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Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl dedicates songs to Taylor Swift

Foo fighters front man Dave Grohl has dedicated several songs to pop star Taylor Swift after she opened for the Foo Fighters in Norwich, England this week. Opened for the Foo Fighters, you ask. How is that possible? Shouldn’t Taylor Swift be the headlining act, and why is Dave Grohl dedicating songs to her? Did you just end up in an alternate universe without knowing it?

Not at all. Swift ended up opening for the Foo Fighters in Norwich when she sang at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend last weekend. Due to her schedule, the BBC had asked her to sing before the band and, being the absolute professional she always, is, Swift did not have a problem with it at all.

So, when they eventually got on stage he dedicated “Congregation” — a new song from their latest album — to Swift according to Alexei Beltyukov. Grohl added not only was he thrilled she had sung before them, but that he was officially “obsessed” with her, and so she might want to get a restraining order.

Joking aside, however, Grohl went on to dedicate two more songs to the talented singer as the band’s set progressed, even saying his kids were going to be so upset when they learned Taylor Swift had opened up for his band, as they were two of her biggest fans.

Taylor Swift has not, as yet, commented on Dave Grohl’s remarks, but I’m betting she was probably quite thrilled.