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Don’t Lego of Rap: Cam’ron Immortalized in the Plastic Brick

Who says rap has to be all about negative stereotypes and thuggery? I had to pause on the dog’s Beneful when I saw a report about one creative kid that has decided to take his love tor the genre and create something magical. MTV is reporting that one child has put his love of Legos and his love for rap music together into one astounding statue.

The youngster loves a rap artist named Cam’ron. He loves Cam’ron so much that he decided to create a Lego statue in honor of the rap superstar. The young man is named Yung and is only seven years old. Yet, his skills far surpass others of his age group. Cam’ron is both thrilled and honored that the young man has decided to enshrine his look in the popular block building toy.

Rap is often pigeonholed as a genre that does nothing to contribute to society. However, this young man shows that rap can be both artistic and fun. Cam’ron obviously loves his portrait done in Legos. Yung Lennox loves having one of this rap idols talk to the world about his work.

Yung doesn’t just stop with Cam’ron. He has many of these influential people immortalized with the great plastic brick. It isn’t a hobby that many seven year old children have but Lennox doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.