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Bennett Graebner and The Bachleor’s International Journey

Bennett Graebner, the executive producer for the hit Reality show, The Bachelor has a television show that understands better than anyone else what people want, a love story. Bennett Graebner has played a massively important role in helping to shape the show into the cultural phenomenon that it is today. The show is no longer just critically acclaimed in the United States, it has since expanded its reach into 37 other countries across the world since the show first aired in the United States in 2002.

Despite the shows already strong international appeal, Bennett Graebner and the crew at The Bachelor decided to take things one step further, they started a spinoff show called Winter Games that features contestants from around the world. When they were developing this show, they had the goal in mind of making it not just something that people can relate to in western culture, but all around the world.

It definitely was difficult for Bennett Graebner and his team to come across a fully fleshed out and concise plan for the show, and Bennett Graebner was adamant on making sure that all of the details were thought of, which makes a lot of sense considering he would be financing this ventureBennett Graebner and his crew knew that with an entirely new format, there were definitely going to be some shortcomings. None of them had used this kind of formula for the previous sessions of The Bachelor, so they definitely had to do some experimentation to find out what worked and what didn’t. The show isn’t taking the time format of the original Bachelor, instead, it is on a special 2-week run, it also doesn’t focus as heavily on couples as seasons past have.

The show brought about quite a few problems during the filming of the show. One of the biggest ones, and pretty surprising, was the huge amount of cultural dissonance between the contestants. With contestants from 11 different countries across the world, to say that this created some tension and conflict would be an understatement. Despite this the show is very promising, headed by the efforts of Bennett Graebner.

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