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Best Franchisee in the World: Omar Yunes

It was a happy moment for the Mexican, Omar Yunes, who scooped the award of Best Franchisee in the World (BFW). The competition was held on December 5 in Florence, Italy. The winner, Omar Yunes ventured into the franchise at age 21 for Japanese food chain, Sushi Itto. He now possesses thirteen franchise units located in Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. These units represent ten percent of which the brand owns. He felt very pleased with the award and said it is dedicated to the 410 employees and 13 units that the brand management has allowed them to operate.
This 2015 convention of BFW had a good turnout of representatives around the globe. Among them was Brazil, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, and France. The ranking of these competitors relied on how they have improved the network, not the brand. The major aspects considered in networking include: how much the franchisees have contributed to improving the brand, how they have motivated the employees towards the success of the brand, what is the amount of knowledge invested in the business network. Diego Elizarraras, the proprietor of BFW in Mexico, supported Omar’s achievement and said he also won the first place in Mexico’s Qualifier.
The significance of BFW is essential since it is a global event that appreciates the struggles made by franchisees. They brand different franchises hence their contribution in enriching the brand is vital. The primary aim of BFW is to reward good leadership, innovation, and creativity towards making the identity of the franchises excellent. By awarding franchisees, it motivates them towards achieving the best for their brands. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, is positive about the brand’s progress, with Omar Yunes and its staff, the team will succeed. He is ready to continue providing excellent customer services and maintain its unique hospitality nature.
About Omar Yunes
Omar Yunes is a reputable Mexico’s investor who stands for Sushi Itto franchise. He is considered one of the best franchisees in the world and has won various awards in that sector. The major awards are attributed to the BFW competitions, an annual event. Mr. Omar’s interests lie in the food sector, and he operates over 13 franchise units in Mexico. He has marketed his products vehemently, and his efforts are notable in the food industry. Owing to Omar’s leadership, the brand has been able to establish a strong network and well-established strategies for its future in Mexico.

Sushi Itto Franchisee, Omar Yunes crowned the Best Franchisee of the World

Omar Yunes was crowned the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) in 2015. Omar, who is a franchisee of Sushi Itto, a leading Japanese food chain was crowned the winner in an event held in Florence, Italy on December 5. The Mexican-born franchisee started the franchise business at the age of 21. Today, he owns 13 franchised units located in Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. These 13 franchised units represent ten percent of the total franchised units owned by Sushi Itto.

In a statement during the event, Omar congratulated his team of 400 employees for their great achievement. He was very clear that without their commitment and hard work, he couldn’t be crowned the winner. Before being crowned as the winner, Mr. Yunes beat representatives from over 34 countries including Portugal, Argentina, France, Italy, Brazil, and Hungary. The 2015 edition was evaluated on franchisee’s contribution to knowledge, employee motivation, innovations proposed and influence on the network.

Sushi CEO Benjamin Cancelmo stated that the awards represent the joint commitment of the franchisee and the franchisor to offer excellent customer experience, outstanding hospitality, and great taste. Elizarrarras, the BFW organizer in Mexico, stated that the award proofs that international franchisees can thrive in the country as opposed to the belief that only regional ones could succeed.

The Mexican Chapter

In the Mexican Chapter, Omar Yunes emerged the winner. According to Elizarrarras Omar’s franchise won because of their efforts in enhancing the franchisee-franchisee relationship, developing implemental monitoring tools, and better management of information. During the Mexican Chapter, Prandemex franchisee, Ivan Tamer won the second place. The franchisee achieved the second position due to its efforts in developing new marketing system that manages the whole chain of pawnshops. Patricia Campos, the brand’s franchisor manager, congratulated Tamer stating that he has established unique marketing parameters that have been instrumental in the firm’s growth.

Omar Yunes in Brief

Omar Yunes is a Mexican-born natural entrepreneur. Omar, a franchisee of Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain was awarded the Best Franchisee of the World in 2015. The talented entrepreneur started the franchisee at the age of 21. Today, he has 13 franchised units with over 400 employees. Employee motivation, designing practical implementation control tools, and developing viable business networks are the unique traits that have made Omar the sought after franchisee manager.

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The growth of Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette launches US e-commerce and plans rapid UK retail roll-out-article recap
Honey Birdette which is an Australian firm that deals in Lingerie has had a milestone by launching a US e-commerce site. The company is also planning to increase their stores in the UK from three to 40 stores. They intend to reach this milestone by the time 2018 ends.

The company was founded in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan in Brisbane. What motivated them to open the online platform was the increase of online sales by more than 374%. They platform is meant to create better customer experience. The deliveries will be more efficient and faster. They platform will also ensure that there is an increase in the range of products that the customers can access from the site. The returns will be easier while using the platform.

Since opening its first store outside of Australia last year, Honey Birdette has plans to increase it number of stores in London. This is in addition to the 55 stores that the company has in Australia and other locations in Europe.

About Honey Birdette
The company began in 2006 by two friends who were motivated by not being able to find Lingerie and other accessories. Their main goal was to add a sense of sensuality into the bedroom. This they strived to achieve by providing both lingerie and other bedroom toys.

Inside their stores, they strive to provide the best customer experience. The environment inside the boutiques is very serene with very appealing décor. The customers are also served with champagne inside the stores. They want their customers to create an experience inside the bedroom with the accessories that they sell. They stock very elegant perfumes, massage candles, leather crops, cuffs and many other toys that are meant to enhance the bedroom experience.

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Bruce Bent II – Always on the Move, Always Productive

Bruce Bent II is a renaissance man and entrepreneur who has experiences that range from a wide array of cash-related solutions created for banks and retail markets to the development and implementation of over sixty privately held patents that have helped blossom the FDIC-Insured cash management arena into a more than the $1 trillion industry that we see before us today.

Bruce Bent II is the every man’s entrepreneur. He believes that the strength of a team is derived not from the man at the top, but rather from the diverse culture that is created across the board, from all of the members of a project. He is constantly inspired by communication and processes with people and loves being able to diversify the way in which teams creatively share ideas and broaden inventions or processes through the use of technology. Although Bruce understands that it only takes one person to come up with an idea, he more importantly understands that it takes a whole group of people to correctly shape and develop an idea for a complete range of uses for the happy customer.

Bruce Bent II understands that in the world of an entrepreneur, failure leads to growth. He feels that experience is the best teacher and sights his stubbornness as one of his strongest attributes. To Bruce, it is not the failure that determines your outcome, but rather the resiliency with which you approach every business venture or personal mission in your life. Bruce is a strong proponent of arming yourself with the personal fervor to continue on through thick and thin and to eventually rouse in yourself a successful outcome.

Currently serving as the Vice Chairman of the Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II is continually working on new projects and ways to bring exciting innovations to the consumer to change their daily lives for the better.

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Honey Birdette changing sensuality in America

Australia’s first lingerie and sensuality boutique Honey Birdette and Eloise Monaghan have expansion in mind. Honey Birdette recently launched their American invasion with a dedicated e-commerce site after large gains in the market over the past twelve months. However, their plans do not end here; several brick and mortar stores are planned in the UK and options in the U.S. are currently under review.
Honey Birdette differs in the American market place through their service, culture, and atmosphere created in their retail locations. The “Honey’s” are there to empower women in their sensual relationships, and entertain with their own brand of theatre and glitz. Through the glossy black frames and display windows lies a boutique that definitely drives the imagination. With a glass of champagne in hand, you can find yourself at the in store “Pleasure Parlor.” With everything you have imagined and more from sensual oils and candles, to the blissfully playful and controlling. Every piece of luxury at Honey Birdette is designed in house, and ready to excite and enhance your sensuality and well-being.
For America, they created specific lines of lingerie with custom lace and satin designed exclusively for Honey Birdette. Each unique piece was designed to accent your assets and reveal some you may never have known you had. From the luxurious and sultry to playful and empowering, their line of lingerie and playful items is sure to have something for everyone.
Honey Birdette opened its first stores outside of Australia last year in London; and its success quickly led to two more locations opening in the UK. Currently Ten more openings are planned, with the announced goal of forty locations by the end of next year in the UK. In Australia, there are fifty-five locations operational, and future plans for Honey Birdette are targeting premium European locations as well as the U.S.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America to Customize Oncology Treatment Through New Initiative

In an effort to provide better care to cancer patients, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has announced an exciting new partnership with NantHealth and Allscripts to provide a new initiative, Clinical Pathways.

The push behind this initiative is the need physicians have for more methods by which they can administer treatment to patients based on their personal needs without disrupting the daily workflow of an outpatient care facility. George Daneker, Chief Medical Officer for CTCA, said that too much time is spent on guesswork. Physicians work tirelessly to figure out what treatment path is best for each patient. Clinical Pathways attempts to create an information infrastructure that rises to CTCA’s treatment standards while increasing the speed with which care is provided.

This also allows for an increase in transparency. Patients will have increased access to information about their therapy selection, empowering them when discussing treatment options. For physicians this can reduce the time spent waiting for approval from insurance companies because of the glut of data available.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America:

From their home in Boca Raton, Florida, Cancer Treatment Centers of America manages a network of hospitals dedicated to administering treatment to patients suffering from cancer. Operating from locations in Tulsa, Phoenix, Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, CTCA reaches out to patients with regular treatment that prioritizes empathy in order to make a trying time in a patients life easier to bear by working to support their physical and emotional recovery.

CTCA’s focus on their patients’ well-being has continued to earn them praise when compared to other care facility. CTCA is dedicated to quality of care and the overall experience a patient must go through in order to be well. Working towards such an environment has made it possible for CTCA to form enduring partnerships that have allowed them to attract the best people and materials the industry has to provide, which includes emerging technologies that continue to innovate care.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Announces Pioneer Partnership

A recent article announced the dynamic partnership between Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Allscripts and Nanthealth that will enable the three powerhouses to roll out the Clinical Pathways Platform. Clinical Pathways is a fully customized and comprehensive oncology treatment platform. Among its many benefits, Clinical Pathways is the first to integrate with Allscripts Sunrise™ and the eviti® platform in order to allow oncologists to find and perform successful, evidence-based procedures and treatments for their patients, all utilizing a highly digital experience.

The Clinic Pathways program is a patient-centric program that utilizes the most cutting edge cancer research, treatment and technology. This combination allows oncologists to put together protocols that streamline the line of care at every point, benefiting the patients and the hospital staff.

Among its many benefits, the Clinical Pathways program provides detailed comparisons on the various treatment options offered to each unique patient, a holistic and integrative approach to the way oncologists and their teams deliver care, 100% unique treatment regimens tailored around each patients type of cancer and state of progression, the integration of therapies designed to treat not only cancer but the patient’s overall health, cutting edge technology that performs in real time.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national leader in the treatment of cancer and prides itself on utilizing a patient-first approach to treating cancer at any stage. There are five Cancer Treatment Centers of America in major cities across the U.S., including Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Tulsa. CTCA prides itself on being a revolutionary leader in using the latest technology to treat its patients, while still ensuring each receives personal care and attention. Doctors and staff employed by CTCA are among the top specialists in their field. They utilize a holistic treatment approach that offers the finest in approaches like surgery and chemotherapy, while integrating therapies designed to treat the patient’s other needs.

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John Goullet’s Success In IT Staffing

John Goullet is the Principal and Chairman of IT Staffing firm Diversant. After earning his Master’s degree in Computer Science at Ursinus College in 1983 he jumped into a career as an IT Consultant. After a number of years he decided to transition to IT staffing and formed his own company, Info Technologies, where he provided IT staffing solutions to other companies and within five years had grown it into a $30 million business. Eventually, in 2010 he realized he could grow even more by partnering and so merged his company with Diversant LLC. Diversant, headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey, provides their IT staffing solutions to mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies across the United States. Diversant is also recognized as the largest African-American owned company in the US.

Goullet founded Info Technologies 22 years ago when he realized that it was a field he could enter that didn’t require a lot of resources. He also saw other succeed starting their own IT staffing companies and believed he would meet with similar success. He has said that there is always a need for IT staffing firms as there is a permanent shortage of IT professionals due to American universities simply not graduating enough of them with the skills to do the job. He approaches IT staffing by looking at what skills will be needed in the future and then develops candidates with those skills to meet the need. He has said that technology is an ever growing part of the national Gross Domestic Product and the demand for skilled workers in the sector will continue to grow ever larger. Due to this he envisions Diversant will have a bright future as they deliver the best quality IT staffing candidates to their clients.

There are a couple of key strategies that John Goullet keeps in mind as he serves as President and Chairman of Diversant, one of which is to observe how his hardest competing companies operate and then take on their best practices. Another strategy is to build a sales force with hundreds of younger people and empower them through training and mentoring.

Hedge Fund Expert Adam Sender Makes $70 Million Selling Art?

When you hear someone made a fortune selling art, you either assume they are an art expert or they stumbled upon a piece for pennies that sold for millions. This is not the way that Adam Sender amassed his fortune, as a matter of fact the story is quite unique in that he is actually a respected hedge fund manager and not a long-time art buyer or collector. Sender was running a very successful hedge fund where his clients were collecting nice profits each year. Sender was taking his profits and looking to invest in his future where the potential for growth was explosive.

Now ask anyone in the art world about making money selling art, they will tell you it is a very risky business. You have to consider the market which can change on a dime, then consider how long the low periods can be, and then finally consider how costly some of the paintings by the masters are. This is a challenge for an experienced art buyer, a mountain for someone like Sender who lives in the world of finance and not art. But that being said, Sender wanted to try his hand at Contemporary art and began his quest.

Sender realized quite quickly that in order to make any money, he would have to forget about getting masterpieces from the likes of a Warhol for example. Those paintings were selling for over a million dollars and they would barely return that much when he tried to sell.. Undeterred by this initial setback, he came up with a very simple yet unique plan for building his fortune. Sender went out looking for lesser-known artists who were creating their own masterpieces, and was surprised at how affordable these pieces were. These artists were either undiscovered or just about to break though, and Sender saw a great opportunity.

Sender started to purchase these pieces from those artists still not considered the greats, and he was only paying around $100,000 per painting. He knew if these paintings ever got hot, his room for profit was enormous. He proved that point by auctioning off 40 pieces of his early collection and pulled in $20 million dollars. The race was on to collect as many paintings as he could, until he reached around 400 pieces last year. Sender had since closed the hedge fund, and now was ready to unload his huge collection of Contemporary artwork. Adam Sender’s Instagram is linked here.

Sotheby’s was asked to run the auction, and told Sender this enormous undertaking would take 18 months to run its course. When all was said and done, Sotheby’s expects Sender to easily make $70 million dollars from the sale of his huge art collection that he grew in only a decades time.

Check Out The Lost And Found At The Bonnaroo Festival

The Bonnaroo festival was staged recently, and similar to any other festival that is out there, many people left some things behind. Lost And Found At Bonnaroo. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could go home from a festival, and they could forget that they had their phone with them. There were at least 200 cell phones in lost and found once the festival was over. Since many people these days have smart phones, it’s hard to imagine that all those smart phones were sitting there in lost and found, and they may never find their owners again.

There were some other items that were left behind at the festival as well, like an inhaler. You’d have to wonder what the person was thinking to leave behind something that is as life-saving as an inhaler. I guess when you’re having fun at a music festival, you’re not thinking about important things like how you’re going to breathe! Another funny thing is the fact that 100 people lost their wallets says Steve Murray. Although this was a big festival, it’s insane to know that 100 people went home without their wallet, and you have to wonder how they were going to buy food or pay for anything.

Other things that were lost in the festival are IDs and credit cards, which is a given, especially if you take them out of your wallet. Let’s not mention the 59 backpacks as well as several pairs of shoes.