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The Value Of Success Academy From A Parent’s Perspective

There is nothing more important to a parent than the success and well-being of their child. That is why Susana Taveras was so happy to hear that Success Academy had been granted the right to build another one of their schools in New York City. In this particular case, Success Academy was going to build a pre-K facility, and that was extremely good news for Mrs. Taveras.


She has two sons who are not native English speakers and also have special needs. As a result, she wants the extra help that Success Academy is able to provide to families like her own. She says that her older sons is now beyond the pre-K age and it has taken him extra time to catch up to his peers who had the ability to go to a good pre-K program. As such, she wants to get her younger son into such a program to start helping him.


Success Academy teachers are well trained in the subjects that their students need to learn about. They know math, science, writing, and have creative ways to bring those subjects to life for their students. There are plenty of students who find school boring, but that is often just a product of not being challenged enough. The teachers at Success Academy have found any number of ways to help students who feel this way.


Taveras and many other New York parents are testifying to the results that this school has brought about. They say that if it were not for this school that their children would be left behind. Many other parents have made the very same claims and each has thei own unique story. More public pressure to build more of these schools is growing, and the mayor is now starting to permit more and more of them to go up.