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E-governe making 25 years of improving the public system

A Brazilian company focused on developing and building systems for the Brazilian government has completed 25 years this April 2017. The company is called e-governe and is one of the most prominent information systems providers in the country. They provide the productivity and efficiency of the government managing tools.

The founder and President of e-governe, Haroldo Jacobovicz, stated that, At the end of the eightieth century, he realized that the public agencies were need of better technological services to provide a better working experience and a more organized layout. Nowadays, his company provides more than fifteen solutions with modern technology to support the entire public spectrum.

The e-governe has helped the agencies in many sectors including health, education, finances & management, materials, human resources, attendance, among others. Their systems offer support for the highest technologies allowing the operators to fully switch their systems without breaking the efficiency of their workplace. They come with absolute security against scams or invasion, as the safety of public information is the key priority of e-commerce. The company on also assumes responsibility for storing, processing and monitoring data if requested by the office.

E-governe is also a significant provider of jobs in the country, which is a welcoming step forward as Brazil has been experiencing an increase in unemployment since 2015. E-governe still maintains his position hiring many professionals in the areas of technologies & innovations, Data Management and Network to work with the team.

More Brazilian states are utilizing the services of e-governe at, like the recent inclusion of the city of Osasco among the counties that adopted the educational management system. Osasco is one of the biggest cities in the metropolitan state of São Paulo, being ranked as the fifth largest population in São Paulo as well as the 23° “PIB” (GNP: Gross National Product, in Brazilian). The city is also very well regarded for its economic state that is stable and growing at a significant rate. The index of crimes and unemployment are also small.

The e-governe has a high participation in the health management system of the public institutions in Brazil. They create the integration of the health sector with an intuitive program that allows them to make appointments and organize data without losing precious time, both from the patients and the staff.

They work in close collaboration with hospitals, clinics, and ambulances to provide ways of communication that won’t hinder their movement as many times, doctors and emergency physicians need to be fast.

The Brazilian Government is also strictly backing up the use of the e-governe’s systems by incentivizing and creating initiatives for the youth to go work with e-governe to learn more about technological systems and network. There will be training that will take place to allow more individuals to participate in the implantation of these tools in more fields of the public agencies as well as more cities that could use a system like that.

The system is being implanted by the town of Curitiba, in Paraná. The initiative is welcomed by the community, and the new members of the staff will begin working in providing a better and faster service as soon as they finish the training.

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