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A Passion for Education

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian business man and entrepreneur. He began his educational career by studying medicine, but soon found medicine was not his real calling or his passion.

He made the switch to business and attended the INSEAD Business School and earned an MBA (Master’s of Business Administration). He launched several successful business ventures and began a very successful career as a business giant and entrepreneur.

Mr. Beltyukov is very passionate about education. He felt an education were the best building blocks to form a solid foundation on which to build a career. One of his start-ups is the online educational SOLVY. The company is an online homework system for high school students.

It is a math based educational system and works by generating homework assignments based on set criteria for each student. This method allows teachers to offer students customized learning exercises that makes learning more effective. The system has been so successful; it has been listed as one of the most promising start-ups.

SOLVY embraces progressive thinking and encourages students look at mistakes as learning experiences. Students using the system are required to input the answer and show the work demonstrating how they arrived at the answer. This way the students learn to solve problems by thinking through the problem rather than eliminating that is not correct. This method is the preferred alternative to multiple choice questions.

SOLVY uses real life problem solving allowing students to relate to math and develop a sense of understanding. Students learn to approach problems and find solutions and discover they do not always have to take the same path to solve a problem. Even though it is a math based system, students can use the concept to solve any problem that comes along.

The SOLVY program also allows teachers to track student progress and understand where a student may require additional help. Teachers can also check whether the class as a group is able to grasp a concept.  Be sure to visit Alexei Beltyukov’s official website, as well as his social media pages.