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Dr. Imran Haque: The Expert Medical Professional From Asheboro

Dr. Imran Haque is a medical professional who is extremely well versed in his field. He is known to be the provider of excellent medical care at Horizon Internal Medicine, a clinic that offers care and treatment to patients coming to them. Located in Dublin Square Road, Dr. Imran Haque has become the family physician for numerous people living around the area. He has worked with multiple patients for a variety of different ailments. Right from diabetes to weight management, Dr. Imran Haque has provided his medical opinion for them all. In addition to providing these medical services, Dr. Imran Haque also provides a list of procedures which have to do with body contouring, laser hair removal and also for resurfacing.


An alumnus of the University of Virginia, Dr. Imran Haque has had a tremendous amount of experience working in the field of medicine. He has been practicing for a span of fifteen years, during which he has treated hundreds of patients. Doctors who work in the field of internal medicine are highly skilled and trained to perform a host of different procedures and treat patients for some disorders which are why Dr. Imran Haque is so looked up to in the state of North Carolina. His knowledge of numerous different disorders is what has helped him treat such a wide array of diseases and ailments.


Dr. Imran Haque is also your local friendly family physician, who treats a host of general disorders. However, because he is more than just a general physician he can go beyond the regular checkups that doctors provide. Because he is a specialist in internal medicine, he treats a lot of other disorders where general physicians would usually refer another doctor. Be it just a regular bi-yearly check up or a medical worry that is on your mind, Dr. Imran Haque is here to help you figure it out and get proper medication for it. He has become the medical face that you can count on for the people living in Asheboro and Ramseur.


Being a specialist in internal medicine, Dr. Imran Haque comes across numerous different patients who have different ailments He knows that at times, their conditions are out of what he specializes in and therefore, works in close collaboration with various other doctors who are specialized in the field, to give them a more in-depth analysis of their diagnoses.


But Dr. Imran Haque doesn’t just operate out of his clinic. He is also a doctor who offers his services to numerous hospitals in the state of North Carolina. He has worked at hospitals like the Kindred Hospital-Greensboro and the Randolph Hospital. He is one of the extremely few internal medicine specialists at these hospitals. Numerous people who have availed of Dr. Imran Haque’s services have been extremely satisfied with what he has to offer. He has a knack for working with patients and tries his best to form a close relationship with them, to make them more comfortable with him while he treats them.