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Ara Chackerian: A Top Philanthropist, Investor, and Entrepreneur

Ara Chackerian has become a major player in the philanthropy and business world and is settled in San Francisco, California. His career and aim is in the community with most of its interest in the healthcare and technology fields where he has diligently worked for decades to link the gap between two. He holds positions on numerous boards in the Bay area as well. Ara also has put focus in youth and the environment such as the Limonapa Teak, a sustainable farm located in Nicaragua that provides the local residents with good paying jobs.

Ara Chackerian and his business partner wanted to expand business by building outpatient diagnostic radiology centers in Northern California which took over a decade. They also took a look at another device is treatment called TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation realizing that it could become a principle in psychiatric care for sufferers of major depressive disorder. The approach is “patient first” with telemedicine or digital care trending.

Silicon Valley is the home of newest and best technological innovations creating many millionaires along the way. Ara Chackerian understands that the world of new technology has a dark side. It takes major capital for these innovations to come to life often costing tens of thousands of dollars before it is introduced into the world. This type of lifestyle is stressful causing high rates of poor mental health for entrepreneurs. The tech industry has taken notice and is taking steps to make necessary changes. The industry is including discussions during meetings, as well as developing and providing apps and software for therapy and online counseling for employees. It may take sometime before there is a permanent solution found but there are startups that are being created to help their employees mental health. Their goal is to creative environments and conditions where their employees can function how jeopardizing their health.

All About Jason Hope

Jason Hope was born and raised in Arizona. He attended Arizona State University where he received his degree in finance. Not long after he graduated from college he decided to jump into the entrepreneur world. He also around that time started working with the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is a group that is working hard to find a solution to the aging process. Jason Hope along with the SENS Foundation understand that more and more people on a daily basis are wanting a way to make their skin look more youthful. They have set out to find a solution to this problem no matter what it takes.

Jason Hope helps the SENS Foundation in more ways than just one. He gives them donations on a regular basis that have totaled up to over $1000000. He also jumps right in on the research and does everything he can to make sure that the research as advanced as it can be. Hope knows that if they can find a solution to the aging process problem that both him and the SENS Foundation will be very, very successful.

Anti-aging products are something that people buy everyday. They are also something that are going to be around for a very long time. Aging of the skin is a problem that we face everyday. Jason Hope is hoping to be able to help people by giving them the products that they are looking for.

Being an entrepreneur is a very hard thing to do. Jason Hope has worked very hard to get to where he is today and he is not stopping there. He has big dreams for his future and he plans to work even harder to make sure that his success continues to grow. The future looks very bright for Hope and he hopes to take others straight to the top with him.


Mark Holyoake Opens His Mind on Different Investment opportunities

Iceland Seafood International (ISI) is among the largest firms in Europe. In 2010, Mark Holyoake became the top shareholder of the company. The company almost crushed when he invested. To fight his way out, Mark chose the CEO and erased a couple of wasteful procedures at the company.

Mark Holyoake lately affirmed his resignation from ISI board of directors. He is sure that the company won’t maintain its growth and development without his guidance and leadership. However, Mark wants to dedicate his time and concentration on different investment opportunities.

Mark Holyoake began his career as a financial analyst. He acquired promotions but was never contented working for a large corporation. Some people raised doubts about his capability when he joined entrepreneurship. They felt that mark wouldn’t make good money as an entrepreneur. Even though some of his business ideas crushed, Mark never gave up but rather took each failure as a lesson.

Mark Holyoake had a property management firm that he had operated for years. Unfortunately, his property management went bankrupt when the housing crisis hit Great Britain. The situation forced him to liquidate most of his real estate holdings. Mark chose to take a different turn and majored in various investments and give some time for the economy to improve.

Mark Holyoake is currently searching for various investments since the economy is growing. He has a vast real estate portfolio and owns several properties across Europe. He soon toured Portugal to research multiple properties. Mark is confident that Portugal is prime for investment.

Mark Holyoake is fond of giving financial advice. He composes online content that relates to investment and personal finance. He advises the young generation to prevent debt to their level best. Most people in Great Britain have mind-boggling student loan debt. Such people can’t move from their parents or buy homes. According to Mark, the student loan crisis can have adverse effects on the economy of Great Britain for years.

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Carsten Thiel Believes in the Growth of Biotechnology

When it comes to Biotechnology Carsten Thiel is definitely a leader. He serves as President of Europe for EUSA Pharma. His experience has given him the ability to be on the medical products teams for medical products like Neulasta, Vectibix, and Strensiq. He has been an important part of their strategies for exploding onto the market. So, in turn, he has been able to indirectly help many patients.

Carsten Thiel is originally from Berlin. At the University of Bristol, he studied Organic Chemistry. After college, he started his career at Hoffman La-Roch, a firm that focused on biotechnology.

He started as a Communications and Product Manager. Realizing he had more skills, the leaders of the company gave him more responsibilities when it came to leading projects and teams. He spearheaded the launch of Xenical, a weight-loss product. One way that he wanted to make it stand out was making more reasonable claims regarding the product.

This led more people to actually pay attention to the product and purchase it. He believes in actually placing the products in front of the people who will benefit from it the most and giving good information about the product.

Carsten Thiel is a leader who leads by example. People in the industry understand this and this is one reason they look up to him. He is someone who relies on his instincts and who always puts the person who will actually be taking the product first. This is something that is definitely commendable in the pharmaceutical industry.

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The Geological Career and Expertise of Mr. Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is renowned for his knowledge and vast experience in natural resources. He has a hands-on, talk to everyone and go-anywhere for qualities toward his investment research and ideas. His career has taken him to many places such as Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey, Switzerland, and many other places across the world. Matt has visited many mines and oil wells across the globe. He has asked many CEOs regarding their latest resource ideas and analyzed all types of geologic data during his tours. He believed that you could not understand all that’s happening unless you get a personal encounter with the matters.

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As a geologist, Matt Badiali quickly identifies certain red flags that are best seen in the ground. For instance, he is fond of checking on the skills of the drilling crew. The longer it takes for them to drill a hole or how smooth is the flow of operations. In small firms, drilling is the most substantial part of the expense. It can tell a lot about the health and capability of the firm by just taking a close look at the drillers. Matt Badiali has perfectly merged his knowledge as a geologist with his training as an investor to bring about incredible benefits over the past ten years. Matt Badiali is one of the great authors of Banyan Hill Publishing. In May 2017, he wrote a newsletter by the name Real Wealth Strategists which gained a vast network within a short period. Before joining Banyan Hill, he used to be a geologist for a drilling firm and a consultant to an environmental firm.

Matt Badiali pursued his studies at Penn State University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Science. He also has a Master’s Degree in Geology that he attained from Florida Atlantic University. He has been hosted for many interviews to share about his career and expertise. In one of his interviews, Matt was asked to explain about his startup newsletter. He noted that writing a newsletter regarding investing in natural resources calls for a unique skill set. He added that natural resources are highly speculative and cyclical. It requires a deep understanding of markets, finance, firms, and Science. This is the only way to invest in this industry.


Grace Farms Foundation by Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince founded the Grace Farms Foundation in 2009. The main reason behind founding the farm was to enhance people’s lives by engaging them with nature, faith, natural juices and a sense of society. She played a crucial role in the design and implementation of the Grace Farm’s vision. It is an exceptional modern public space opens to people and charity organizations.

Since 2015, Sharon Prince Grace Farms designed the farm in a way that it gives visitors peace and harmony. The intention is to allow the visitors enjoy the beautiful scenery and varying seasons through spaces. Sharon believes that space communicates by giving room for natural conversations and partnerships that definitely bring about incredible outcomes. Though her incredible efforts the farm has received numerous awards. Some of these awards have been due to projects that enhance environmental sustainability, flawless architecture and the common good.

Through the platform provided by Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince is able to fight exploitation of children, trafficking as well as fighting to eliminate violence against women universally. Sharon has a firm belief that everyone in the society has a role to play in eliminating evils present in the society. She works closely with the United Nations University in a bid to end human trafficking. Sharon Prince also plays a major role on the Board of Next Generation Nepal. This nonprofit organization reunites victims of trafficking together with their families.

Recently, Sharon Prince announced that Grace Farms had come into partnership with Georgia and Unchain. They all agreed to principles that would promote transparency in the supply chain. They aimed to help in ending the major problem affecting the world that is current slavery. One of the best benefits of the collaboration will be advanced education to countries and shareholders. She believes that through such collaborations with likeminded leaders human trafficking will be eliminated.

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How Stream Energy is Giving Back to the Community

Founded in 2005, Stream Energy has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The company, which started out of Dallas, has now expanded its reach to no less than nine states in the U.S.

Stream Energy’s outreach is not just limited to the southern parts of the U.S. either. It also has a prominent presence on the East Coast, where it runs its operations in states such as New York and New Jersey.

But what actually sets Stream Energy apart is not only its magnificent presence throughout said areas or the quality of its services. While it has covered those aspects optimally to become one of the largest companies in the energy sector, it has also established its foothold in the area of philanthropy.

Ever since it started its operations, the energy firm has ensured to set up programs that let it give back to the community. Since it is the same community that has helped the company grow its operations to unprecedented heights, the energy firm ensures to do its part in showing its own reciprocation wherever it can.

For this, Stream Energy has been working with programs that are targeted on the areas of disaster relief, recovery, and overall improvement of life in various regions. The firm contributes to various causes that fall under this umbrella with direct funding as well as fund raising events.

Those events contribute to various causes such as disaster relief in areas that have been struck with natural calamities. With that, Stream Energy also has targeted programs in place that help it streamline the distribution of relief funds and materials to the ones who need them the most.

For instance, the Stream Cares program from the firm is a targeted initiative that has been helping the firm raise and distribute funding to areas all over the U.S. Launched in 2016, Stream Cares has helped various organizations provide relief efforts to regions that have suffered through natural disasters; as well as to offer improvement in quality of life within regions that need it the most.

Through these efforts, Stream Energy hopes to continue giving back to the community that has helped it reach its formidable stature.

Transporting Kindness With Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is an entrepreneur who was born in India on March 18, 1971. He currently is the Chief Executive Officer for MergerTech, an advisory firm that operates internationally. The company began operating in 2009 and has made strides of progression over the last decade.

During 2015, Nitin Khanna entered the recreational and medical marijuana industry. What started out as a cannabis solution for locals has grown into the largest cannabis concentrate provider in Oregon. Khanna is also a board member for numerous companies. These companies include Vendscreen, Freewire Broadband and Classic Wine Auction to name a few. Throughout his career, the CEO has assisted in many acquisition deals with companies such as Amazon and Cancom.

Growing up in India shaped his life tremendously. While his father was in the army, the remainder of his family were entrepreneurs and that rubbed off on him. This would lay the foundation for him to travel to the United States at age 17 and begin working towards his undergraduate and masters certification. Shortly after his arrival in America, Nitins’s brother joined him in 1999 and they established Saber, a software company. The early work that he and his brother accomplished had an impact on voting systems, at the nationwide level. Currently more than half the country utilizes this software to manage various elections. This was the basis for them to introduce other industries to the software such as childcare and the Department of motor vehicles. The company would grow to a point where he felt comfortable selling.

After successfully building and selling his software company, the businessman would begin to angel invest throughout the Portland region. The goal of Nitin Khanna is to build a business that has longevity. He hopes decades from now that his companies are still active are still servicing people like a brand such as Coca-Cola, respectively. By starting his every morning doing an inventory of his business and growth lines, he has a foundation for dealing with the day’s tasks.

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An Insight Into Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Success

Richard Liu Qiangdong found, it’s one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China with a net worth of $57.6 billion. Liu is the chief executive officer and has a net worth of$11 billion as per Forbes. Richard Liu graduated from Renmin University of Chine with a degree in Sociology in 1996. However, as a student, he spent most his time polishing his computer programming skills mostly through freelance work. He later graduated from the China Europe International Business School with an EMBA. After his graduation. After his graduation, Japan Life a health product company hired him where he performed different roles like the director for computers and business for two years.

The entrepreneur was recently interviewed at the World Economic Forum Annual meeting in Davos-Kloster, Switzerland. He was interviewed by David M. Rubenstein the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman of The Carlyle Group. In his interview, he talked about how coming into existence from scratch. In 1998, he opened his own shop which sold computer parts in Beijing. It was named as “Jingdong” which was the last name of then-girlfriend he confessed in front of the audience. The store was expanded and had 12 stores by 2003. However, the SARS breakout put his business into jeopardy. He mentioned how staff stayed within the safety of their homes and showed true leadership skills by making sure his staff had enough noodles and water to survive the virus. Whereas, the managers had meetings to brainstorm ideas to secure the future of his company. If it wasn’t for the SARS breakout, Liu wouldn’t have been forced to reconsider the business model of company.

In his interview he mentioned, it was one of his managers who suggested to take everything online. David Rubenstein asked Richard Liu about where is the manager now and Liu answered with a smile that he himself is a billionaire now. was launched in 2004 and around 2005 all the physical stores were shut down. The focus was from then was e-commerce. has a zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit products and fast delivery service Richard Liu mentioned in the interview. He stated that his company had big plans for the future and his vision to expand globally.

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How Richard Liu Qiangdong is Changing the E-commerce Sector

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the most renowned business people in the world. His strategic investment practices have seen him move from a simple businessman who sells electronics to one of the most recognized business leaders in China. Starting and helping the company to move up the industrial ladder is a huge achievement. However, Liu is currently involved in an innovative strategy that is expected to change the e-commerce industry.

Richard Liu wants to introduce a new payment option in the e-commerce industry so that customers can have several options. For a longer period, customers have relied on PayPal and other payment options to make payments for the goods purchased. However, these payment options have had their own problems and challenges, which have caused a huge number of customers to lose money in ways they cannot explain. Other customers have been failing to buy goods and other commodities from the online platforms because they are restricted by the payment options.

However, Liu has introduced a bitcoin payment option, which is an innovative technology that will help customers to pay for goods purchased through digital currencies. Blockchain technology is currently emerging as one of the most recent innovation technology that will have a major impact on how the world will be operating in the next decade. By introducing the blockchain payment method, Richard Liu has added another option that customers can use to pay for goods and services.

Richard Liu is also interested in making e-commerce industry a more reliable and transparent sector where customers get the value for their money. Reports have emerged that a huge number of customers have been losing their money through online payment after receiving goods of low quality. By introducing blockchain, customers will only get an opportunity to pay for quality goods and services hence enhancing reliability in this industry.

Finally, Richard Liu Qiangdong is specifically focused on ensuring that is operating efficiently and not vulnerable to security problems. Security has emerged as one of the leading challenges in large organizations around the world. Data security is, therefore, a significant aspect of the growth of the company. Liu is geared towards protecting the data of the company through blockchain technology.

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