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Brown Modelling Agency: Merging of Two Texas Fashion Household Names

The renowned modeling agency, Wilhelmina Austin has recently acquired Heyman Talent-South. The merging of the two companies was initiated and re-branded as The Brown Agency. Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South are considered one of the region’s most notable talent agencies. Being able to merge together has allowed The Brown Agency to make use of both of the former company’s great resources, capabilities, and strengths. At present, The Brown Agency is the only full-service modeling company in Austin and just one of the few distinguished ones over the whole state.


Justin Brown is the leader of Wilhelmina Austin that launched in 2010. He has grown the company to be only a few notable agencies in central Texas for acquiring quality models. Additionally, Heyman Talent-South also built their name in the industry as one of the best acting talent agencies in Austin. This makes the combined forces of the two great companies a great asset for future clients so that they can offer a wider portfolio and greater opportunities for aspiring clients. You can visit for more details.



The Brown Agency will be located in Austin, with chapter offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. Justin Brown will be the CEO and President of the newly merged company. Heyman Talent-South founder Michael Bonnée will be providing his insights and experience in the theatrical division.



Both Justin Brown and Michael Bonnee believes that merging together was best for their companies, and this has made it possible for them to transform The Brown Agency into a full-service company. Both companies have found themselves the dedication to selecting the best talents, orienting them to the market, and training them to be professional, elegant and dependable. They are currently developing their database of talents across all types of projects, gender, age, and other useful demographics. They also added talents who are skilled in creating stunning photos or providing makeup services for different types of industries.



About The Brown Agency

The Brown Agency is located in central Texas and is considered one of the best in providing TV talent and modeling agency. They have provided clients with a variety of talent options, who were featured in household brands in different industries such as Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal, Toyota, and Dell. Being the merged as a single unit from formerly being Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South, they have then since provided more opportunities for both models and clients since September of 2015.


In their website, clients will be able to see various portfolios of models in main categories. The categories included are fashion, commercial, theatrical and creative. These models also have different backgrounds and profiles which are shown to clients to see if they are a perfect fit for the clients. Models can be searchable by gender, name, or project category.