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InnovaCare Adopting Alternative Payment Methods

Officials of InnovaCare, a leading Medicare Advantage firm that provides healthcare services in Puerto Rico, announced the company’s participation in Action Network and Health Care Payment Learning (LAN). LAN is a private-public partnership that seeks to transform the United States health care system towards payment models that base their principles on quality rather than quantity. InnovaCare being a LAN committed partner supports the mission to accelerate the transition to other payment modes on They have also established organizational goals in support of LAN and will be sharing the progress.

In a statement, InnovaCare Health said that they supported the goals of LAN which are tying 30% of U.S. health care payments to (APMs) alternative payment methods on by the year 2016 and 50% by the year 2018. They also committed themselves to assist in measuring progress towards LANS goals by participating in the Nationwide LANS Data Collection via taking part in data surveys and categorized payments in agreement with APM Framework.

“This move implicates InnovaCare’s commitment to transforming the healthcare industry. These efforts also assist patients with access to health care that is cost-effective, driven by quality, coordinated, and innovative. Payment reform builds stronger patient to provider relationships within LAN’s networks.” said Rick Shinto, President& Chief Executive Officer and M.D of InnovaCare.

HHS launched LAN in March 2015; it was made to intentionally align the payment approaches across the private and public sectors of the United States health care system. The primary objective of this move is to transform the health care system towards paying hospitals based on their quality of work, rather than the number of patients served. The list of LAN’S committed partners includes almost 100 leading companies from public, non-profit and private sectors working together to change the nation’s health care system to implement quality of care rather than quantity of services.


“LAN’s list of committed partners consists of top notch companies which have joined to find a way to build payment models work better for these firms who depend on them,” she also said “By working side by side with the other LAN Committed Partners, InnovaCare Health is positive that it will be able to achieve these important milestones and make a patent difference in the spread of alternative payment methods throughout the industry. This kind of teamwork is what the health care industry needs, and InnovaCare is proud to be a part of it.” said Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare’s.

An In-Depth Review of the Functions and Achievements of IAP Worldwide Services

Since its launch in 1953, IAP Worldwide Services has grown into one of the most sought after global-scale logistics and facilities management company based in the U.S. The company began as Pan Am World Services and was responsible for over 2,500 launches.

In more than 45 years that IAP Worldwide Services has been operational, the company continues to offer facilities maintenance support, engineering services and airport master planning services. In 1989, Pan Am Services merged with Johnson Controls to form Johnson Controls Worldwide. IAP was then founded in Irmo in 1990.

Power Solutions
IAP Worldwide Services offers expertise in every area of power generation and distribution and has been in the forefront trying to keep its clients running and in business. They partner with leading electric power companies to offer power to disaster-ravaged areas, or construct new plants using modern green technology.

As the demand for reliable power grows across the globe, IAP Worldwide has increased its ability to distribute to different locations regardless of the energy challenge brought forward by clients. IAP is always committed to ensuring their clients stay connected and they offer solutions to the most pressing problems.

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IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405

Health and emergency services
To complement the communities AIP Worldwide is building, the company offers full life support services that help to enhance employee safety and comfort. They operate with a full-time support team that offers 24-hour security as well as parking for guests. IAP Worldwide Services, among other services, ensures the fire protection, physical access control, fire fighting and emergency response departments are properly coordinated to ensure the services they offer enhance value.

Custom-engineered infrastructure
Prior to the commencement of construction, IAP Worldwide intervenes to advise customers about emergency situations that could make their project to move slowly and they offer solutions to these imminent challenges. The company easily plugs into the existing infrastructure or comes up with a new one from the ground using different design models and engineering concepts.

IT and Communications
IAP Worldwide keeps your system connected and secured from possible malicious attacks. The company has occasionally supported the U.S government in its missions through the provision of high-tech systems and products. IAP offers advanced solutions and IT support services across the globe with focus on security and development, cyber systems security, long haul fiber and communication and information solutions. Combined with their ability to provide services in areas like power generation, IAP Worldwide ensures their clients are airtight.

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Boraie Development Sponsors Free Summer Movie Series

On the New Jersey Stage website there was a recent article that featured the announcement by the State Theatre on the up and coming Free Summer Movie Series which was primarily sponsored by The Provident Bank Foundation as well as by Boraie Development. There are a number of great titles that will be featuring. These include Aladdin, Monster’s University, Babe, Despicable Me 2, E.T. and Frozen. These movies will be running from the July 2nd till August 16th.  Learn more about Boraie Development:

The movies are completely free to the public and will allow the opportunity for the community to come together, young and old can sit together and enjoy this special assortment of movies. All this will be done in the State Theatre venue. A venue that has been around since 1921 and has since turned into New Jersey’s most sort after live performance venues.

One of the sponsors, Boraie Development and it’s current Vice President, Hiam Boraie said in an interview that he was proud to be sponsoring the event allowing the community to take part in a movie watching experience at the State Theatre. The Executive Director of The Provident Bank Foundation, Jane Kurek, who are also the sponsors of the Community Access Initiative, said that she and her foundation are thrilled to be sponsoring the event.

Boraie Development LLC who are the sponsors of the event have been in real estate development, property management and sales & marketing for many years now. They offer a great variety of services to their customers.

Due to the efficiency of their senior team and their knowledge within the industry they have been able to deliver both unique service as well as constructing great properties. Boraie Development LLC works with some of the top people in the industry.  Read more: State Theater Announces Free Movies Throughout Summer 2016

These are architects with a vision, strong financial institutions and contractors that understand both time management as well as timely completion.

The company has had a 30 year track record and have therefore become one of the most popular development companies in New Jersey. Boraie Development LLC combines the resources of the large commercial banks as well as their own capital to fund projects throughout the country.

The aim of the company has been to be involved in developments that will attract residents and interest in order to remain profitable and attractive to all their big financial partners.