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Mark Sparks Gives Back

Mark Sparks, successful venture capitalist, is on his way to new ways of fame with his latest project: Spark Tank. Spark Tank is an idea that came about from Mark’s deep desire to help out adventurous entrepreneurs.

His idea would give five thousand dollars to a company whose idea was intended to promote social change. He accepted applications and reviewed them all himself.

It is this type of philanthropic attitude that Marc Sparks says contributes to his success, because he finds it hard to rely upon just luck. It is important to him that he give back to people who are really trying to better their communities and social settings.

So, as Spark Tank comes to fruition, companies are getting the funding that they have been desperate for. The man himself is a self-made success story and it is important to keep this background in mind when you are considering how he got to be where he is today. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

Being a venture capitalist takes a lot of risk and a lot of intuition, and obviously Sparks is one of the best out there. He is actively searching for needs within a community and trying to find innovative and productive ways to fill those needs.

He is rewarding people for having a passion for what they are doing and for having the know how to figure out a solution to the problems that they have at hand. This is a great way to build up a community and get people working together.

All over the internet, people are regaling Mark for his success and his ability to help out resourceful entrepreneurs. Not only does he lend and donate money as a profession, but he also volunteers a lot of his time giving back in his own community.

He can often be found spending time helping out Habitat for Humanity building houses for those people that need them. These are the types of actions that really make Mark Sparks stand out from the other people in his profession.

He is so passionate about what he does and he cares so much about the organizations that he gives money to. He is not just a faceless entity writing a check, he is out there sweating and helping in any way that he can.

His success is easily written off as luck, or being able to pick good entrepreneurs when he sees them, but if you dig a little deeper, it is clear that there is a lot more to Sparks than that.