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Wine, Film, and the Role of the Entrepreneur: Nitin Khanna Ventures From Software Solutions to Award-Winning Documentaries

Born in India and later emigrated to the USA at the age of 17, Nitin Khanna is an eminent personality in the world of top CEOs in the US. He started small as a co-founder of Saber Corporation and went on to become a CEO of other established companies such as Merger Tech and Cura Cannabis. He is also a distinguished philanthropist who sits on a range of advisory boards of TiE Oregon, The Classic Wines Auction, Free wire Broad bank, and Vend screen amongst others. He credits his amassed experience and expertise, timely strategizing and negotiation skills, passion and culture for service of others for the far he has gotten in his career. To date, he is still looked upon by many upcoming entrepreneurs in Portland and even beyond.

Beyond the business space, the Nitin effect is also felt in the cultural realm. He has an interest and knack for the film industry that has seen him produce two highly acclaimed documentary films: What Lies Upstream and Terms and Conditions. The former provides an insight into the world of big data, technological corporation, and privacy concerns. The later in which he worked with Cullen Hoback, a renowned filmmaker, provides an eye into the activities of government and corporate and how they trickle down to affect the public. He details how crises like Flint water and Elk River Chemical Spill were orchestrated by corporates and how the government took no action, and the public suffered severely.

Building on his love for wine, Nitin’s entrepreneurial toes are also immersed in the wine industry where he has produced his own label: Pinot Noir. He also sits on the wine actions and tastings boards which have given him a platform to network further and identity more opportunities for business.

Nitin’s diverse business portfolio highlights the broader purpose of an entrepreneur which goes beyond economic production. It also underscores the role model function whereby the entrepreneur impacts positively on the progress of the society on both social and business fronts. IFurthermore, it emphasizes the focus of creativity and strategy in identifying opportunities to invest in.

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A Guide To UKV PLC, The Most Unique British Wine Investment Brand

You know a brand is reliable when they provide lots of guidance and tutorials to customers to feel confident about their choices. This is the case of the British wine company UKV PLC Wines, who has been in the market for more than a couple of years.

UKV PLC produces and ships their own products, and they have tons of informative guides on their official website that explain the pros and cons of investing in wines and buying wines to sell in the future. They also have valuable information about the process of storing wines and waiting for it to ferment over time. These data can be found not only in their “About” page but also on the company’s official Facebook page and social media.

French Wine, for example, has distinctive characteristics that UKV PLC has covered in past articles about the drink. Many experienced connoisseurs become overwhelmed by the extensive details and procedures to take into account when discussing the famous French wines and some of its whims. The wine’s nature is often attempting to achieve a perfect state, and the wine advisors and consultants of UKV PLC are aware of that.

According to their specialists, novices begin by getting acquainted and understanding the principles of the French appellation system. Their labels are detailed in a way that you can tell their place of origin and the producer. It is important to know these features.

UKV PLC can be contacted by any client or interested individual on their official website:, where they have their stash of drinks and accessories, their contact information and news about the world of wines. The team also has put at anyone’s disposal a bunch of informative guidelines if you’d like to get started purchasing wines and storing them.

When you invest in wines with UKV PLC, you have guaranteed security and assistance from their consultants. Also, when individually buying wines for consumption, you have certified quality that you can’t find anywhere else.

The Antique Wine Company: London’s Treasure

The Antique Wine Company is one of the most well-known and respected wine companies in the world. In Europe and the United States, wine is a status symbol that many middle and upper class people indulge in. Wine has been around for thousands of years, and those that know how to profit from it have done very well over the years. The Antique Wine Company is led by its founder, Stephen Williams, who founded the company in the early 1980’s. The Antique Wine Company is based in London, and is known as one of the many tourist hot spots in the city and even across Europe.

The Antique Wine Company is known for its wine and wine services. Tourists and customers can tour the facilities where the wine is made, stored, and taken care of. The Antique Wine Company holds its own claim to fame in that it sold the priciest white bottle of wine ever at an auction. Due to the publicity that the Antique Wine Company receives, it is a popular destination and has become a part of London itself.

There are many different types of wines, and The Antique Wine Company specializes in many of them. As stated earlier, they are perhaps best known for their white wine, as they hold the world record for the most expensive bottle ever sold. However, they also have a great collection of red wines, and their wine services are also highly rated. Customers and visitors can get a taste of both the wine and all of the services that The Antique Wine Company offers when they visit the location in London.

Stephen Williams founded the company and currently manages the company as well. In a little over 30 years, Williams has turned The Antique Wine Company from a small, unknown wine company to one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Brand names are important in any industry, but particularly in wine and wine services since the product is such a status symbol for many.

Overall, The Antique Wine Company has grown dramatically in customers and name brand recognition over the years. Due to its ever growing popularity, The Antique Wine Company is a popular tourist destination where it is based, in London.