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Sergey Petrossov Takes Private Travel to New Heights

Sergey Petrossov

Any invention, product, or service that has ever come into existence began from a single moment and idea. For Sergey Petrossov, the idea was to produce a more efficient way for people to catch flights on private jets. The entrepreneurial stud saw the constant waste of potential private aviation had presented. This mentality was the inspiration behind the founding of JetSmarter, a mobile app that would revolutionize private flight for the long run. Known to many as the “Uber” of private jets, JetSmarter has effectively made booking a private flight easier and more affordable. Sergey Petrossov has successfully given people a realistic alternative to commercial flying; an alternative that produces a more intimate and memorable experience.

JetSmarter offers over 120 flights a day worldwide, with access to more than 3,000 private aircraft in 172 different countries. With the exception of unsanctioned nations and areas considered as war-zones, members can go where ever they desire. Although it may sound like an expensive concept, membership is offered at a modest annual price of $15,000 and is reduced to $10,000 upon renewal. Before long, what began as an idea grew to be a 1.5 billion dollar company; accumulating a number of high-caliber investors like the Saudi royal family and hip hop icon JayZ.

Sergey Petrossov was born with an overwhelming sense of ambition and determination which would lead him to attend the University of Florida, where he entered the field of computer science and technology. It was during this time of his life that Petrossov was made aware of his passion for innovative start-up businesses. Prior to creating the billion-dollar aviation program, Sergey made his debut as an entrepreneur when he co-founded an educational start-up business that focused on providing cloud-based software to schools and universities across eastern Europe. At this point in his life, private aviation was merely more than a secondary interest for the European American. Although, it is fair to presume that the experience would pave the way for the success that would follow soon after.

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James River Capital

James River Capital works with credit, equity, and many other different types of asset categories. James River Capital was started in 1995 and is based out of Virginia. They try to do their work in the most secure way possible. James River Capital was started by a man named Paul Saunders. Paul now wants to give back by doing something that he enjoys which is sharing his secrets to success with others. Learn more:


Paul Saunders has always had a passion for working in finance. He has worked with many different companies but made his best move when he decided to start James River Capital. His passion was also joined by his wife’s passion for finance and philanthropy. They joined together to start their own organization called the Saunders Family Foundation.


Paul Saunders has some tips that he wants to share with others that he thinks will help to make other people more successful when they are jumping into the finance side of entrepreneurs. One of the tips that he wants others to know about is what he calls “bootstrapping”. Bootstrapping means that any funding you need for your business comes from family, friends, personal savings, or other means of funding such as these.


Another tip that Paul Saunders wants to give to others is that if you cannot get your funding through one of these ways to use Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding allows you to get the money that you need through fundraising. Using one of these two ways to help you to get the money you need without having to face interest rates and other things that may get you into trouble in the long run. 


Paul Saunders has many other tips but those are some of the most important. Paul Saunders wants to help as many people as he can become successful with what they do. Working in the finance field can be hard but Paul Saunders takes it with a grin. He knows what he has to do to be successful and he powers through. Paul Saunders is going to continue to take James River Capital to the top of the map and this is going to help him make a living as he goes.

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Max Stalk a modern Day Example

Max Stalk, too many is a modern day example of what it takes to survive in this rugged and intelligent world that has most living on the edge. Over the last decade, life has somewhat spiralled forward through many advancements, and many have had to keep up to survive.


However, one Max Stalk has dared defy the odds, and through this life-changing decade has maintained his true identity by sticking to the principles he has followed all his life.

Surprisingly, the progress he has made still edges out the modern guy. Here, we will share some of the principles that have propelled not only mark but also some businesses to unimaginable heights.


Principle of Preparation


Max Stalk has always believed that for you to find balance in this dangerous world, you have to be prepared, and it is only then when your real sense of purpose will be revealed to you.


An example of this attribute is well illustrated in Max life when he was studying in the Netherlands.


One foggy morning Max Stalk embarked on a simple morning walk. However, before he could set course, he decided to take his camera with him in any case he gets the chance to take some clear shots of the harbour, not knowing that this simple preparation would charter a whole new path in his life. The photos he managed to take during this walk went on to inspire his landscape photography success.


To date, those pictures still grace the front page of his website.


Adjusting yourself on the go


Max Stalk believes for you to achieve your goals adaptability during the preparation process is key. During his years as a landscape photographer, Max has learnt that he can’t always be in control of everything. Things such as lighting and other natural factors made his pursuit a tad bit more difficult than the normal setting we are accustomed to, and this taught him the ability to adjust to accommodate such. This has been a key pillar in his success as a photographer.


Making the best of moments


Max, as a financial analyst, works by one principle that he seizes every important moment. His deep analysis and thorough presentations attest to this.

Do what you love, relentlessly


Stalk’s pursuit of his photography venture led branched off to be a big career because he loved what he did and woke up every morning charged and excited to do it. This has seen him work his way effortlessly to the top.


Prioritize which problems to solve


his numerous roles as a photographer, Financial analyst and volunteering work Max Stalk realized the need to prioritize what mattered most to him, and it is with this that you will be able to stand out from the crowd.


Being steady on the journey


Through the many pursuits, Max rules are a guide to how you can have a steady composure even in the pursuit of multiple projects and challenges in your life.

Maarten De Jeu, the Incredible Business Advisor

Maarten De Jeu is an experienced and accomplished business advisor based in Chicago, Illinois. He studied public administration at Leiden University and business education from the University of Oxford where he excelled. This gave him a good foundation in his career as he is an expert in decision science, management accounting, macroeconomics, corporate finance, valuation, behavioral finance, and financial reporting. He serves a wide array of clients, more so due to his ability to speak different languages such as Dutch, English, French, and German. He has offered extensive business advisory services in various sectors such as commercial real estate, international business, and finance. Learn more:


He values ethics in his career as he established Speak-Up, a technology startup that provides consultancy services to public companies. His services became recognized in North America, Europe and Asia where he has advised executive of Fortune 100 companies, high-end technology innovations and wealth clients including Sara Lee, Heiz and ING.


In 1999, Maarten worked as an analyst for TVDK Management Consultants while he was still a student at Leiden University. He gained a lot of experience in research work and provide strategic analysis services and consultancy services to the clients. In 2007, he became an international consultant at Aviva PLC, London, where he was involved in the development of strategies for expansion of new markets. The results were incredible, and this saw him to a promotion as the company’s director responsible for the assessment of new business opportunities, creation of portfolio reviews for merging companies and increase life insurance sales in the United States. His interest in business advisory sector prompted him to seek membership of the Economic Club of Chicago, the Environmental Law and Policy Centre, Chicago Council and Global Affairs Among other community and business associations.


Maarten is the founder and co-manager of SVM advisory. Previously, he chaired the Science Spins Program at the Museum of Science and Industry. The program helped at least 40 teenagers about the historical background of the bicycle. His exceptional decision ability has assisted in organizing for Fellowship and Internship programs in the largest science museum. This creates an interactive session for the learners on issues such as leadership, scientific development, and public speaking. This program has been proved to be very successful as young children have made models of carnival tents from newspapers and model rockets on striker games.


He is a team leader who works closely with all the stakeholders in business; this has enabled him to run a team from various disciplines and cultures. This is a major attribute towards his success as it enables him to maneuver his way through diverse sections in the business. Besides his success in business, he is a committed family man and tennis player.

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James River Capital’s Paul Saunders Talks About Corporate Burnout

Corporate Burnout is one of the most destructive enemy of any firm. When this occurs to one or all of the employees, you can expect that there would be a bumpy road in your operations. A single burnout employee can significantly affect the flow of work, which can be very destructive for the company’s reputation and work efficiency. Learn more:


Paul Saunders, the founder, and principal of James River Capital Corp. knows how corporate burnout can affect everything in the office. He is also the chairman and the CEO of James River Capital Corp and James River Financial Corp. As one of the leading figures of the company, he already saw corporate burnout numerous times. Here are the four tell-tale signs that an employee might be suffering from corporate burnout.


  1. “There is a loss of control”

When things get rough and the employee was not able to reach his or her deadline, the whole schedule will collapse. The employee will feel helpless and hopeless, trying to get everything back on track. However, this can even charge up major burnout. Paul Saunders emphasizes the importance of flexible policies to avoid making employees feel trapped. It is also important to make employees feel like they have control over their time, so 10-15 minutes of “me-time” to outline their goals for the day is a good way to regain control over their time.


  1. “There is a lack of transparency”

Employees will feel like they are being overlooked for promotion when they feel like they are not properly treated. Negative feelings will appear when communication is not transparent, especially if the employee feels like they are being left out by the upper management. According to Paul Saunders, the supervisor or the manager has the responsibility to always become transparent. Decisions and the reasons why it should be done should be told by all members and not just for selected few.


  1. “There is a shift in overall attitude”

When a jolly employee suddenly became very irritable and is hard to work with, it is a great sign that of corporate burnout. If the employee is so stressed out that he or she cannot control his or her emotions, those emotions tend to contribute to the burnout. In order to prevent this, Paul Saunders advice managers to always make the effort to offer support and encouraging the employee to take a new way to disconnect from work when out of the workplace (e.g. a new hobby).


  1. “There is a loss of confidence”

When things are getting out of hand, and the employee started second-guessing the quality of their works and their contributions, it is a sign that they feel like they are not confident to do their job. In order to bring back the confidence of the employee, Paul Saunders suggested giving small achievable goals and tasks.

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Understand Influencer Marketing & Choose Right Influencers Who Share Same Values

What is influencer advertising and marketing? How can it profit your brand?

The marketing campaign is all the rage these days due to its ability to drive involvement and also brand understanding. One research has found that 67 percent of online marketers think that outreach has aided them reached their target audience. It results in a meaningful result.

What are influencers?

Some studies have discovered that today, people count on online suggestions than they trust brands. Gone are the days when buyers rely on commercials and also paid ads to get details regarding the items they want to purchase.

This time, when people intend to buy something online, they listen to the referrals of their friends and family. The word-of-mouth has come to be so effective that people no longer think the promotions they see the televisions, radio, magazines or signboards.

Since the development of social media sites, influencers have helped brands, and also marketing professionals accomplish their goals. They are the ones, who have a tiny or large complying with and also have an impact over their fans. They can encourage their followers to make an action, much like making their purchasing decisions.

Brands & Influencers

Today, influencer marketing is an extensive marketing outreach for marketers. Although some little business and also start-ups believe that it’s just for huge companies, every brand can gain from this campaign.

There are micro-influencers, who do not have that large number of fans but have an energetic and also exciting following. This type of influencers is ideal for start-ups and even small firms.

Brands must discover just how to pick the appropriate influencers. Often, they are currently in your community and can also be your greatest brand name supporters.

It’s essential that both brands and also influencers share the same value. The ideal influencers can help boost your social media exposure, drive website traffic to your internet site, or boost your sales.

This kind of marketing is becoming a pattern because it works in drawing in customers. Typical outbound marketing strategies, such as signboards and also TELEVISION and also radio commercials, are gradually fading. Now, people enjoy to do study and even listen to what people are claiming about what they are trying to find.

If you buy this project, even before your rivals try it, you’ll experience the attractive incentives it assures. Why? Followers pay attention to what influencers claim online. When they suggest your item, the customers listen since they trust them.

Know Your Target market

It’s essential to know who your target market remains in influencer advertising. When you know that you are targeting, it’s simple to situate the influencers they comply with. Inspect which Newswire blog sites, topics or discusses they take part in.

How to Specify Your Influencer?

Before the project, you have to understand what kind of influencers you want to deal with.

Check out the components that you require to take into consideration:

Niche– Choose a couple of. For instance, particular niches can be firms that compose influencer advertising as well as blog writer outreach campaigns.

Personality kind– Choose if you need an influencer who is an authority, informer, educator, a protestor, or anyone you wish to advertise your project.

Category– Select 1 or 2. As an example, you might choose in between fashion, traveling, farming, advertising, and marketing, etc

Sort of reach– What kind of range you want the influencers to give your brand. Do you want to improve social media sites fans, checkouts to your site or boost your conversion prices?

Subjects– Determine the topics that your influencer can go over. You can get an idea to the sort of problem they generally talk about on their social network’s network. You can bring this throughout your discussion to see if you’re a suit.

Influencer advertising and marketing projects will be viewed as a marketing staple in 2018. Traditional marketing and advertising are going slower and less efficient, specifically with ad-blockers.

A necessary adjustment in the project is the brand’s relationships with influencers. The success of every campaign relies on the holistic partnerships of both brands and also influencers.

Brand names can get concepts or brand-new techniques from the influencer’s fans. On the various other hand, influencers as well as their target market ought to offer brand names feedback regarding the trends and their items.

Do you believe influencer advertising and marketing is here to last? Supply your remarks listed below.

Press Release Writing & Distribution Ideas to Follow for Good Exposure

If you’re considering releasing press releases to your next effort, you need to check out pitching straight to colleagues as well as making use of a newswire company. One common error of numerous business owners is to concentrate on throwing to colleagues with the expectation of touchdown media plan.

Utilizing a news release solution besides pitching is a reasonable treatment to study if you wish to disperse your narrative. A news releases distribution vendor will be able to aid you to obtain positioning inside their community of associates and also news electrical outlets.

Below are some takeaways when pitching your tale to press reporters to boost your opportunity of getting attention:

  • Goal suitable reporters.

Recognize your designated reporters. Do so by exploring who can supply you insurance coverage. It is possible to use the Cision database, or run your research on the web.

One reason Public Relations specialists disregard in throwing is because they deliver their pitch to colleagues who do not pay their own tale. Create a networking listing to concentrate on the information you will require to gather.

  • Create details and solve to the factor.

Advertisers are tired of examining launches which are substantial message. Do deficient tiring to see. It needs to not go beyond 500 words.

After composing, avoid buzzwords, intricate expressions, adjectives, and jargon’s. It will certainly not aid in producing a superb tale.

Journalists delight in a quick pitch that provides necessary specifics. Avoid the bluff.

  • Spell checker.

Ensure your punctuation is right in the title of the reporter into the web content. You are composing for press reporters. Make certain that it accomplish your own requirements.

  • Customize it.

It is like a validation letter if you are excusing your kid out of being absent in their training course.

Greet the colleagues using their name. Right there, it puts together grip that you understand their name.

You need to recognize little bits of recommendations about them, such as the latest post they have actually composed, their pursuits and defeat. The information you have gathered are the foundation of building connection on your pitch.

  • Give a ludicrous heading.

A bargain of marketing experts landed a promo that has a wonderful headline. A substantial heading must supply a hook to pique the interest of this reporter. You could even generate a superb angle by connecting your headline into a trending problem or holiday theme.

Besides the headline, spend time thinking about a fictional subject line.

It’s possible to begin one more message in the pitch to make sure that it’ll read. It is your chance to get their interest, so see to it to think about terrific means to make them wish to learn your statement.

  • Think about just how you can make an engaging story.

Your news releases is your possibility to spread details about your small company. Supplying truths are inadequate. You require to write a fantastic story to help create a partnership with your visitors.

Think past the box when introducing your own tale. If you’re making up a tech story, it does not require to be plain. Take into consideration the means you can compose an interesting tale that might catch the passion of their viewers.

Distributing Ideas to comply with when making use of a newswire solution:

News release circulation company features syndication of your info to their network of associates and publications, seo, media supply, improved presence as well as far more.

News Release Bundles

News release circulation providers offer you a choice of packages for their consumers.

As prepared for, a simple bundle supplies vital services. It includes syndicating a release in their websites, media outlets as well as associates as well as entry on net internet search engine.

Locating a basic bundle cost the least.

Higher packages consist of more comprehensive features, such as more large supply, social internet sites uploading, updates and analytics document: the even more features that a company availed, the a lot more sophisticated the bundle and additionally the prices.

Finest Practices Before Sending a Launch to a Newswire Firm:
Virtually every press release company reviews journalism launch initially before distributing it. Companies need to follow the plan and also guidelines in composing a discharge. They possess the right to reduce a business if they filed a poorly-written release.

In instance you find it tough to compose a discharge, some suppliers provide to form of launches for added costs. They have authors that are properly trained to compose engaging as well as persuasive versions.

When making up a discharge, make certain you’re submitting a content which passed the essential selection of words. Do not send out a quick or too long launch because they won’t approve it.

It is also possible to review offered releases on the internet as well as observe exactly how they’re created.

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Digital Wallets Like PSI-Pay Are Here to Stay

The digital wallet is a modern online service or electronic device that allows its users to make electronic or digital transactions. These accounts actually play the same role as traditional wallets. In this manner, they replacing cash, credit cards, and debit cards. However, what makes digital wallets so popular among people is its security. Which, is the number one attraction, by all means. Not to mention, getting rid of the overflow of paper and cards that take up so much space in traditional wallets. In general, digital wallets vary from place to place according to consumer practices. Yet, they’re used in most countries around the world and becoming more and more popular by the day.


For example, European digital wallet services such as EcoPayz and PSI Pay are very attractive. With that said, you can now hold several different currencies in one wallet. Furthermore, digital wallets also allow users to link debit and credit cards so you can even withdraw money from certain ATMs. Another feature that these specific European-style wallets allow users to do is transfer cash out of the traditional bank accounts and move it directly to your digital wallet. On the other hand, American digital wallets, unlike the European wallet, doesn’t hold any cash and users aren’t required to deposit money. What Americans do is, link their credit or debit cards to the mobile wallet, then they use those given cards to start transactions. As a benefit, merchants don’t have any access to personal payment information. Which, is great if you make frequent online transactions.


In conclusion, the American and European digital wallets don’t offer the same advantages, although both of them allow you to save a lot of time and both offer and provide top-notch security. On that note, the benefits of having a digital wallet are easily recognized. For example, with a digital wallet, you can say goodbye to all those long lines! Another example, you can rest easy and be assured that your money and identity will be protected and specific data breaches will be avoided. With that said, PSI-Pay, EcoPayz, and other innovative companies are working hard to make their services more convenient despite all the obstacles facing the industry nowadays. Not to mention, technology changes every day and so do the threats. Therefore, companies like PSI-Pay make it a top priority to stay ahead of the game. They’re hard at work for you even when you’re at home sleeping. Now it’s obvious, online digital wallets are here for good and they’re becoming much more popular than ever before. In fact, it’s safe enough to say now, they’re here for good. So what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself and see what all the hype is about!

Aloha Construction Professional Craftsmanship

Extreme weather conditions can be catastrophic and unpredictable occurrence that can badly damage your home. For this reason, it is necessary to seek the services of a good construction company whenever there is a storm damage repair or any other maintenance in your house. Aloha Construction is a construction company owned by Dave Farbaky. The company specializes in delivering home repair services at a professional level. Based in Southern Wisconsin, Illinois, the company specializes in delivering quality craftsmanship to its clients whenever needed.


Aloha Construction’s founder Dave Farbaky gives back to the community in various ways with hopes to inspire and build the next generation community that has virtues money cannot buy. Additionally, his company boasts quality workmanship where employees are required to attend mandatory training before joining the company. Further, Aloha Construction has over 18,000 completed projects and offers a warranty of 10 years. For this reason, Aloha Construction has managed to remain the best in its field of work. The company’s great work has enabled it achieve an exceptional A+ rating from BBB.


Aloha Construction offers services such as roofing, fixing of gutters, replacements, and repair of home sidings. These services provide protection from bad weather and save you money since cooling or heating bills reduce. Aloha provides gutter installation services by helping manage water movement in your home. Consequently, if water is allowed to settle anywhere in your house, it could result in concrete damage or infestation of molds. Further, the company provides replacements services whether it is a broken window, fixing doors, or other handyman services.


Apart from founding Aloha Construction, Dave Farbaky is the founder of Dave Farbaky foundation, which aims at providing charity to its community. Through his foundation, he has managed to help children grow up with the giving mentality as well as installing strong virtues to the next generation.

Learning About Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Some things in life are simply better than others – at least subjectively. Some doctors are better than others. Ira Kirschenbaum, MD, belongs to the latter group of physicians.


Right now, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s most prominent position is that of the Chairman of Orthopaedics in New York City’s very own Bronxcare Health System. He works throughout the Bronxcare system and is a specialist in hip, shoulder, and knee replacements.


The surgeon’s undergraduate degree hails from the prestigious Ivy League’s Brown University, where he stayed to complete a medical degree at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. After eight years at Brown University, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum then remained within the Albert Einstein College of Medicine system – it’s one of the best medical schools in the United States – to complete his residency immediately thereafter.


To get hands-on training in hip, shoulder, and knee replacement, Dr. Kirschenbaum went to Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Let’s learn about how Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum thinks


Ira Kirschenbaum recently sat down for an interview with Ideamensch, a website that regularly conducts interviews with successful people in business, medicine, technology, and many other relevant fields.


He remarked that he likes to connect with his fellow physicians and surgeons regularly to make sure he understands what’s going on at all times. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum also is excited about the cost of healthcare decreasing in the United States eventually. Its cost in the United States is currently one of the most expensive in the world, but widespread concern about the cost of health care in the US is likely to make it less expensive in the future.


Dr. Kirschenbaum regularly listens to audiobooks. He believes that reading non-fiction books is a solid key to success in life, but because the popular New York City doctor is so busy, he often listens to them instead of actually reading them.