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Family-Owned Grupo RBS Informs And Entertains Brazilians


Grupo RBS is a large multimedia communication conglomerate in Brazil currently run by Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, the grandson of the founder. The company operates multiple newspapers, radio and television stations and digital platforms. The conglomerate employs the second larger number of journalists in Brazil.

They also operates Kzuka, a digital development company which produces children’s content, book publishing company RBS Publicações, record company Orbeat Music, printing company Mídia Gráfica and several other companies. E.bricks digital is another RBS company which invests in digital properties.

Melzer, chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo RBS and founder of EB Capital says he became interested in investments since RBS invests in other companies. He wants to create Brazil’s future generation of business leaders by investing in fast-growth entrepreneurial companies.

In 2017, Grupo RBS dominated the ARI Journalism Awards, with 37 of the 65 honored works published by the conglomerate. They also received the Antônio Gonzalez Award for Contribution to the Press for Primera Pauta ZH, a project to help journalism students. Over the years, the media conglomerate has earned the second-highest number of media awards in Brazil.

Former radio announcer Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho founded RBS in 1957 and in 1987, he started the RBS Foundation, now named the Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation. The foundation exists to help sustain the communities where Grupo RBS operates, including Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

Grupo RBS’s mission to inform, entertain and inspire the public. It is one of Brazil’s largest family-run businesses, operated by the third generation of the founder. Future family members who want to enter the business will have to meet the same requirements as Melzer; get an MBA from a good school and work somewhere else for at least two years. This helps the next generation prove they can be successful without relying on a guaranteed job in the family business.


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