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Agera Energy, Revolutionizing the Energy Market

Agera Energy is a private, retail energy company that supplies electricity and natural gas to customers all over the USA. It entered the market in 2014 at a time when the energy market was facing a huge shift and consumers demanded different means of service. It acquired several national energy suppliers and hit the ground running.


Agera, which means ‘take action,’ promises to do just that. With radical principles unlike any other, the company invests in educating consumers concerning energy thus allowing them to make informed choices. This simplifies the usually tedious energy decisions faced by the energy buyers nationwide.

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Ian King Provides a Better Approach

Since Ian King knows a lot about investing, he knows how to help people who want to invest money in different things. He spent time learning about the opportunities he had for success and that gave him a chance to make things better no matter what he had to do. Ian King liked giving people a chance to see what he could make out of different situations and he liked the responses he got from everyone who was in these situations. Ian King knew a lot about the right way to do things and knew there were opportunities people could use that would give them the motivation to continue working in their own investment portfolios. Follow Ian King on

While Ian King was learning about investing, he learned the right choices to make. He tried to show people they were getting more from the options they had and all of that was a big part of the business he had. Ian King liked to show people what would happen if they had a chance to invest the right way. While he wasn’t necessarily the richest person in the world from investing, he had made a lot of money from the investment techniques he used.


Ian King always likes giving people a chance to try new things. It’s his way of allowing others the chance to see what they can do and the chance to see they can make more out of their lives. Ian King provides people with all the opportunities they need to become more successful. Investing is easy for Ian King because he knows what to do. He isn’t afraid to make the right investments and knows what it means to show people how investing really works. Ian King always wants others to see the positive parts of investing so they can enjoy everything he has to offer. Visit to know more about Ian King.


There were times when Ian King didn’t know if he was making the right choice. He spent most of his career questioning his investment choices, but he knew they were the right ones once he was successful. He tries to always show people they should feel the same way about the investments they make. As long as they know there are risks involved with everything they do, Ian King wants people to see they can make things easier and make things better for themselves without the struggles that come with making a bad investment choice.