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Greg Blatt Has Gone On An Interesting Journey Through The World Of Business:

Greg Blatt is an individual who has achieved great notoriety for his influential leadership in the world of media and online dating. Some of the impressive accomplishments in the past for Blatt includes his run as the Chief Executive Officer at Match Group from 2016 to 2017. Also, Greg was CEO at Tinder during that time frame. He had also held the role of Executive Chairman at Match from 2013 to 2015 and he is also the former Chief Executive Officer with influential media and internet operation IAC. His varied background also includes serving as the EVP for the area of Business Affairs with the media operation Martha Stewart Living. 

One of the most interesting stories about the career of Greg Blatt is the manner in which he became the Chief Executive at the Match Group. Greg, himself admits that it was not something that was ever really planned out. After he concluded his college studies, he took some time to just enjoy life and travelled around to places such as Colorado, France and Hungary where he worked different bartending jobs (PraBook). 

He eventually decided to pursue law school which led to him landing a job with the law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz. He gained great experience in this position but decided his passions lay elsewhere. Blatt soon got an opportunity from Martha Stewart to join her company in the form of general counsel. Greg really became passionate about the role of general counsel and he eventually landed a job in the same capacity with IAC. He eventually gained the chance to build up the Match Group dating business which led to his ascension to the CEO position. 

Throughout his career, Greg Blatt has always conducted himself in a manner that is worthy of emulation. Aspiring business leaders can follow the examples of an individual like Greg Blatt when they are looking for guidance in their own professional career. Due to this fact, Greg’s career is one that is looked upon as a strong model that stands as a great example for those looking to make their own mark.

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