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Ryan Seacrest Giving Back To the Community through His Foundation

Ryan Seacrest focus is not only on making himself wealthier. Through the foundation, he started Ryan Seacrest Foundation he is using it to help the society especially the less fortunate. The main goal of the non-profit foundation is that through using entertainment and education is they will empower the youth. They have plans that in years to come they will have built different media center all over the world to be named Seacrest Studios. According to Ryan Seacrest, they plan on setting the studios in various pediatric hospitals and the main aim of this plan is that the patients will have a place they can enjoy different TV programs and radio stations.

The organization wants to see that children and families that are always in the hospital they have been impacted, and given something they can enjoy. Also, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation will offer an opportunity to the journalism students as they will have a place they can work at in all the different studios they will set (Facebook).

Currently, Ryan Seacrest is working at American Idol as a host. The TV show will compose of varying artist that have to compete to show the talent they have in music. Because of Ryan creativity, he has won different awards. Before joining American Idol, he offered his services in other various shows both in TV stations and radio. The life of Ryan has changed so many people. The reason why ABS is planning to come up with a comedy series based on his life, and the friendship he has with Kelly Ripa. The name of the show according to ABC will be Work Wife. The show will showcase how the spouses interact with colleagues.

The other thing is that Ryan founded a menswear brand. The brand is well-known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The launching of the brand took place four years ago. The different products that they sell are tailored clothes, various accessories, and premium fabrics. The brand is different from what the people are used too because of the use of geometric shapes, different colors, patterns, and signatures. The products can be gotten at Macy’s stores and also by ordering at
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