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Why Isabel Dos Santos is a true icon of success

A truly successful individual is not one who lives a lavish lifestyle or owns cars and mansions but one who goes out of their way to leave a positive mark in the lives of others. In respect to this fact, Isabel Dos Santos, the eldest child of Angola’s former and longest-serving president is, therefore, a truly successful individual as she has been going out of her way for the past few decades to create a positive impact in her community (Everybodywiki).

Isabel who is Africa’s richest woman according to Forbes has been positively impacting Africa in multiple ways. These include women and youth empowerment, charitable donations to the underprivileged as well as using every platform available to highlight the positive stories from Africa thereby changing the negative perception that the rest of the world has towards the continent of Africa.

Isabel Dos Santos on women and youth empowerment

Even though she is the daughter of a renowned leader, the harsh male-dominated world has never spared her some slack. Like other females trying to climb up the career ladder, she has also faced gender discrimination in the board room. Isabel dos Santos´ case has been notably worse as she is not only a woman, but she is also black and a daughter of an influential leader, hence always faces misogynists who think her success was handed to her on the proverbial silver spoon.

She, therefore, understands the effects of gender and racial discrimination, and hence uses her position to uplift fellow women. Isabel does so by coming up with innovative projects and encouraging the learned 21st-century woman not to shy away from the world of tech as well as to take on entrepreneurship. Among her many projects, is Isabel dos Santos´ Strawberry initiative which she launched in Humpata, as a way to create employment opportunities for women in that poverty-stricken region. Reports show that today, over 120 women are now financially stable thanks to the project.

In addition to women and youth empowerment projects, Isabel Dos Santos also uses every platform she accesses to get the word out there about the hard-working youths from Africa. She also uses these platforms to mentor and encourage them to keep going despite the challenges.

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