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A cancer diagnosis is never easy to hear and yet millions of people hear this each day. The next course of action is, of course, to decide on the course of treatment. This is where Cancer Centers of America can help. Located throughout the United States CTCA has been offering comprehensive treatment that treats not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Specializing in innvative cancer care CTCA has a solid reputation that dates back decades providing what they call mother type of care. What that means is that they treat each patient as if they are one of thir family. Watch this video about CTCA on Youtube.

Each staff member takes the time to treat a patient not as if they arejust anotehr routine patient but as someone they truly care about. But not only isit the patient who receives this amazing form of compassion and support. Relizing that cancer also effects those around them CTCA givs personalize to support to family, friends and caregivers. View CTCA’s profile on Yelp.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is all about specilizing in cancer providing the best care possible. As for finding out more about what CTCA is all about a person can visit thir official website that not only goes into the different locations where CTCA can be found but plenty of othr information.There ar also several informative videos now streaming onine where we can hear the stories of severalof their past and currnt patients which give thier own testimonial of the excellent care they received at CTCA. Cancer is never an easy thing to fight but CTCA is doing theier level best to help someeone through that ordeal.


Eric Lefkofsky: The Transparency of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO of Tempus, a world renowned leader in the technologically enhanced field of medicine. While being a very active investor his is a founding member of Lightbank. Eric is extremely passionate about everything that he is involved in within the business realm. He believes that science and technology together can be the reason why a person’s life can be saved due to any health issue.

Tempus is data specific precise medical technology. The company gathers and analyzes clinical and molecular data on a larger scale. Tempus utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create a flaw proof biome in the world of health and medicine. This allows the patient to be on a specialized action plan for therapeutic treatment. The true goal of Tempus is the redefine and culture the Cancer Care experience and therapeutic planning. With the data analysis techniques that this company has created, one can understand their cancer to a depth that allows treatment both medical and personal. Thus creating a full lifestyle change for the patient for a longer and healthier life.

Another aspect of Tempus is the genomic testing. These tests analyze DNA, RNA and proteomic data to breakdown the composition of a tumor at a molecular level far advanced from the normal testing procedures at most medical facilities. These tests allow medical professionals the ability to fine tune and design a specific plan and course of action for each patient on an individual level. This is the future of healthcare and it is evolving very quickly. These test can also create a mapping concept that can be handed down through families to discover traits and diseases early on to help with eradication of the disease.

The company is open to working with medical professionals from across the world. Tempus offers a program called the TIME Trial Network. Tempus has brought over 1,800 oncologists into this program which allows clinical trial access to their patients. The practice or facility must pass the extensive qualifications and requirements and investigational trial preparedness evaluation. However, once that part is complete your patients will experience a new world in their care treatment plan. They will thank you for any and all that you had to do to become a part of this innovative movement within the world of Cancer.

If you are interested in obtaining more information in regards to the TIME Trial Program please contact Tempus at: Be the light at the end of the molecular tunnel for your patients. They will thank you when they ring that bell!