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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Announces Pioneer Partnership

A recent article announced the dynamic partnership between Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Allscripts and Nanthealth that will enable the three powerhouses to roll out the Clinical Pathways Platform. Clinical Pathways is a fully customized and comprehensive oncology treatment platform. Among its many benefits, Clinical Pathways is the first to integrate with Allscripts Sunrise™ and the eviti® platform in order to allow oncologists to find and perform successful, evidence-based procedures and treatments for their patients, all utilizing a highly digital experience.

The Clinic Pathways program is a patient-centric program that utilizes the most cutting edge cancer research, treatment and technology. This combination allows oncologists to put together protocols that streamline the line of care at every point, benefiting the patients and the hospital staff.

Among its many benefits, the Clinical Pathways program provides detailed comparisons on the various treatment options offered to each unique patient, a holistic and integrative approach to the way oncologists and their teams deliver care, 100% unique treatment regimens tailored around each patients type of cancer and state of progression, the integration of therapies designed to treat not only cancer but the patient’s overall health, cutting edge technology that performs in real time.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national leader in the treatment of cancer and prides itself on utilizing a patient-first approach to treating cancer at any stage. There are five Cancer Treatment Centers of America in major cities across the U.S., including Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Tulsa. CTCA prides itself on being a revolutionary leader in using the latest technology to treat its patients, while still ensuring each receives personal care and attention. Doctors and staff employed by CTCA are among the top specialists in their field. They utilize a holistic treatment approach that offers the finest in approaches like surgery and chemotherapy, while integrating therapies designed to treat the patient’s other needs.

To view the press release in its entirety you can visit:

John Goullet’s Success In IT Staffing

John Goullet is the Principal and Chairman of IT Staffing firm Diversant. After earning his Master’s degree in Computer Science at Ursinus College in 1983 he jumped into a career as an IT Consultant. After a number of years he decided to transition to IT staffing and formed his own company, Info Technologies, where he provided IT staffing solutions to other companies and within five years had grown it into a $30 million business. Eventually, in 2010 he realized he could grow even more by partnering and so merged his company with Diversant LLC. Diversant, headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey, provides their IT staffing solutions to mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies across the United States. Diversant is also recognized as the largest African-American owned company in the US.

Goullet founded Info Technologies 22 years ago when he realized that it was a field he could enter that didn’t require a lot of resources. He also saw other succeed starting their own IT staffing companies and believed he would meet with similar success. He has said that there is always a need for IT staffing firms as there is a permanent shortage of IT professionals due to American universities simply not graduating enough of them with the skills to do the job. He approaches IT staffing by looking at what skills will be needed in the future and then develops candidates with those skills to meet the need. He has said that technology is an ever growing part of the national Gross Domestic Product and the demand for skilled workers in the sector will continue to grow ever larger. Due to this he envisions Diversant will have a bright future as they deliver the best quality IT staffing candidates to their clients.

There are a couple of key strategies that John Goullet keeps in mind as he serves as President and Chairman of Diversant, one of which is to observe how his hardest competing companies operate and then take on their best practices. Another strategy is to build a sales force with hundreds of younger people and empower them through training and mentoring.

Hedge Fund Expert Adam Sender Makes $70 Million Selling Art?

When you hear someone made a fortune selling art, you either assume they are an art expert or they stumbled upon a piece for pennies that sold for millions. This is not the way that Adam Sender amassed his fortune, as a matter of fact the story is quite unique in that he is actually a respected hedge fund manager and not a long-time art buyer or collector. Sender was running a very successful hedge fund where his clients were collecting nice profits each year. Sender was taking his profits and looking to invest in his future where the potential for growth was explosive.

Now ask anyone in the art world about making money selling art, they will tell you it is a very risky business. You have to consider the market which can change on a dime, then consider how long the low periods can be, and then finally consider how costly some of the paintings by the masters are. This is a challenge for an experienced art buyer, a mountain for someone like Sender who lives in the world of finance and not art. But that being said, Sender wanted to try his hand at Contemporary art and began his quest.

Sender realized quite quickly that in order to make any money, he would have to forget about getting masterpieces from the likes of a Warhol for example. Those paintings were selling for over a million dollars and they would barely return that much when he tried to sell.. Undeterred by this initial setback, he came up with a very simple yet unique plan for building his fortune. Sender went out looking for lesser-known artists who were creating their own masterpieces, and was surprised at how affordable these pieces were. These artists were either undiscovered or just about to break though, and Sender saw a great opportunity.

Sender started to purchase these pieces from those artists still not considered the greats, and he was only paying around $100,000 per painting. He knew if these paintings ever got hot, his room for profit was enormous. He proved that point by auctioning off 40 pieces of his early collection and pulled in $20 million dollars. The race was on to collect as many paintings as he could, until he reached around 400 pieces last year. Sender had since closed the hedge fund, and now was ready to unload his huge collection of Contemporary artwork. Adam Sender’s Instagram is linked here.

Sotheby’s was asked to run the auction, and told Sender this enormous undertaking would take 18 months to run its course. When all was said and done, Sotheby’s expects Sender to easily make $70 million dollars from the sale of his huge art collection that he grew in only a decades time.

Check Out The Lost And Found At The Bonnaroo Festival

The Bonnaroo festival was staged recently, and similar to any other festival that is out there, many people left some things behind. Lost And Found At Bonnaroo. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could go home from a festival, and they could forget that they had their phone with them. There were at least 200 cell phones in lost and found once the festival was over. Since many people these days have smart phones, it’s hard to imagine that all those smart phones were sitting there in lost and found, and they may never find their owners again.

There were some other items that were left behind at the festival as well, like an inhaler. You’d have to wonder what the person was thinking to leave behind something that is as life-saving as an inhaler. I guess when you’re having fun at a music festival, you’re not thinking about important things like how you’re going to breathe! Another funny thing is the fact that 100 people lost their wallets says Steve Murray. Although this was a big festival, it’s insane to know that 100 people went home without their wallet, and you have to wonder how they were going to buy food or pay for anything.

Other things that were lost in the festival are IDs and credit cards, which is a given, especially if you take them out of your wallet. Let’s not mention the 59 backpacks as well as several pairs of shoes.

Meghan Trainor Grabbing the Spotlight

Everyone was captivated by the fresh and sassy song that talked about rocking your booty-full body. All about that Bass received so much appreciation and popularity that it was inevitable that Meghan Trainor become famous. Women from all around the world found tenacity and confidence in her song to love their own body and stop trying one of those “stick figure silicon Barbie dolls.”

Meghan continues to share her signature music when she released the songs of her EP. Dear Future Husband entails her ideas on how a married girl should be treated. Married couples like Dave and Brit Morin are happy to se relationships being portrayed in popular music. Beyond treating women fairly and positive images of marriage, her self-empowering words continue to sky-rocket her career and she released another song called Lips are Moving. By then, All About that Bass has proven to be a #1 title holder which lasted for several weeks.

Meghan picked up on her EP and continued creating her debut album.  She recently worked with One Direction for a song. She also co-wrote every single track on her album.

The album is now available on iTunes and on Spotify together with her EP. Her fans are growing now that her work is expanding and beginning to have structure. People have listened to the album and have shared their review about the tracks and the album.

Bizarre Kanye West Listening Party

Even people that are know him do not really know what he is going to do next. Seth Rogen can attest to this mysterious Kanye with an recent incident that has become something very interesting in the Kanye West catalog of mysterious behavior.

Seth Rogen has reported that he ran into Kanye West at a hotel. It was just an impromptu meeting, and BRL Trust people know not much could have happened at first. Kanye asked him if he wanted to hear his new album. Seth – along with his wife – got in a limo with Mr.

What made this listening party even more strange was the fact that the tracks didn’t have any lyrics. Kanye played the beats and rapped the entire songs while Seth Rogen and his wife listened.

Seth and James Franco spooked the Kanye “Bound 2” hit with a viral video known as “Bound 3.” It was a humorous depiction of Kanye and Kim Kardashian that even Kanye found funny.

It may be possible to say that Seth is becoming a friend of Mr.s West. Kanye doesn’t take everyone in a limo for a listening party everyday, but this seems to be the new style. J.Cole brought his music to a fan’s house.