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Aloha Construction Professional Craftsmanship

Extreme weather conditions can be catastrophic and unpredictable occurrence that can badly damage your home. For this reason, it is necessary to seek the services of a good construction company whenever there is a storm damage repair or any other maintenance in your house. Aloha Construction is a construction company owned by Dave Farbaky. The company specializes in delivering home repair services at a professional level. Based in Southern Wisconsin, Illinois, the company specializes in delivering quality craftsmanship to its clients whenever needed.


Aloha Construction’s founder Dave Farbaky gives back to the community in various ways with hopes to inspire and build the next generation community that has virtues money cannot buy. Additionally, his company boasts quality workmanship where employees are required to attend mandatory training before joining the company. Further, Aloha Construction has over 18,000 completed projects and offers a warranty of 10 years. For this reason, Aloha Construction has managed to remain the best in its field of work. The company’s great work has enabled it achieve an exceptional A+ rating from BBB.


Aloha Construction offers services such as roofing, fixing of gutters, replacements, and repair of home sidings. These services provide protection from bad weather and save you money since cooling or heating bills reduce. Aloha provides gutter installation services by helping manage water movement in your home. Consequently, if water is allowed to settle anywhere in your house, it could result in concrete damage or infestation of molds. Further, the company provides replacements services whether it is a broken window, fixing doors, or other handyman services.


Apart from founding Aloha Construction, Dave Farbaky is the founder of Dave Farbaky foundation, which aims at providing charity to its community. Through his foundation, he has managed to help children grow up with the giving mentality as well as installing strong virtues to the next generation.

Learning About Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Some things in life are simply better than others – at least subjectively. Some doctors are better than others. Ira Kirschenbaum, MD, belongs to the latter group of physicians.


Right now, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s most prominent position is that of the Chairman of Orthopaedics in New York City’s very own Bronxcare Health System. He works throughout the Bronxcare system and is a specialist in hip, shoulder, and knee replacements.


The surgeon’s undergraduate degree hails from the prestigious Ivy League’s Brown University, where he stayed to complete a medical degree at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. After eight years at Brown University, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum then remained within the Albert Einstein College of Medicine system – it’s one of the best medical schools in the United States – to complete his residency immediately thereafter.


To get hands-on training in hip, shoulder, and knee replacement, Dr. Kirschenbaum went to Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Let’s learn about how Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum thinks


Ira Kirschenbaum recently sat down for an interview with Ideamensch, a website that regularly conducts interviews with successful people in business, medicine, technology, and many other relevant fields.


He remarked that he likes to connect with his fellow physicians and surgeons regularly to make sure he understands what’s going on at all times. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum also is excited about the cost of healthcare decreasing in the United States eventually. Its cost in the United States is currently one of the most expensive in the world, but widespread concern about the cost of health care in the US is likely to make it less expensive in the future.


Dr. Kirschenbaum regularly listens to audiobooks. He believes that reading non-fiction books is a solid key to success in life, but because the popular New York City doctor is so busy, he often listens to them instead of actually reading them.



Sharing an Office Once Again

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod will be sharing an office once again. These two major figures in healthcare previously worked together at Merlin BioMid Group will once again collaborate in healthcare investing.

Weisbrod is he co-founder of the Merlin company which is an investment management group. They invest in biotechnology, medical devices, and other areas of healthcare. He has an MBA in Finance from Columbia and a PhD in Biochemistry from Princeton. He has worked with Jacob Gottlieb before and these two professionals were some of the first to invest in biotechnology. They made a profit of one hundred percent and got larger returns for many of their clients. They helped their clients invest in pensions and family offices. While the company was very successful they shut down in 2007.

Since Merlin has shut down, Weisbrod developed a new management firm called Iguana Healthcare Partners. This is another firm that invests in the healthcare field. The firm invests in biotechnology and other forms of technology in the healthcare field.

Jacob Gottlieb has his own investment company for some time as well. He opened Visium Asset Management and this company dealt with billions of dollars in just a couple of years. The company survived the downfall of 2008 and still employees over 200 people to handle all of the business accounts.

Even though Visium was very successful the company shut down in 2016 due to executives being accused of some questionable practices. Jason Thorell was the whistleblower and he spend 2 years gathering evidence against the heads of the company.

Visium has not commented on the accusations. Gottlieb has not been charged with any crimes and worked hard to return the funds to the investors at the company. He is still well respected in the investment world. He is now working in the same office as Weisbrod and they are looking to make some changes to the healthcare company.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Keeps its Readers on Their Toes

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is an interesting read. It has also gotten many people talking about it. The author of the novel, Sean Penn, is better known as an actor, journalist, and activist with vocal opinions but he has created a read that has captivated an audience.


Some of the characters of the book are very similar to some of the people he has interviewed in real life. El Chapo, for example, has many of the same mannerisms as Fletcher, a character in the book. Some of the situations can also be connected to events that have recently happened in reality as well but it is all a matter of opinion, and different peoples connect the dots in different ways.


His book is a slim 160 pages and has received a rating of two and a half stars out of four-not bad for his first book. His story follows an odd man in his middle ages who is somewhat of an introvert. He travels the world selling his services as a waste management worker and can pretty much sell anything. He is quite sporadic and unpredictable and lives an unconventional life.

Penn’s book is kind of out there yet poetic at the same time. The book follows the main character in twists and turns and can be thought to be a reflection of the world today. Of course, that is all in the perception of the reader, and the book can be what out want it to be since it has many layers.


The main character of the book, Bob, dislikes many things such as social media, advertising, and nosy strangers. When a journalist, Spurley Cultier, tries to pry into his business, Bob is both intrigued and intrigued and is inclined to share his story. As Bob tells his tale, the reader is taken on a journey of reality and fantasy, and it can be perceived by the mood of the reader.


The story was originally released as an audiobook in 2016 and was narrated by Penn. It was also penned under the name of Pappy Pariah, a character that made an appearance in the book as a man of God for Kentucky. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff certainly is not your average read, but it will keep you on your toes as you flip through the pages and follow the journey of the main character, Bob.

Milan Kordestani: Empowering Young Professionals to Seize Entrepreneurship

Milan Kordestani is a young professional whose age and remarkable intelligence have allowed him to earn the honorable distinction of being one of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs in modern day society. Contrary to the lifestyle of most teenagers who generally concern themselves with the primary engagement of social activities, Milan Kordestani’s self-driven mentality equipped him the necessary focus to pursue career goals that inevitably enabled him to establish his own company, Milan Farms. At just the adolescent age of a high school sophomore in 2015, Milan Kordestani had manifested an incredible achievement in being both founder and CEO of Milan Farms.

However, prior to successfully launching his own company at sophomore age, Kordestani was ingrained with valuable life lessons throughout the early stages of his childhood that instilled him with the self-confidence and willpower to continue to pursue his endeavors even when met with challenging circumstances. Around the age of 10, Kordestani’s parents divorced. Nevertheless, rather than choosing to become negatively impacted by the situation, he focused all of his efforts into a newfound passion—horseback riding. At that youthful age, Milan Kordestani was credited by others as being a child who remained deeply committed to fulfill accomplishment—a characteristic that happened to be notated when he persisted to ride horses even after being thrown off of them. In fact, he became so great at horseback riding that he began to compete in world championships where he placed 4th, 3rd, and even 2nd place in rank.

Indeed, Milan Kordestani’s dedication to service is not only demonstrated by his personal feats, but it is also proven in the operational mission of his company. Milan Kordestani built Milan Farms upon the foundation of integrity in promising to deliver organic products (eggs, saffron, and herbs) to consumers via the partnerships with multiple farms dispersed throughout the country. In addition to standing behind his company’s promise to provide high quality products, Kordestani was also labeled with the distinction of being the first farmer to ever develop the method of hydroponically growing saffron on microfiber sponges. Certainly, in having triumphed over the typical youth standard of success in being a skilled equestrian, efficient CEO, and now an intellectual writer for Huffington Post, Milan Kordestani ratifies to all aspiring young professional that there is no age restriction on entrepreneurship.

Find out more about Milan Kordestani:


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Mentions Humanitarian Crises

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a dystopian novel by actor Sean Penn. Initially, it was a shorter audiobook narrated by Pappy Pariah in 2016. The written text is a mix of poetry, stories and ranting with a fictional main character known as Bob Honey. Bob honey is a divorced septic tank salesman and also carries out assassinations for the government. The book focuses on modern social issues in a broader perspective. Despite his character, Bob Honey reaches out to people and tries to be social though his antisocial behavior usually dominates. The book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” also focuses on the government of the day as well as other issues surrounding Bob’s life and that of the general society.

Sean Penn demonstrates his frustration in the government the Bob Honey’s response to issues around him. He also talks about real life issues like the Russia hacking, MeToo and the conflict in Yemen. While going through the book, one notices similarities between Sean Penn and Bob Honey as the main character. At one point, Bob Honey travels to assess the effects of the war in Iraq and also helps in the United States after the hurricane to save the affected people. Sean Penn as a person has been involved in providing relief to distressed persons. In 2010 after the Katrina hurricane, he offered his boats to help in saving victims who were trapped in the flood waters. To this day, he still supports the victims recover. Among the virtues that Sean Penn value, social responsibility is one of them.

Bob Honey slams the MeToo movement and queries what happened to the due process. He is opposed to the lack of the due process by the internet jury but supports women empowerment and protection at the workplace which are frequently rallied thorough hashtags and online outrage. Bob Honey supports social issues that affect the country positively. He is opposed to bullying, and at one point he challenged the landlord of the nation to a Twitter duel. This challenge is because the landlord has been bullying his enemies on Twitter. Although Bob Honey is an assassin, he kills a particular group of people. These are older adults who use too many natural resources, and when it gets to a point they start misusing them, Bob Honey must kill them. In the epilogue, Sean Penn writes about the violence in the international community, corruption and other vices that are common in the modern society.

Malcolm CasSelle, Worldwide Asset Exchange, and The Future Of Virtual Transactions

Malcolm CasSelle has worked for a number of technology companies within the digital industry. During his career, he has served in key leadership roles for these companies. The most prominent companies for which he has worked our Tronc, Inc, Seachange International, MediaPass, Xfire, Tencent, and OPSkins. He is a serial launch veneer and the president of his own company Worldwide Asset Exchange.
Malcolm CasSelle originally began his life by completing his formal education. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his bachelor’s degree in computer science. He later attended Stanford University where he completed the requirements in order to receive his master’s degree in computer science. During this time in University, he was able to educate himself and become trilingual. He now speaks Japanese, Mandarin, and English. The skill has served him greatly during his time in the technology industry.

As the chief investment officer of OPSkins Malcolm CasSelle has had first-hand experience in the implantation of centralized marketplace technology for the facilitation of virtual asset exchange. For many years centralized marketplaces were not only the pinnacle of virtual asset exchange but the only option.
Malcolm CasSelle realized that there were apparent problems with the use of centralized marketplaces to facilitate virtual asset exchanges. The most prominent of these issues were those of fragmentation and fraud.
Virtual asset exchanges allow users from around the world to exchange assets. This is both incredible and difficult to accomplish without friction. Due to the fact that users many times do not share a common currency, they must go to Forex exchange markets in order to facilitate transactions on centralized marketplaces. The end effectiveness is the pushing up of prices.

Malcolm CasSelle realized that by implanting a new cryptocurrency, he would be able to eliminate the need for Forex exchanges. He created the Worldwide Asset Exchange and launched their printed cryptocurrency wax tokens. Additionally, he thought to alleviate the problems caused by fraudulent activity and centralized marketplaces. By putting Worldwide Asset Exchange on the block change, he has decentralized the marketplace. This has resulted in the lack of central target for hackers to attack and reduced if not entirely eliminated the possibility for fraudulent activity on the network.


Dr Saad is a pediatric surgeon in New Jersey at Eatontown. He is associated with Jersey shore medical university center and the Monmouth center at the Long Branch. He attained his medical degree at the University of Cairo Medical School, and he has had over twenty years of practice ever since. He accepts some health insurance policies which include: Aetna HMO, AmeriHealth HMO, AmeriHealth PPO among others. He has received two awards and recognition. These are the AAP fellow award and the ACS fellow award. He has experience in surgery of around forty-two years, and he specializes in pediatric and general surgery.


Dr Saad is an experienced and well known pediatric surgeon and has carried out thousands of surgical operations in the course of his career. During his career, his primary agenda has been to improve the existing procedures and methods applied in surgical operations. He always looked for ways to minimize the pain his patients underwent through during surgery and reducing the peril his patients encountered and has a result of this; Saad has come up with new surgical procedures and two surgical inventions. He has worked for over forty years, and he has served patients both outside and inside his community.


Medical Catheters are usually tubes which have some functions. They are introduced into a human body to correct specific medical disorders or to help during surgery. They can be used to drain fluids and gases or to offer access to certain instruments during surgery contingent to the catheter type used. Some catheters are left in the human body either permanently or temporarily. The surgeons have to know the exert location of the catheter inside the body and hence they have to perform an x-ray or use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to identify its positioning. MRI machines are normally not used much since they are huge and hence not portable. Learn more:


Dr Saad developed a device that helps in locating the catheter without the patient having to undergo a body scan using a machine. He has made many other discoveries in the surgical world. This machine uses electromagnetic energy since it has an integral electromagnetic identification of the location of the catheter. The catheter has a permeable material electromagnetically in the coil, and therefore the doctor only uses an external apparatus on the outside of the patient’s body which then sends a signal to the coil as well as the permeable magnetically material which then illuminate light on the outside hence showing the position of the catheter. This device is portable and of great importance in the surgical world since it helps many patients avoid MRI and unnecessary X-rays and it can be used in by doctors on patients in ICU in case of emergencies where there is no time to locate the position of the catheter using X-rays.

Move order Export order Your Version Proofreading Submission Philadelphia Cancer Treatment Centers of America welcomes new research director

Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, MD recently began his new job as the head of research of Philadelphia’s Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Bonilla has many years of experience researching cancer and related conditions. The new doctor looks forward to overseeing research at the facility, he will see patients. Seeing patients will allow him to maintain and improve his bedside manner. Before coming to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, he worked as an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania. While working for the University of Pennsylvania, he speciliazed in gastroenterology and distestive issues.

The staff of the Philadelphia Cancer Treatment Centers of America is pleased to welcome the doctor to his new staff. Bonilla believe in the center’s patient-centered holistic approach to cancer treatment. Instead of treating patients with a one-sized fits all approach. Each patient who comes into the facility can expect physical, emotional, spritual and nutritional support. Staff work with each patient to make sure he or she has the best treatment options.

“We are excited to welcome Dr. Bonilla to our team of skilled physicians and clinical care experts,” said Nancy Hesse when asked about the new research director’s appointment to the facility. The registered nurse’s opinion matches the opinion of many other staff in the facility.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America works to develop new approaches to cancer. Its most recent efforts attempt to target the proteins created by the mutations that allow tumors to form. Researchers hope by targeting the mutations that cause specific cancers to form that they can develop new treatments.

Best Franchisee in the World: Omar Yunes

It was a happy moment for the Mexican, Omar Yunes, who scooped the award of Best Franchisee in the World (BFW). The competition was held on December 5 in Florence, Italy. The winner, Omar Yunes ventured into the franchise at age 21 for Japanese food chain, Sushi Itto. He now possesses thirteen franchise units located in Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. These units represent ten percent of which the brand owns. He felt very pleased with the award and said it is dedicated to the 410 employees and 13 units that the brand management has allowed them to operate.
This 2015 convention of BFW had a good turnout of representatives around the globe. Among them was Brazil, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, and France. The ranking of these competitors relied on how they have improved the network, not the brand. The major aspects considered in networking include: how much the franchisees have contributed to improving the brand, how they have motivated the employees towards the success of the brand, what is the amount of knowledge invested in the business network. Diego Elizarraras, the proprietor of BFW in Mexico, supported Omar’s achievement and said he also won the first place in Mexico’s Qualifier.
The significance of BFW is essential since it is a global event that appreciates the struggles made by franchisees. They brand different franchises hence their contribution in enriching the brand is vital. The primary aim of BFW is to reward good leadership, innovation, and creativity towards making the identity of the franchises excellent. By awarding franchisees, it motivates them towards achieving the best for their brands. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, is positive about the brand’s progress, with Omar Yunes and its staff, the team will succeed. He is ready to continue providing excellent customer services and maintain its unique hospitality nature.
About Omar Yunes
Omar Yunes is a reputable Mexico’s investor who stands for Sushi Itto franchise. He is considered one of the best franchisees in the world and has won various awards in that sector. The major awards are attributed to the BFW competitions, an annual event. Mr. Omar’s interests lie in the food sector, and he operates over 13 franchise units in Mexico. He has marketed his products vehemently, and his efforts are notable in the food industry. Owing to Omar’s leadership, the brand has been able to establish a strong network and well-established strategies for its future in Mexico.