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Great American Mathematician

Micheal Thoreau Lacey is an exalted American Mathematician. A working professional for the majority of this adult life, Lacey has been active within the mathematics field for the better part of three decades. Born September 26, 1959, Lacey wasted no time making strides in the field.

Lacey is devoted to the sciences, natural, mechanical, or otherwise. That said, Lacey’s area of focus is applied mathematics, and it is the field where he has had the most success.

For the majority of his career, Lacey has balanced his strict, jam-packed work schedule with his home life, which is a feat by any measure. A master of any and all topics he applies himself to, Micheal Lacey stands at the top of the mathematics field.

Lacey has a breathtaking list of accomplishments to his name. A master of several different fields, Lacey’s mind holds more knowledge than most could acquire in several lifetimes. Here are just a few examples of topics Lacey has perfected: Banach Spaces, laws of iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions, probability, Ergodic theory, and perhaps most impressively, Harmonic analysis.

These are excruciatingly difficult areas of study, requiring enormous amounts of practice and thousands of hours of studying. And while these fields have eluded the understanding of many, Lacey knows them like the back of his hand.

Lacey’s work in these areas have had an enormous impact on each them, and mathematics as a field is better for his dedication.

For his devotion, Lacey has received a number of accolades. Prestigious ones at that; Lacey is the recipient of the coveted Salem Prize for his work in bilinear Hilbert Transforms. This is an incredible accomplishment and one that makes prospective mathematicians mouth water.

Lacey’s success continues: In 1996, Lacey earned himself a position as a professor at the University of Georgia. An extremely prestigious University, this is an incredible feat. Later, Lacey was awarded a position as a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

A fellowship may very well be the highest honor a mathmatician can strive for, and it’s one well deserved by Lacey. Time hasn’t deluded Lacey’s passion, as he continues his groundbreaking work to this day.

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