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Marc Beer Is Successful Because He Is A Problem-Solver And Likes Winning

Marc Beer has been a problem solver throughout his twenty-five plus year career. He has worked to make many companies successful by finding solutions to the problems they faced. He has always been passionate about his work and only took some time off when a family crisis happened. He lost his wife and was left to raise their three children alone and stayed at home with the kids to give them his full attention. But his daughter eventually talked him into going back to work and starting up another company.

Marc Beer found a lot of success when he went back to work and started another great company. Renovia is the company that he started and it is focused on pelvic floor disorders. It helps women with those issues to get the help that they need and to become stronger than ever. Marc Beer is committed to this work and has gotten help with it from a few organizations, and he hopes that more women will go in for a screening and take the steps that they need to so they can be healthier.

Marc Beer doesn’t take anything for granted in his career and he is grateful to all of the people he has worked with through the years and how they have helped him be successful. He has always taken setting goals seriously and that is part of the reason he has found his success. He also believes that it is important to be working with talented people. He is a good leader and believes that with good leadership skills and a good team, anything can be done. Learn more:

Marc Beer has worked in many positions throughout his long career, including time serving as the founding chairman of the board of a few companies. He also worked in sales and marketing before becoming an entrepreneur and starting up several successful companies. He attended college in Ohio at Miami University. He has also worked at a few colleges as a member of the council and on the advisory committee. He believes it is important to give back to those in need and does that through problem-solving and leadership. He has served on the board of several organizations and is always willing to give help when he can. Marc Beer is known for his many talents and a few of the reasons why he is such a good businessman are because he learns from his failures and is always focused on winning.

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Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western Delivers Energy With Integrity

Gulf Coast Western was founded in Dallas in 1970 and is a family-owned business whose interests focus primarily on oil and gas reserves that are located in the United States Gulf Coast area. By identifying stakeholders that have well-developed internal processes and significant geological potential, the corporation develops collaborations that maximize returns while minimizing risk for its partner companies.

Matt Fleeger, the founder’s son, took over the family business in 2007. As President and CEO, Fleeger brought his considerable experience and a solid set of skills to his new role as the company’s leader. Soon after assuming his role, the new CEO completed an acquisition of another oil company, thereby expanding the client base and increasing the funding capabilities of the family business.

Matt Fleeger has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry and has distinguished himself in the areas of strategic planning, contract negotiation, and team building. He has honed his entrepreneurial and management skills through years of service in a variety of executive roles in the oil and gas industry.

In addition to his pivotal role in the family business, Fleeger is deeply committed to promoting STEM education for children and founded the Fleeger Family Kitchen at the Parish Episcopal School in Dallas. He is a frequent donor to causes that promote child welfare and has made a significant contribution to the Sadie Keller Foundation to benefit children who are battling all forms of cancer.

Matt FleegerMatt Fleeger is continuing his father’s legacy of implementing conscientious business practices to create partnerships that are of benefit to all the member companies. Gulf Coast Western is headquartered in Dallas and has locations throughout Texas, as well as in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. The company is currently exploring ways to expand its operations to other regions within the United States.

Maarten De Jeu Understands The Secrets That Today’s International Business Community Needs To Understand:

Committing to quality is one of the top priorities that must be held by every international business owner who wants to achieve a consistent level of success in their ventures. Producing a quality product over offering a quality service is the way that businesses make their first impressions on customers and that first impression is all-important in terms of getting repeat business. This is a major point that is emphasized by Maarten de Jue. He is the founder of SVM Business Advisory and a highly sought after individual in the world of international business advisement services. Maarten places major importance on counseling international business owners on the importance of committing to quality in whatever their business does. This fact becomes even more important when one is working toward success on the international level. Maarten de Jeu also points out that when businesses let their quality slide, other factors, including profitability can slide quickly as well. This is just one of several success suggestions that were recently put forward for Maarten de Jeu to the international business ownership community. Learn more:


Commitment to quality is of massive importance for the international business ownership community but another point of significant importance is the ability to respect the differences that one will encounter in working on an international level. Maarten de Jeu reminds international business owners of the fact that they will experience many differences in global business such as language and cultural differences. Having respect for these differences is essential in succeeding at winning over customers and building strong partnerships that can help a business to grow.


Engaging in meaningful market research and coming to a deep understanding of market conditions is another major point that is brought forward by Maarten de Jeu. He points out that international business owners must have a strong understanding of market demands to know whether or not it is wise to move a business into a particular geographic area. When business owners fail to do this, the consequences can mean going into a new market and subsequently failing. This is why correct and diligent market research is such a critical factor for the international business sector. 


Maarten de Jeu is one of the most revered and knowledgeable international strategy advisement professionals currently active. He has provided these services to some of the top international companies in the world and has helped them to achieve consistent success. His educational background includes the University of Leiden as well as the University of Oxford. At the latter, he achieved the rank of Executive MBA and finished as the top student in his class. He has used this outstanding education to help him in his professional pursuits over the years.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Customer Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Walden ReviewsJennifer Walden is a popular cosmetic plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden demonstrates high-quality patient care, safety, and satisfaction. There more than a thousand reviews on Dr. Walden’s page and most reviewers rated Jennifer’s services a 5/5 star. Here are some of the wonderful Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews given on her website.

Aug 24, 2016: 5/5 star

This customer felt that Dr. Walden’s service was wonderful. This customer came to Dr. Walden with a hard task. She had a terrible experience with her previous doctor and sought out help, and was thrilled with the results. She wholeheartedly believes that Dr. Walden is the best choice she could have made in finding the best doctor for the results she wanted. She stated that Dr. Walden is a perfectionist and does all she can to make sure she does exactly what you want. This patient also had some of her fat transferred to her breast and she was very pleased with that task as well. She stated that Doctor Walden listened carefully, and was patient with all of her questions. She was thrilled with her results and highly recommends Dr. Walden to everyone.

Jul 05, 2019: 5/5 star

This customer was also very pleased with her results 6 months after her surgery. She also had breast implants and claimed that Dr. Walden was an amazing Dr. and artist. This client got some advice from Dr. Walden and she gave her an honest opinion that she ended up loving. Thanks to Dr. Walden, she now believes that her body is now finally proportioned the way she has always wanted. She stated that Dr. Walden and all of her nurses were incredibly sweet and helpful. She also highly recommends Dr. Jennifer Walden!


Marc Beer Is Enthusiastic About Helping Women Overcome Pelvic Floor Disorders

Marc Beer has been on the forefront as far as championing the entrepreneurial spirit in the biotech world is concerned. Before the formation of Renovia Inc, Beer discovered the percentage of women suffering from pelvic floor disorders was a severe issue. Between 2005 and 2006, the health problem attracted ambulatory physician costs of $298 million. He realized that he could have a direct impact on the same. He joined hands with Dr. Ray Iglesias, a gynecologist, and Yolanda Lorie to offer solutions to the massive number of women with pelvic floor disorders. 


Marc Beer intends to steer the development of Renovia Inc., to a successful mix of innovative & sensor technologies via a digital health platform. In April 2018, Renovia Inc made an impressive stride. The Food and Drug Administration approved the company’s first product, Leva. 


Beer’s latest success in Renovia Inc was the ability to source $32 million through a Series B round of funding, and a further $10 million in the form of venture funds. Perceptive advisors from New York and the Missouri-based Ascension Ventures led the transaction. Another firm that contributed to the funding is the Longwood Fund. The healthcare investment company has been investing in Renovia from the time of its inception. Learn more:


While making a statement regarding the series B funding, Marc Beer expressed the company’s excitement for the support it had received from the leading healthcare investors. He loves the fact that these investors share the Renovia’s vision, which has improved the quality of life of millions of women.


One of the approaches that Marc Beer is using through Renovia is to stop the stigma associated with the discussions surrounding pelvic floor disorders. The stigma is so severe that it has prevented millions of women from seeking treatment. Possible causes of pelvic floor disorders include uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and digestive diseases. Interstitial cystitis and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease are also potential culprits. Through its line of products, Renovia strives to utilize its research findings to facilitate better diagnoses and treatment of this condition. 


Among the things that drive Marc Beer is the desire to assist women in overcoming pelvic floor disorders. He feels thrilled when women get back their strength and control of PC muscles through the use of their products. The company’s products give women a chance to take charge of their journey of recovery. Renovia’s products also ultimately reduce the long term costs of healthcare for both the healthcare sector and the patients. 


About Marc Beer 


Marc Beer is a co-founder, chairman, as well as CEO of Renovia Inc. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami. His company deals with the designing and development of healthcare software. Renovia Inc. provides therapeutic and diagnostic devices for women suffering from pelvic floor disorders. Renovia began its operations in October of 2016.


Between 2013 and 2018, Marc Beer chaired the board of directors of Minerva Neurosciences Inc. He is also a board member of Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation. Marc Beer boasts of extensive experience of the development and commercialization in the biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical sectors, spanning over 25 years. He has been at the helm of the success of numerous companies due to his mastery of creating unique and practical solutions that solve pressing and immediate problems.

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Sergey Petrossov Takes Private Travel to New Heights

Sergey Petrossov

Any invention, product, or service that has ever come into existence began from a single moment and idea. For Sergey Petrossov, the idea was to produce a more efficient way for people to catch flights on private jets. The entrepreneurial stud saw the constant waste of potential private aviation had presented. This mentality was the inspiration behind the founding of JetSmarter, a mobile app that would revolutionize private flight for the long run. Known to many as the “Uber” of private jets, JetSmarter has effectively made booking a private flight easier and more affordable. Sergey Petrossov has successfully given people a realistic alternative to commercial flying; an alternative that produces a more intimate and memorable experience.

JetSmarter offers over 120 flights a day worldwide, with access to more than 3,000 private aircraft in 172 different countries. With the exception of unsanctioned nations and areas considered as war-zones, members can go where ever they desire. Although it may sound like an expensive concept, membership is offered at a modest annual price of $15,000 and is reduced to $10,000 upon renewal. Before long, what began as an idea grew to be a 1.5 billion dollar company; accumulating a number of high-caliber investors like the Saudi royal family and hip hop icon JayZ.

Sergey Petrossov was born with an overwhelming sense of ambition and determination which would lead him to attend the University of Florida, where he entered the field of computer science and technology. It was during this time of his life that Petrossov was made aware of his passion for innovative start-up businesses. Prior to creating the billion-dollar aviation program, Sergey made his debut as an entrepreneur when he co-founded an educational start-up business that focused on providing cloud-based software to schools and universities across eastern Europe. At this point in his life, private aviation was merely more than a secondary interest for the European American. Although, it is fair to presume that the experience would pave the way for the success that would follow soon after.

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Marteen has achieved a tremendous amount of success in his business career. This journey began after attaining first-class honors in his business education at the University of Oxford. The skills acquired in his business school is still rewarding him multiples of achievement. He is also a former student at Leiden University where he graduated with an M.A in Social Science in 2001. Marten has been an employee of many companies during the time of his studies. He has worked with International Corporate Strategy as a management consultant for nearly eight years. He managed to get to higher ranks in this company very fast due to his fundamental learning skills. His journey of company growth took a shift when he secured a position in an insurance firm in London. The firm which later granted him an opportunity in the office of Director of Strategy and Corporate Development in Chicago is known as Aviva plc. He is also very fluent in four different languages, which are English, Dutch, French, and German.

Marteen is a polymath in business. Since he has excellent skills in industrial intelligence, and a vast idea of international relations. He has gathered enough to understand global institutional and cultural settings. Companies that require a great advisor with required specialties’ to steer them into fortune making do not forget Marteen in their list. His decision-making techniques are building projects to achieve their objectives with minimum effort.

SpeakUp is one of Europe’s most successful public companies that were founded by Marteen De Jeu. In addition to that, he is also famous for the establishment of SVM advisory. It is a consulting firm for individuals seeking assistance with a boutique business. The firm is serving its purpose by providing fixes globally. Marteen is a dedicated family man that has time for his family. With his expertise in business, he is providing guidelines that help in considering venturing into global trade.

Marteen is putting a lot of emphasis on dedication to product quality if you want to carry out your business globally. He affirms that keeping the standard of your product high will automatically boost the chances of your success. The ability to speak many languages has enabled him to respect the cultural differences in the business industry. He believes that investing time to learn a unique language will increase your relationship with other investors globally. Learn more:

According to Marteen, having a business plan puts you on the right track to establish a strong foundation for your business. It is quite essential to plan your business since it enables you to identify your target customers and where to create another branch. Globally conducted business requires the identification of sources of raw materials and labor. A plan can help in making decisions concerning these factors.

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Best Practices for Workplace Empowerment by Smita Shat

Smita Shah is a well-known business influential leader, engineer, and a high-profile speaker. She is a professional engineer licensed in several states. Ms. Smita is currently the president and CEO of SPAAN Tech, Inc., which she founded in 1998. The company offers solutions for highly challenging technical projects. She is an alumnus of Northwestern University, Oxford University, and MIT. She has several business achievement awards under her belt and served at the White House Administrations. Ms. Smita shares the best practices for women empowerment in the workplace, as outlined below. Learn more:


Believe in yourself

It all starts with having high self-confidence and self-image to put all the negativity behind and get your recognition. Take both positive and negative criticism.


Know your abilities

Knowing your abilities is equivalent to knowing your worth. Although ladies in the competitive market may sometimes be considered weak, it’s good to “get dirty” to succeed.


Make your presence felt

Ms. Smita advises that presentation is essential even when entering into a new market. A healthy business appearance and maintaining a good posture also creates an excellent first impression.


Don’t let others assume your credit

When you get a great job done, let the success be credited to you. Do not allow others to take up the credit since that will be hindering your progress. 


Focus on short-term goals

Ms. Smita states that for you to live in the moment, you should stop worrying about tomorrow. Correct all the mistakes made and focus your energy on the current tasks. 


Ignore the known feminine stereotypes

In the past, female roles were mostly categorized as clerical and support staff. Do not allow special treatment just because you are a lady. 


Consider cultural factors

Women play crucial roles in society, most of which are submissive roles. They limit them from getting new business roles. Ms. Smita gave her experience from being raised in an Indian background and coming to American society, where women are more motivated to go out of their comfort zone.


Ensure respect is maintained in your position

To get the respect you deserve, you need to show your authority in business and avoid insults. Ms. Smita points out that you should ensure that they address you with your title and full names.


Separate your personal and professional life

Spend your after-hours with your family, and avoid carrying work home. You have already put many hours during the day for your career.


Time management is essential

Ms. Smita advises that to be a better entrepreneur, one needs to put in more hours and energy. You need to have excellent time management skills because success comes with more roles.

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James River Capital

James River Capital works with credit, equity, and many other different types of asset categories. James River Capital was started in 1995 and is based out of Virginia. They try to do their work in the most secure way possible. James River Capital was started by a man named Paul Saunders. Paul now wants to give back by doing something that he enjoys which is sharing his secrets to success with others. Learn more:


Paul Saunders has always had a passion for working in finance. He has worked with many different companies but made his best move when he decided to start James River Capital. His passion was also joined by his wife’s passion for finance and philanthropy. They joined together to start their own organization called the Saunders Family Foundation.


Paul Saunders has some tips that he wants to share with others that he thinks will help to make other people more successful when they are jumping into the finance side of entrepreneurs. One of the tips that he wants others to know about is what he calls “bootstrapping”. Bootstrapping means that any funding you need for your business comes from family, friends, personal savings, or other means of funding such as these.


Another tip that Paul Saunders wants to give to others is that if you cannot get your funding through one of these ways to use Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding allows you to get the money that you need through fundraising. Using one of these two ways to help you to get the money you need without having to face interest rates and other things that may get you into trouble in the long run. 


Paul Saunders has many other tips but those are some of the most important. Paul Saunders wants to help as many people as he can become successful with what they do. Working in the finance field can be hard but Paul Saunders takes it with a grin. He knows what he has to do to be successful and he powers through. Paul Saunders is going to continue to take James River Capital to the top of the map and this is going to help him make a living as he goes.

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Max Stalk a modern Day Example

Max Stalk, too many is a modern day example of what it takes to survive in this rugged and intelligent world that has most living on the edge. Over the last decade, life has somewhat spiralled forward through many advancements, and many have had to keep up to survive.


However, one Max Stalk has dared defy the odds, and through this life-changing decade has maintained his true identity by sticking to the principles he has followed all his life.

Surprisingly, the progress he has made still edges out the modern guy. Here, we will share some of the principles that have propelled not only mark but also some businesses to unimaginable heights.


Principle of Preparation


Max Stalk has always believed that for you to find balance in this dangerous world, you have to be prepared, and it is only then when your real sense of purpose will be revealed to you.


An example of this attribute is well illustrated in Max life when he was studying in the Netherlands.


One foggy morning Max Stalk embarked on a simple morning walk. However, before he could set course, he decided to take his camera with him in any case he gets the chance to take some clear shots of the harbour, not knowing that this simple preparation would charter a whole new path in his life. The photos he managed to take during this walk went on to inspire his landscape photography success.


To date, those pictures still grace the front page of his website.


Adjusting yourself on the go


Max Stalk believes for you to achieve your goals adaptability during the preparation process is key. During his years as a landscape photographer, Max has learnt that he can’t always be in control of everything. Things such as lighting and other natural factors made his pursuit a tad bit more difficult than the normal setting we are accustomed to, and this taught him the ability to adjust to accommodate such. This has been a key pillar in his success as a photographer.


Making the best of moments


Max, as a financial analyst, works by one principle that he seizes every important moment. His deep analysis and thorough presentations attest to this.

Do what you love, relentlessly


Stalk’s pursuit of his photography venture led branched off to be a big career because he loved what he did and woke up every morning charged and excited to do it. This has seen him work his way effortlessly to the top.


Prioritize which problems to solve


his numerous roles as a photographer, Financial analyst and volunteering work Max Stalk realized the need to prioritize what mattered most to him, and it is with this that you will be able to stand out from the crowd.


Being steady on the journey


Through the many pursuits, Max rules are a guide to how you can have a steady composure even in the pursuit of multiple projects and challenges in your life.