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Greg James Aziz – The CEO of National Steel Car

Greg James Aziz is the President, CEO, and Chairman of the National Steel Car (NSC), a company that manufactures cars in Ontario. As the President of National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz always advocates for the relentless chase of manufacturing excellence. He believes in innovative engineering because it is the best way of providing solutions to the current problems affecting the car manufacturing industries.

It is because of his leadership qualities that made National Steel Car the leading tank car manufacturing industry in North America. Furthermore, the people of NSC are proud of themselves. They are the cornerstone of the company.

As the Chief Executive Officer, Greg Aziz managed to convert NSC to a diverse, dynamic, value-driven, and innovative company. Also, the people of National Steel Car are great professionals.

They are consistently and persistently challenging themselves on a daily basis. They believe in raising the bar of their performance. In that case, every person at National Steel Car focuses on his or her strength that can result in unmatched efficiency in the car manufacturing industry. James Aziz always ensures that every employee at NSC has a profound sense when it comes to the company values and vision. For that reason, NSC is trusted by its customers that it builds railcars of the best quality. Furthermore, it is the company that is ISO certified under the certification number, ISO 9001:2008.

Gregory James Aziz was born in London and completed his college studies at Ridley College. Gregory J Aziz also attended UWO (University of Western Ontario), from where he received his Degree in Economics. Later on, James Aziz joined his family in the food business, which was operating under the company name, Affiliated Foods. The company was the major food importer in North America. It was importing fresh foods from Central America, Europe, and South America. However, Gregory James Aziz left his family business and resorted to pursuing his career in the investment banking industry.

He was successful with his career adventure to the extent of being recognized as a prominent businessman. In 1994, Greg James Aziz had organized himself financially and experience-wise to purchase NSC from Dofasco. Gregory J Aziz acquired NSC with the primary objective of transforming it to one of the best freight car manufacturing company in the world, which he managed to achieve. This is because by 1999 NSC was able to produce over 12000 automobiles per year. It also increased its employment rate by 80%.