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The Fagali Airport Has Come A Long Way!

The Fagali Airport closed its doors and reopened them multiple times. At one point, the airport served flights from Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Airlines, and the South Pacific Island Airways (ended in 1987). Now, the airport serves Samoa Airways (owned by Polynesian Airlines) and Talofa Airways. Search for available flights to/from Fagali at

The airport is owned and operated by the Samoa Airport Authority and Polynesian Airlines. It has been in business since July 1st, 2009, but things was not always like that. This public airport was founded in 1959, and even held an inauguration ceremony with the Samoan prime minister in 2016. The airport temporarily shut down in 2005, but reopen in 2009. Now, it is going stronger than ever before!

There are about 30 flights per week from Fagali to Pago Pago, Tongatapu, and the Faleolo International Airport. Most people seem to want to use this airport because it is more convenient to access than taking that 45-minute drive to Faleolo. Prices for a flight can range from $129 to $200 round-trip. Visit World Airport Codes to know more about Fagali.

Many visitors come to the Fagali area to enjoy the beautiful crystal clear ocean sloshing water at their feet on white sandy beaches surrounded by lush green forests with dancing palm-trees as the backdrop. Some of the water activities to enjoy include deep-sea fishing excursions and scuba diving along the coral reefs. See the aquatic sea life interact with each other to the highest degree while visiting the local villages for a real taste of Samoan culture, lifestyle, and cuisine. Moreover, there is a golf course right next to the airport. You can play there after departing.

The Fagali area is relatively safe for tourists. Crime is at a minimum. It is a place where the local tribespeople connect to their roots. They stay loyal to their value system. The Upolu Island is a real gem hidden away, but is getting explored more every year.

The Fagali has all the amenities that visitors will find useful, such as ground transportation, washroom, currency exchange, and a terminal. Moreover, it is accessible for flights from all over the world. What better place to explore and enjoy yourself than on Upolu Island?


Working Away from the Office-travelling Vineyard

Wine tasting is a common practice that is becoming more popular. Most people have taken the wine tasting as a way of spending time with friends and family as they are having fun. Wine tasting has taken a new turn and now the practice is carried out in homes which bring out a special feeling as well as view. Home wine tasting gives the tasters freedom to converse with each other as they take their time to sample the available wines. To hold a home wine tasting event, an individual does not have to be an expert in wines, the process is simple and not hectic because it requires very little preparations and less clean-up depending on the type of wine one wants to sample. There are steps that one can follow to throw a wine tasting party as listed below.

1. Choose A Theme; as one considers to set the party, they should consider not to choose too many varieties of wine instead they can settle of one type of wine. An excellent example is one can choose Malbec but form different regions such as Argentina, France, South Africa, Chile, and Australia. For more info about us: click here.

2. Assemble Supplies; too old the testing event, one will require several items which include; glassware, corkscrew, water, wine bags, materials for making notes, white cloth, personal spittoons, and tasting palates which must be neutral. All these items can as well be hired if one is not ready for the tasting well which will also save money.

3. Create Mood: it is important to create the tasting mood for the clients by adding some food aroma. It is believed that the nose does a lot of tasting than the tongue.

4. Prepare the wine; wine preparations can be done by studying the required temperature which it must be stored.

5. Set the table: it is advisable for one to set the table in a professional way by placing the required number of glasses in each table.

6. Guide the guests

Travelling Vineyard is a direct sale organization created in 2001 with a primary aim of promoting wine guides. The wine organization offers people a chance of working from home as they provide quality wine products as well as accessories. Traveling Vineyard has a working model which enables those working from home to have personalized support. Those working for Traveling Vineyard have an added advantage of organizing tasting events, work from home at their own pleasure, and gain skills as well as experience on wine and wine tasting.

The Antique Wine Company: London’s Treasure

The Antique Wine Company is one of the most well-known and respected wine companies in the world. In Europe and the United States, wine is a status symbol that many middle and upper class people indulge in. Wine has been around for thousands of years, and those that know how to profit from it have done very well over the years. The Antique Wine Company is led by its founder, Stephen Williams, who founded the company in the early 1980’s. The Antique Wine Company is based in London, and is known as one of the many tourist hot spots in the city and even across Europe.

The Antique Wine Company is known for its wine and wine services. Tourists and customers can tour the facilities where the wine is made, stored, and taken care of. The Antique Wine Company holds its own claim to fame in that it sold the priciest white bottle of wine ever at an auction. Due to the publicity that the Antique Wine Company receives, it is a popular destination and has become a part of London itself.

There are many different types of wines, and The Antique Wine Company specializes in many of them. As stated earlier, they are perhaps best known for their white wine, as they hold the world record for the most expensive bottle ever sold. However, they also have a great collection of red wines, and their wine services are also highly rated. Customers and visitors can get a taste of both the wine and all of the services that The Antique Wine Company offers when they visit the location in London.

Stephen Williams founded the company and currently manages the company as well. In a little over 30 years, Williams has turned The Antique Wine Company from a small, unknown wine company to one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Brand names are important in any industry, but particularly in wine and wine services since the product is such a status symbol for many.

Overall, The Antique Wine Company has grown dramatically in customers and name brand recognition over the years. Due to its ever growing popularity, The Antique Wine Company is a popular tourist destination where it is based, in London.