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End Citizens United: Fighting Against Citizens United

In 2010 the U.S. Supreme Court made a landmark decision that changed the political landscape of America and overturned more than a century of campaign finance law.

The decision in the case of Citizens United vs. the FEC case was narrow, 5-4, with all judges voting along political lines. The minority dissent was scathing and still quoted to this day. But the decision was made: Corporations could donate unlimited amounts of money with no requirement to report it to any political campaign they wished. Corporations were ruled to be just as important as individual citizens, though when it comes to having millions of dollars to spend on buying politicians corporations have a distinct advantage.

The PAC End Citizens United was formed in March of 2015. This organization has the goal over overturning this ruling wither through an amendment to the constitution or by passing a series of laws. End Citizens United tends to endorse liberal and Democratic politicians for election and re-election but this is not official policy. Their primary concern is with getting politicians elected at local, state and federal levels that support campaign finance reform. This is not a single-issue organization, but End Citizens United looks at finance reform as a primary issue.

End Citizens United focuses on Democrats mainly because, though some individual Republicans support finance reform, the party platform supports the Supreme Court decision. By design ECU is supporting Democrats to office to get enough support to actually take action to overturn Citizen’s United in the House and to gain support at state levels.

The organization rose more than $25 million in funds during the 2016 election and is anticipating $35 million for 2018, a remarkable increase in funding from a Presidential election to a mid-term election. They have doubled their office staff to help them process the donations and volunteer offers from over 380,000 individual contributors.

Many of the founding officials from the organizations beginning are still there and bring a wealth of political experience to ECU. It has endorsed over 130 candidates and asks its endorsed candidates to take the “No Corporate PAC Pledge.”

George Soros One of the Most Resourceful Political Contributors and Philanthropists in the United States

George Soros is one of the most well-known philanthropists in the history of the world and throughout his life; he has given away over $12 billion in donations. George Soros is a powerful and influential personality, and even when he is in the late eighties, he continues to be politically active and helps manage his hedge funding company, Soros Management. George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, and has survived the Nazi occupation of his home country. He lived through the Hungary Holocaust caused by the Nazis where he saw over 500,000 of his fellow citizen die. However, George Soros lived through the horror due to the political connection of his father. After fleeing from Hungary, George went to London where he studied economics at the famous London School of Economics. He worked in London as a railway porter and waiter at a nightclub to support his studies and read full article.

After completing his education, George Soros moved to the United States, where he worked for a couple of great merchant banks before starting his own hedge funding company by the name of Soros Management. It went on to become one of the most famous and profitable hedge funding companies in the world. The fund he started then by the name of Quantum Management continues to be one of the most profitable hedge funds in the history of hedge funding business. George Soros had an excellent knowledge and insight into the financial market and was also the primary man behind the downfall of the England’s currency value downfall as he shorted British Pounds in huge volume and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros continues to stay interested in the world politics greatly and help the causes he believes in, which primarily includes justice and equality for all. He is amongst the most popular supporter of the LGBTI community and has been very vocal about the rights of the immigrants and refugees in the United States. During the apartheid in South Africa, he raised his voice against the atrocities being committed against the black community and supported the education of the many meritorious South African students financially. George Soros continues to fund the education of hundreds and thousands of students by providing them with a scholarship through his foundation by the name of Open Society Foundation. Other cause he feels needs support in the United States is a racial disparity, injustice, and immigrant reforms and George Soros lacrosse camp.

George Soros is also known as one of the biggest supporters of the Democratic causes and policies and supported Hillary Clinton in her Presidential Election during the most recent U.S. Presidential Elections. He spent nearly $30 million in her political campaign to defeat Donald Trump, which George Soros has openly voiced his opposition for. George Soros feel that Donald Trump would help in creating a more significant divide between the populations of the United States and trample the progress for the many causes George supports. George Soros says that it is the right and the responsibility of every capable and resourceful citizen of the country to speak up and take actions to build a better tomorrow, and he accepts that his financial wealth has given him independence and resources needed to do so and Follow him at

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