Category Archives: Online Marketing Meets the Demands of its Millions of Customers or Jingdong is used to processing and delivering billions of orders, but even by its standards, the 18 day sales event it offered at the beginning of June smashed all records. The sale was called ‘6.18’.

One of the reasons that can make so many deliveries to 99% of China is its use of the latest ground-breaking technology. Jingdong uses drones and robot cars to make deliveries, and it means can make deliveries for most of its items within one or two days.

Jingdong is also using the latest software and technology to bring items to its 300 million customers. tracks customer orders and then it analyzes a vast amount of data to find out products that customers might like. It makes the shopping experience even better for customers both online and at’s offline locations.

Traditional offline stores use similar data analysis to direct traffic in the stores to items that people like to buy, and it uses real time data to decide what products to offer and where in the store they should be located.

One of the reasons for the huge spike in sales is the desire for the Chinese to have the finest products from around the world. The Chinese are looking for the top labels in fashion, electronics, and food. One area that has seen huge growth is the food and product section of Jingdong. imports the best products from around the world, and it only works with environmentally friendly companies that show they operate in a sustainable manner. Young college educated people in China are looking for healthy organic foods, and is offering everything that they want. View Related Info Here.

During the ‘6.18’ sales events, sold billions of dollars’ worth of stock and some items sold millions of units in just seconds. will continue to offer the finest items, and the company’s sales will continue to set records.

An article on Libertarian Republic entitled; “ is committed to Best Practices in E-commerce”, Jingdong’s CEO, Richard Liu shared that his team is committed to limiting the environmental footprint of the business and they are actively making decisions to achieve this goal.


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