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Sujit Choudhry Uses Scholarly Excellence For World Peace

Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson have used their intelligent political minds to co-author “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions”. This is a compilation of 17 case studies that address many circumstances and instances of territorial cleavages and constitutional law-making processes. The studies can be used by many scholars and world leaders in order to learn more about the current political situations of areas like Myanmar, Yemen, and Libya. This information can be very helpful because of the ability to properly adapt and reinforce law and policy. Scholars and activists should take advantage of the information that is included within’ the text to help create a governmental basis that can function properly with constitutional geometry.

This text explains the countries’ circumstances and processes as they undergo constitutional transitioning. Multiple different governmental types and sizes are mentioned as well. For example, small territories, multi-communal countries, and politically stern regions are also included. Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Spain, and other territories are particularly mentioned throughout the text with an appropriate amount of detail. There is also a policy paper that was published by Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson that can be used as an accompanying read. The policy paper is published with the same name and serves to provide more insight into constitution-making processes and territorial boundaries. There is also expert advice from the authors that can be used as comparative or direct research for multiple different governmental situations.

Sujit Choudhry is a very accredited author who has undergone studies at some of the most accredited Universities like McGill University, the University of Oxford, and more. During these intense studies, he was able to acquire a bachelors and masters degree of Law. Choudhry continues to advise nations with his political wits and accredited insights. His books and other publishings greatly are appreciated and applied.

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Geolocation Needs Met By LocationSmart Software

LocationSmart has grown to become a software that is used by businesses everywhere. The startup has expanded its operations, name and software across state borders. They are no longer just an American company. They are even expanding into countries like Canada. They are able to expand into Canada because the company truly will be able to help business owners in Canda.

LocationSmart is a great software for enterprises because they offer fraud protection and geo-specific advertising.

Privacy is something LocationSmart cares about strongly. They like for users to be protected and they follow out legal laws about privacy. They work to keep business owners, website owners and transactions safe by keeping track of certain transactions. They monitor IP addresses.

This way the company is more protected from people coming from IP addresses that have intentions to commit fraud. LocationSmart ensures business owners that when they sare locations or want information about suspicious transactions that they have privacy.

One of the more common reasons LocationSmart has proven its quality and efficiency for enterprises is because fraud is something many businesses do not know how to crack down on. LocatinSmart has an intelligent software feature. Read more: LocationSmart | Capterra and LocationSmart | Owler

This feature enables businesses to learn which IP addresses that should not be used for business purposes. This feature can help businesses detect where money has been stolen. This feature is so good and effective for any business owner that accepts online orders and has experienced a spike in fraud.

Geo-specific advertising is key to businesses that are both online and in store. If a business wants to attract more customers, LocationSmart helps with advertising to people in a specific location. Secondly, if a business wants to drive more sales to their website or social media pages, LoctionSmart helps to identify the location for your targeted audience.

Location is a key factor when considering where to promote a business, product or service to customers. Geolocation for advertising purposes in an increasing demand. Therefore, LocationSmart has outfitted their software to be capable to meet the needs of their customers.

LocationSmart is one of the hottest startups in the technology world right now. There is a lot of money to be made in tech but most tech statups failed. As for LocationSmart, they have cracked the code on how to be successful and withstand failure. LocationSmart has taken the business world by storm.

They truly are able to help many businesses protect themselves from fraud and grow their geo-specific advertisements. The company is focused on improving their technology and moving into new markets like Canada.

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The Briliant Pairing-Up Of Two Synergistic Technological Giants

 LocationSmart is on over 30 million devices in Canada and when it comes to cell ID, they can reach over 160 million cell towers. Branded as a worldwide leader in location API’s (application programming interface), LocationSmart has a trusted enterprise platform for compliance, cybersecurity, verification, asset tracking as well as operation efficiencies in being able to locate employees at all times.

With their platform, companies can track assets all over the globe as well as having very precise remote vision regarding where employees are at anytime, most anywhere in the world.

Job status can be obtained in addition to be able to quickly and efficiently communicate changes to employees. This is an amazing software and their focus does not stop at businesses. Consumer-based LocationSmart applications include targeted communications about nearby sales and other pertinent information, which has been proven to lift customer experiences and increase sales for businesses. LocationSmart just might be the app behind the text alerts you might receive when a store nearby where you are having lunch is having a sale. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

Recently, LocationSmart announced they have selected Automotive Navigation Data (AND) for compliance services. This means that the world’s largest “Location as a Service (LaaS)” company has teamed up with the global provider of location-based services and digital maps. AND will be LocationSmarts supplier of maps for its location platform.

This will serve to bolster their compliance services when it comes to location-sensitive like gaming, lottery, financial services and ecommerce. The worldwide Cloud Location Services LocationSmart, which is the market leader for connected devices, can now provide a much more cross-carrier friendly platform for context-aware applications, on both the local and hyper-local levels. LocationSmart chose AND for the ability to be versatile in their delivery of data and for their comprehensive coverage when it comes to map boundaries.

LocationSmart is indeed smart technology as their platform allows communications with devices, both indoor and outdoor, across all devices, platforms and networks. Touted as providing the largest and most expansive global footprint, they also have made sure to have a portfolio of “privacy consent” methods making it a very end-user friendly experience.

AND was established in 1984, in the Netherlands, is one of this country’s longest established software concerns. Together, these 2 companies can make sure that motorists are being accurately guided through numerous locations and tasks, around the world, with ease and with real-time management of the information that is being given.

The only thing that is secondary in importance to accuracy when it comes to map and location platforms is timeliness of information provided.

There are changes daily on transportation routes, across the globe, and being able to quickly and efficiently communicate that information is critical to the success of this endeavor. LocationSmart and AND are making the technological lives of both consumers and companies better with their merger-of-clever-technologies.

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What Betterworks Has Confirmed About HR and Driving Business Forward

Human Resources, also coined as HR, is the central department of most any company. This is because they oversee employee compensation and benefits. Most importantly, they are to be the one place where employees feel that they can be cheered on by their employer. How can companies learn more about what they need to do to help their employees be more productive and work as a team?

Betterworks, an HR software has become the “go to” for Continuous Performance Management. The survey that they conducted recently gives us some valuable information regarding how HR functions and how it’s made up. Additionally, the survey answered some important questions about leadership in HR and how their role can define what moves business toward success.

The role of the HR department is essentially to ensure that the desired outcome of the business comes to fruition. The HR department and team should be focused on leading the organization forward by leading their people. Managers and leaders in HR believe that dedicating their time and expertise to human capital is the best and only way to succeed.

The people are what make a company, not necessarily a name or the product they sell. Betterworks tracks performance, and how employees are working together. The study also discovered that HR departments that had individuals at the C-level reporting to the CEO, were more forward thinking and they were more likely to produce success on the front lines.

Last but not least, feedback is something that should be given liberally in order for any HR department or company to succeed. Those CEO’s who tend to see the most success with their organization are those who are focused on motivating their employees. They also tend to think long-term and continuously on how to move forward.

Betterworks is a real “go to” option for any CEO that desires to raise motivation and encourage everyone on the team to make a joint effort.

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How Richard Liu Qiangdong is Changing the E-commerce Sector

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the most renowned business people in the world. His strategic investment practices have seen him move from a simple businessman who sells electronics to one of the most recognized business leaders in China. Starting and helping the company to move up the industrial ladder is a huge achievement. However, Liu is currently involved in an innovative strategy that is expected to change the e-commerce industry.

Richard Liu wants to introduce a new payment option in the e-commerce industry so that customers can have several options. For a longer period, customers have relied on PayPal and other payment options to make payments for the goods purchased. However, these payment options have had their own problems and challenges, which have caused a huge number of customers to lose money in ways they cannot explain. Other customers have been failing to buy goods and other commodities from the online platforms because they are restricted by the payment options.

However, Liu has introduced a bitcoin payment option, which is an innovative technology that will help customers to pay for goods purchased through digital currencies. Blockchain technology is currently emerging as one of the most recent innovation technology that will have a major impact on how the world will be operating in the next decade. By introducing the blockchain payment method, Richard Liu has added another option that customers can use to pay for goods and services.

Richard Liu is also interested in making e-commerce industry a more reliable and transparent sector where customers get the value for their money. Reports have emerged that a huge number of customers have been losing their money through online payment after receiving goods of low quality. By introducing blockchain, customers will only get an opportunity to pay for quality goods and services hence enhancing reliability in this industry.

Finally, Richard Liu Qiangdong is specifically focused on ensuring that is operating efficiently and not vulnerable to security problems. Security has emerged as one of the leading challenges in large organizations around the world. Data security is, therefore, a significant aspect of the growth of the company. Liu is geared towards protecting the data of the company through blockchain technology.

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What Was Shervin Pishevar’s Tweet Storm All About?

The future of the US economy does not hold much promise as far as Shervin Pishevar is concerned. The early Uber investor boldly aired his grievances on a Twitter rant that went on for close to 21 hours. He is no stranger to controversy and hardly shies off from speaking his mind or airing his grievances. This statement marked his first appearance in the public domain after stepping aside from Sherpa Capital.

Sexual misconduct allegations were raised against him resulting in his exit from a firm he had worked to establish from scratch. This took place back in mid-December 2017. The 50-messages relayed his thoughts on different aspects of the economy including bonds, immigration, SpaceX, and bitcoin.

The impending decline of bitcoin was top on his agenda. As far as he was concerned investors in that sector will have to count their losses but a turnaround would be experienced in a couple of months. Shervin Pishevar is a seasoned venture capitalist and is well versed in investment matters.

The diatribe began with a promise from Shervin Pishevar who intended to describe the forthcoming storm in the financial sector. The stock market would be the greatest casualty as he anticipated a 6,000 point drop. California’s Silicon Valley was not spared either and he felt that its demise was imminent. Tech innovation would soon be a preserve of a different state altogether.

After tendering his resignation from the firm on Twitter, Shervin Pishevar gave social media a wide berth leaving everyone guessing about his next move. He pegged his decision on a desire to see Sherpa Capital maintain their productivity and upward trajectory in spite of his personal problems. Having worked hard to get to where they were it made no sense to allow baseless allegations to stand in the way of the success of the firm. Not even his combative enemies would be given that privilege. Anyone looking to get back at him would have to do so without dragging the firm into their dispute.

Numerous commentators did not find his arguments strange as he is not a man of few words. The only problem was that most of them could not clearly point out what he had in mind with the rant that went on for a couple of hours.

GreenSky Credit grows smart with great success

GreenSky Credit is one of the most successful companies currently in the fintech sector. The company’s growth has been almost preternatural. GreenSky started as a self-financed venture back in 2006 when founder David Zalik liquidated his real estate holdings in order to raise the required capital for the firm’s launch. Today, the company is worth between $5 and $10 billion and is currently mulling its prospects for an IPO.

Smart choices and big payoffs

Zalik has always had a knack for knowing where he should go to find big returns. At the age of 14, he founded a computer company that he would go on to sell for $5 million. He was then able to parlay that fortune into $12 million in commercial real estate holdings. It was those holdings that he eventually ended up liquidating in order to start GreenSky.

Zalik’s entrepreneurial instincts hadn’t diminished an inch. He found his way to the $410 billion home improvement industry where he was able to find a number of opportunities that either no one had previously spotted or that they had not devised an effective business model to address. One of those was the retail home improvement space. Zalik saw billions of dollars each year being lost when customers who were looking to complete home improvement projects were rebuffed by the high costs of completing their renovations. Zalik saw that most of these customers had prime credit scores. And he quickly realized that this was a great opportunity to create an instant-loan technology that would allow these customers to complete their projects, which almost always created net value for their homes even after the cost of the projects was taken into account.

This marked the beginning of GreenSky Credit. Zalik quickly created a frictionless app that allowed retailers and home improvement contractors to instantly approve customers for up to six-figure loan amounts. And the lenders with which GreenSky partnered were all to happy to have these customers taking loans from them, with the average GreenSky customer having a FICO score of 760.

This genius for spotting opportunities and devising clean and frictionless solutions is why the company is all but guaranteed to continue enjoying success into the future.

A New Awakening for PSI Pay

We live in a different world now, a place where paper money is no longer the order of the day but digital currency is. How has this come about? Technology is to thank for all the changes we experience today. Many people in this day and time prefer cashless transactions as opposed to any other forms of payments, and Britain is no exception.


PSI Pay, a UK-based corporation, has since its establishment encouraged people to use cashless payments since it is a licensed dealer in virtual, debit, and prepaid cards. The company has also proven to be more than an asset as it has offered the UK and its environs with contactless programs.


However, PSI Pay does not work alone. It has partnered with Kerv Wearables to give consumers nothing short of the best. Therefore, there is no doubt that there are better things ahead since the merger aims at making cashless transactions a dominant force in the modern world.


Cashless payments in the UK are no longer a fallacy. Today, more than thirty percent of the stores in the region encourage digital transactions, a significant number if you may ask. It is from these statistics that we can deduce that the UK is going through an economic revolution. Heck, the Church of England has also joined the bandwagon, bringing PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables dreams to fruition.


The corporation, according to its assessments, sees cashless payment as the next big thing. So significant will the system emerge that it will overtake the use of paper money. To put your mind into perspective, the world-renowned has already launched its proprietary ring, an ornament that makes contactless payments easy.


PSI Pay, a British regulated entity, apparently is the one leading the way in as far as contactless payments get concerned. The organization is surely venturing into the unknown and it is due to its courageous streak that PSI has been able to penetrate the global market.


Indeed, PSI Pay has proven to be a titan as it works with only the best professionals available. Developed in 2007, the company has been able to offer the world with alternative banking solutions. Therefore, coming up with the contactless payment system never surprised the world as the institution has always built its reputation on integrity, quality, and excellence. From the look of things, there are better things I store for us provided that we heed the call.


Louis R. Chenevert is a Canadian businessperson and entrepreneur who was previously the acting Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Other than that, he also acted as the President of Pratt and Whitney Canada. During his time pursuing education, Louis was a student at an associate of the Business School of Montreal University, HEC Montreal. At the University, he was able to earn a bachelor’s degree in production management. To add to his education, Louis also acquired an honorary doctorate in May 2011 from HEC Montreal. The Aviation Week and space technology, in that same year, named Louis as the Person of the year. This came about as a result of his huge contributions to the world of aviation. Read more at Reporter Expert.

Before Louis Chenevert was appointed as the president of Pratt and Whitney Canada, he had worked there for six years. His election the president happened in 1999. His rank was heightened seven years later when he was elected as the chairman and Chief Executive officer of UTC. This was in March 2006. It is also important to note that Louis Chenevert’s experience in the industry is quite impressive as he had worked at General Motors for 14 years. It was in the year 2014 when Louis decided to resign as the CEO of UTC, leaving the director, Edward Kangas as the acting director. In 2011 and 2012, the Executive committee of the Business Council was vice-chaired by Louis. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

His successful career saw Louis become the Executive Advisor of the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division. As the CEO of UTC Louis applied his able business skills and the organization’s share price saw a growth from 37 US dollars to as high as 117 US dollars. This was very impressive especially because the company’s technology or workforce had not been exploited. Outsourcing of production had not been done to bring the company such impressive financial progress. Louis made it clear that UTC is not an indiscriminate organization in relation to being a group of disconnected businesses. The organization, UTC, focuses on two diverse markets, aerospace and building technology. In relation to these markets, it finds and offers financial synergies.

Jason Hope: The Successful career as an entrepreneur

The early life and education

Born in Arizona, Jason Hope has always had a passion for technology and to help the community in any capacity. He did his undergraduate degree in Finance at Arizona State University before advancing to Business management from the Carey School of Business. During his studies, Jason had a deep interest in technology. Having grown up in Tempe, Jason has remained a true native of Arizona from his birth. He also had a deep interest in politics especially the issues that affected the State of Arizona.

How Jason developed a grant program

As a student, Jason Hope realized how hard it is for students to save money and start up businesses. Coming up with a business idea is another big challenge, but he asserts that several people have the ideas but are not favored by current economy. In the bid to help these students grow in business, Jason set up a website where people could share ideas, and he picks the ones that he can fund. His main interest has been technology, and to this date, Jason has helped a large number of students to realize their goals as entrepreneurs. From the current state of the world, Jason Hope sees technology as the next big thing in the entire world.

Jason Hope’s selection of ideas

Before settling on an idea, hope first looks at the long term effects that the investment would have on the people. Jason Hope  greatest focus is in the community. The investments which he undertakes must include something that benefits the society since this is one of the ways to give back to the people of Arizona.

The kinds of projects that Jason supports

In several occasions, Jason Hope confirms that most of his selections are based on ideas that affect humans directly. Recently, Jason became one of the people that funded the project on medical research which slows the rate of aging. The research was done by SENS Research Foundation, and because of their innovative idea, it received a lot of support from people with like minds, Jason included. The fact that the invention would help the society was one of the reasons for Jason to pick it up.

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