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MAGFAST’s Own Seymour Segnit Explains How The Business Came To Succeed


Many people have come up with original ideas for products, processes, or technologies. Not too many of these ideas have come to fruition, let alone be patent-protected by any government or successfully capitalized on.

Seymour Segnit is one of the few successful inventors who has realized any level of success, let alone the personal, entrepreneurial, and creative levels – and probably several others.


What Is Mr. Segnit Known for Inventing?

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, radios, and all sorts of other rechargeable electronic devices take an hour, if not a lot longer, to fully charge. Further, despite such long charging times, once most modern devices have even been lightly used, they burn through their batteries’ capacities significantly more quickly than when they were new.

Fortunately, engineers like Seymour Segnit have come up with various technologies that increase the speed at which devices are charged.


About MAGFAST as a Business

According to Seymour Segnit, the co-founder of MAGFAST and the sole inventor of the products upon which the business was founded, MAGFAST drummed up roughly $250,000 in just 15 minutes upon formally opening its private request for funding. This made MAGFAST profitable from the jump, something that very few recently-founded companies can claim, let alone completely brand-new companies! Click Here to learn more.


Here’s What Segnit Credits With MAGFAST’s Success

Seymour Segnit, as the co-founder of MAGFAST and the one and only inventor of the technology that MAGFAST’s innovative chargers employ, has kept up with virtually everything even remotely related to MAGFAST’s success. As such, he’s the one – if anyone would know, Seymour would know – to ask about how MAGFAST achieved success in the world of business.

Segnit credits marketing with being responsible for the rapid growth of MAGFAST, as well as the initial rounds of funding upon which the company was founded. See Related Link to learn more.


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