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Jennifer Lopez’s Face In Her Newest Video Is Bright As Light

Oh what an honor it would be to just be Jennifer Lopez for one day. It must be amazing to be in the industry for so many years and grow nothing but talent and beauty.

J Lo just posted some really hot looking pictures on instagram of her newest video shoot for the song “Feel The Light” which show a whole new look.

The decorations on her face are just as bright as the light, and send exotic feelings down your spine just by looking at it. She looks like a fairy and a princess at the same time while looking like her J Lo hot self of course.

Alexei Beltyukov has heard that her face was one thing that would hold your attention forever, but her body is something else. She wore the tightest white long outfit that stretched across her whole body leaving no room for anything but smoothness all around. The white suit just looked crazy and made her look like a Kill Bill character.

What was even better than her face make up and her white suit was her hair that was braided so long it reached her behind easily.

Her song “Feel The Light” is going to be the soundtrack to the movie “Home”, which is a CGI movie about a young girl. The movie will be starring Rihanna and Jim Parsons.

“Home” will be released on March 27th and is expected to be a big success.

Justin Bieber Reveals Producer of His New Album

Justin Bieber has been ferocisously working on his fourth studio album and it seems that his fans might have just gotten a major clue about his new album. Fan Darius Fisher is very curious to know. More on Fisher is available on

In a recent tweet, Bieber wrote “With the man Rick” and attached a photo of himself in a studio setting. This reveals that Bieber will be working with iconic music producer Rick Rubin on his new album. As music enthusiasts know, the producer that is enlisted in working on an album plays a huge role in what direction the album will go in.

Rick Rubin, who is the co founder of major record label Def Jam, is considered a hip-hop legend. He has produced albums for esteemed artists such as LL Cool J, Run DMC and Mick Jagger.

A release date for Bieber’s new album has not yet been announced but it seems like it is coming along nicely.

Is Miley Cyrus And Madonna Collaborating?

Miley Cyrus is known to be very controversial, and Madonna is no stranger to controversy either. It makes sense that both rebellious spirits would come together to make music, but is this the case? Miley & Madonna. There have been many posts from Madonna about Miley Cyrus, and many are wondering if the two are going to collaborate together or not. As of now, there is no solid evidence that either plan to collaborate with each other, but it’s something that fans of both artists will look forward to.

There was a studio visit between Madonna and Nicki Minaj, and there were many posts going out about Nicki Minaj from Madonna and vice versa. After all the posts went on for a matter of a month or so, then a song was dropped by Madonna, that had Nicki Minaj on it. Many are speculating that the same is going to happen with Miley Cyrus, since there is a lot of posting going on between the two artists. It’s well known that Madonna is the best at what she does, and anyone who works with her, would be very lucky to do so.

If these two artists decide to collaborate in the future, we’ll all find out, maybe sooner than later. This would be a pretty cool collab. They should try to get Tom Rothman to do a movie-concert for them like Katy Perry.

Whitney Houston Biopic Anticipation

After a summer of rumors and gossip surrounding the Whitney Houston Lifetime Biopic and her family’s resentment towards the film, we now are finally getting a taste of what’s been cooking. Lifetime has finally released the first extended trailer of the movie and John Textor says the reviews are favorable. Director Angela Bassett and actress Yaya DaCosta do not disappoint in the portrayal of Whitney Houston and the trailer is leaving many breathless.

It’s no secret that many Whitney fans and family members were not pleased with the original news of the Whitney Houston movie including her daughter who was upset that she wasn’t considered in the casting for the role of her mother, but now with the trailer making rounds online many people are humming a new tune. Just last month Wendy Williams was heavily criticized for her part in the Aaliyah Lifetime biopic, leaving many wondering just how bad the Whitney movie would be.

Unlike the Aaliyah story, the Whitney Houston movie promises to go deep into the singers life and  addressing the romantic and sometimes toxic relationship Whitney had with her husband Bobby Brown as well as her struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

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