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Securus scoops award for outstanding customer service

Securus Technologies, a leading provider of inmate communications services, has made it to the final 3 contenders for the 2017 Stevie Awards. This high honor is conferred upon only the best actors across American business. Competing with thousands of entrants, Securus has secured a final spot, meaning they will walk away with at least a Bronze Award. This remarkable achievement is a vindication, of sorts, for the strategy that its management began pursing in the early 2000s of intensely focusing on the research and development of new technologies that would add value to Securus’ entire customer base.



The yin and yang of the customer base


Securus is in an interesting and unique position as a business. They serve two groups of customers who are often at perfect opposition with one another. The guards and prisoners often have interests that are so directly conflicting that it would not be unfair to characterize them as enemies. Despite this inherent duality in its mission to serve its customers, Securus views both groups not just as stakeholders, but as its primary clients. Securus has resolved this paradox by focusing on maximizing value for all parties.


One example of this is their video visitation system. Securus, through careful analysis, created a system that addressed all the concerns of inmates while also enhancing the capabilities of guards. Inmates were very concerned about the cost of a phone call. But they were also worried about not being able to see their families. Video visitation addressed both these concerns, slashing per-minute costs and permitting almost unlimited face time with family and friends for inmates.


At the same time their full security and monitoring suite has allowed guards to monitor conversations and control the flow of illicit information like never before. Through solutions like this, Securus has finally begun to gain some of the recognition it so richly deserves.



Securus Video Visitation Has Changed How I Stay In Touch

It can be difficult staying in touch with loved ones who are incarcerated. Thankfully, there are more solutions than ever before to make this process easier. For myself, Securus is the perfect app to for this situation.

Securus recently made huge headlines. They rolled out their Android app less than six months ago, and it already has over 60,000 downloads to date. They also launched an app for Apple devices just last week. The Apple mobile app already has over 5,000 downloads.

I find this technology to be a lifesaver. It allows me to quickly and easily connect with those I care about most, whenever and however I choose. Thanks to the mobility these applications deliver, I have found it easier than ever before to stay in contact with those I care about most. Literally, all you need is a cellular data connection or wifi to chat whenever and however you please.

Securus Technologies is a leading inmate communications service. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Some of the solutions that Securus Technology offers are inmate email accounts, telephone service and video conferencing.

Securus Technologies serves a wide range of institutions all across the country, over 2,200 to be exact. They offer a wide range of payment methods, as well as convenient features like automatic payments.

For myself, I find Securus to be the perfect solution for staying in contact with my loved ones. Their video visitation application has truly changed my life. I’m now able to talk to my family from the comfort of my own home. The flexibility that Securus has given me has been a lifesaver. I strongly encourage you to try their service here.