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Michael Lacey: A Striving Mathematician

Mathematicians are people who are using their knowledge of mathematics to solve mathematical problems. They have contributed a lot to the development of our world, but still, their skills are being seen as something that only geeks and highly intelligent people would understand.

Mathematicians are the reason why we are living the comfort of the present; if not for their perseverance to crack down equations, we would not have developed electricity, we would not have gone to space, and we would not have created computers.

Our lives revolve around numbers, and the laws of the universe are governed by Mathematics. Many people in the US are choosing to get a degree in Mathematics and focus their career in being a mathematician, and one of them is Michael.

Michael Lacey is fond of solving equations. When he was still studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he decided to solve one problem that relates to the laws of the iterated logarithm, which is applied for empirical characteristics function.

He managed to earn his Ph.D. from his hard work, and the research that he made about a particular area in the Banach spaces has been taken to the university library for other people to discover and learn.

Michael Lacey have chosen Banach spaces as his main item for his doctoral thesis because he is really curious about the topic. He successfully defended the thesis that he made and later on in his career, he would go through the topics of probability and harmonic analysis where he would focus much of his time.

Immediately after graduating from the university, he decided to hold post-doctoral positions at two different schools – one would be at the Louisiana State University and the other one will be at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

While serving his post-doctoral position at the University of North Carolina, he made a research about the central limit theorem. The central limit theorem is a key concept in Mathematics, and Michael Lacey, along with one of his colleagues named Walter Philipp, managed to formulate a proof for the theorem.

As years go by, Michael Lacey transferred from one university to the other. He served a particular position at the Indiana University where he managed to receive a post-doctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation. At the height of his tenure with the fellowship, he started a research about the bilinear Hilbert transform.

Larkin worked hard solving for a conjecture by another mathematician named Alberto Calderon, and he is passionate to search for the answer. Michael Lacey, along with another colleague named Christoph Thiele, successfully solved the conjecture and they received the Salem Prize for the feat.

Today, Michael Lacey is doing a great work in being a professor of Mathematics. He is currently staying at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he started working since 1996.

He is still receiving fellowships while at the same time, doing researches that would unlock questions regarding mathematics. He decided to become a fellow in the American Mathematical Society in 2012.