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Richard Liu Qiangdong An E-Commerce Pioneer

Richard Liu Qiangdong, also known as Richard Qiangdong, is the founder of, an e-commerce platform located in China. Qiangdong’s net worth is reported to be $7.3 billion in U.S. dollars. Richard Liu Qiangdong attended the prestigious Renmin University, where he studied and achieved a degree and graduated in 1996. He invested in classes mastering his computer programming skills by doing coding work. He furthered his education by earning an EMBA degree from China Europe International Business School. When he graduated, he was employed by the company Japan Life, Richard Liu Qiangdong participated in many different aspects of the job.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was born March 10, 1973, and grew up in China’s Jiangsu province, in the town of Suqian. His life growing up was like most families that resided in that area at the time. His parent’s occupation was coal-shipping. They instilled the value of hard work in him at a very young age. Richard Qiangdong left Japan in 1998, searching for an opportunity in the world of entrepreneurship. He marketed magneto-optical products and believed that he needed to provide excellent customer service and the consumption of technology for the reason for streamlining business projects.

Even though he had competitors in the same niche, the way Richard Qiangdong geared to set himself apart from his competitors was by selling authorized products to his customers instead, which allowed him to gain the trust and the loyalty from his customers, that was relying on the products to be authentic, and of high quality.
While focusing on customer service with his e-commerce business, the brand utilizes an easy to use interface that’s easy enough for the not so savvy online shopper, and yet sophisticated and innovative enough for shoppers that know what they are looking for. Richard Liu Qiangdong can see the value when it comes to providing everyday goods and products to remote villages, having a successful accessible technology to solve a shipping issue that has beset numerous companies in the same niche. now has the world’s largest fleet of drones that are providing the same or next day delivery to over one billion individuals.

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Greg Secker’s Life in Financial Trading

Greg Secker’s fame in the financial trading world began in England before it spread to major cities around the world. He started trading in forex in his twenties, after leaving formal employment at the then Mellon Financial Corporation. Secker didn’t start in a stylishly furnished office; his company began in his home. He had not traded in forex prior to starting his company, but he had been following the trading activities of colleagues in the companies he had worked for.

A few years after he started trading through his company, Greg Secker was no longer just a forex trader but also a trainer. He had founded several companies such as the Knowledge for Action Group and was offering free and paid-for courses on financial trading. Secker’s objective was to reach a large number of people who were looking for information on how to get into forex trading.

As he notes on his websites and also in his seminars, forex trading is not a mystery. It is easy to understand the basics of the trade and to have a career in forex trading. The fact that he took up forex trading on his own with just information he had gathered watching traders when he was employed makes him the preferred trainer for many beginners who want to know the risks involved. He covers all of the main questions beginners have such as how to manage risks when to trade, how to create a trading plan and how exchange rates work.

Worth noting is the number of awards Greg has received for his dedication to educating new financial traders. For example, in 2010, Secker’s Learn to Trade came in at position 49 in Sunday Times Fast Track 100 awards. The criteria for companies to make it to this annual list is they must be private companies, and with a commendable growth in sales in a period of three years. Other internationally acclaimed awards Secker has won include the Global Banking & Finance Review award for Best Forex Educator and World Finance Magazine’s award for Best Educator. He is no doubt a great scholar in life.