $60,000 payout. Here is another example an IRS agent named Denise Wilks took $1,841 and with her investment it blew up into a nice return of $10 million. Wow now this changes everything! So with the research and investigations Jeff and his team concluded that the Kennedy Accounts are real as anything else but Wall Street goes out of the way to conceal this from the public because apparently you do not need a stock broker to buy stock directly from a company by doing this you buy directly from the company and cutting out the middle man and Wall Street does not get a piece of the pie.


Matt Badiali Lets Subscribers Know About Master Limited Partnerships

Matt Badiali is a former geologist turned professional investor. Because of his background in the earth sciences, and geology in particular, combined with his knowledge of markets, finances, and companies, he specializes in natural resources investing. He offers two advisory services through Banyan Hill Publishing. These are Matt Badiali’s Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits by Matt Badiali.

In order to get the real skinny on investing opportunities, Matt Badiali says that he is often on the move globally. He says that when it comes to investing in natural resources you can’t expect to sit in an office all day if you want the real picture of what is going on. He’s been to various nations such as Haiti, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, and Switzerland among them. He said he has personally gone to many mines and oil wells over the years where he has analyzed his own geologic data. He has also grilled chief executive officers of businesses in the natural resources industry.

As an expert in the industry, he says that he thinks the world is on the cusp of a massive change in how we consume energy, likening it to when the world went from whale oil to kerosene which was a game changer. He says it is when tech researchers come up with a battery that can supply an entire municipality that the world will be run on electricity.

Matt Badiali has started to let people in on a secret in the world of investing which he says those on Wall Street don’t want people to know about. He calls them “Freedom Checks” because investing in them is a way to gain financial freedom. He says there are 568 companies that issue these checks to their investors. Companies that can issue these checks have to meet a couple of caveats such as issuing 80% of their profits to shareholders each year. Read this article at

What he is talking about are Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Most of these are in the business of operating oil and gas pipelines. However, any company that works as a pass-through business can be considered an MLP, such as Blackstone which is a banking group. He shows his subscribers which particular companies they should invest their money in based on a number of factors. Investors can make stunning returns when MLPs pay out huge dividends of 10% or more, he says.