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How does the 90-Day Challenge of ViSalus Benefit You?

Losing weight is not easy. Just going off your meals will not help you in any way. It can even be counterproductive because your body will stop getting the essential nutrients. How can you give your body what it needs and still shed the unnecessary weight? It is important to take help of a well-developed weight loss plan.

ViSalus is a healthy lifestyle company that has developed Body 90 90-day Challenge” program. It is the first marketing platform that offers complete support services throughout the challenge duration. Take this 90-day challenge to transform your body for better. Realize your dream of losing weight properly and safely.

The ViSalus story started about a decade ago when its founder accepted the challenge to become fit and healthy. The challenge included inspiring others as well. It led to the creation of the Challenge Marketing platform. The challenge is named Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge.

People from more than 15 countries have taken up this challenge and achieved their health and fitness goals. More than 3 million people have taken advantage of this transformative program. Using ViSalus’ meal replacement kits, shakes and drinks, they have been able to lose weight and achieve a healthy body. Visit This Page for more information.

ViSalus has Locations in Los Angeles, CA and Italy has donated more than $100 million worth of products, cash and prizes to people in need of help. It has been possible due to its successful challenge program and support of millions of people who are part of this program. The company has donated more than 5 million meal kits to the needy children and families.

ViSalus has received a large number of patents and awards for its innovative products. Learn more how its healthy food and drink products as well as its marketing program let you take control of your future. It will help you achieve your health, fitness and financial freedom goals. Find More Information Here.


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The 3 Steps to Winning the ViSalus Challenge

Take Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge to achieve your health goals. What is this challenge and how does it transform your life? ViSalus 90-day challenge is the number one platform that gives you healthy lifestyle choices. This challenge has helped more than 3 million people transform their life.

Collectively, they have lost more than 10 million lbs weight. The company has served more than 1/2 billion meal replacements. It has given away products and prizes worth more than $100 million to the people across 15 countries. Its product range has been featured across all major media channels. You cannot go wrong when you participate in such a successful company’s challenge. It benefits not only you but others as well. Learn more how ViSalus makes it possible.

How does this challenge work? In the first step, you set a goal. In the next step, you select your favorite Vi kit. The third step involves your entry to win the prize. Whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain weight, get fit or just maintain a healthy body, ViSalus products are perfect for all such health and fitness purposes. Once you have set your health goal, your next step should be to check the products offered by this company. Check its Balance Kit, Shape Kit and Transformation Kit. The monthly delivery price for the Balance Kit is $49, $99 for the Shape Kit and $249 for the Transformation Kit.

You are free to build your own meal kit by mixing and matching the products that best suit your specific health goals. Select the right combination of products and get all those products delivered at your doorstep within a few days. If you maintain a monthly delivery order of minimum $125, you can save a lot more. Click Here to learn more.

You become eligible for free shipping and “3 for Free” offer. Your first month delivery order makes you eligible for Vi Prime Welcome Kit. On your second consecutive delivery, you will receive a product sample pack. On the third consecutive month delivery, you will receive a ViLIFE photo book. Visit This Page to learn more.

Take this challenge now or learn more. ViSalus operates out of Los Angeles, CA and Italy offices. It is deeply involved in various charitable works across the world. These works are possible due to the participation of its members from around the world.


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Changing Lives With ViSalus


ViSalus is a global health company that focuses on helping people change their lifestyles. ViSalus was started around the year of 2005.

They are best known for their “Body By Vi 90-day Challenge”. With this challenge they are helping people change their lives and bodies 90 days at a time.

ViSalus has a mission to change the lives of as many people as they can. They are trying to help people from all over the world. They support people in so many different ways to make sure that they have the drive to change the way they eat, make them more active, and help them to live in a healthier way.

ViSalus has six things that they drive them to do what they do on a daily basis. These six things:

  1. be inspiring
  2. build a trusting relationship
  3. be a good teacher to your customers but be an even better listener and learn from your customers
  4. be resourceful
  5. keep things simple
  6. keep challenging yourself while also challenging others

ViSalus has a lot of different types of food and supplements that their customers enjoy on a daily basis. They have everything from meals to supplements. No matter what you are looking for ViSalus has it! Even energy drinks! Go To This Page to learn more.

ViSalus is a very honest and caring company that knows how important their job is at helping people to change their lives. Helping people change their lifestyles means they are healthier, they are happier, and they possibly get more time on earth with their families. ViSalus has a lot of potential to be a very big, very successful business. They have a very bright future ahead of them and there is no telling just how far they will go. They plan to change many more lives as they go through the years.


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ViSalus: An Extraordinary Mission


ViSalus is on a mission. That mission is to help people transform their body, mind and spirit into the best versions of themselves. In our current culture of fast food, immediate gratification, and a preference for the couch over the treadmill, that is a daunting endeavor.

So, just exactly who is ViSalus and what are they all about? They are what is known as a healthy lifestyle company. They have been around since 2005. They are based in LA and also have a location in Italy. This company has helped thousands of people achieve incredible goals. ViSalus is a company that focuses on healthy lifestyles. They are most well known for their “Body by Vi Challenge”. ViSalus has accomplished some impressive goals of their own.


Here are just a few:

  • Served customers in 15 different nations
  • Cumulative sales totaling nearly $2 billion
  • Awarded millions in cash, prizes and free products


ViSalus does indeed have a mission. This mission is three pronged. The first core component is LIFE. The second is HEALTH. Lastly, here is PROSPERITY. The core value of LIFE focuses finding important or meaningful experiences as well as connections with others. The core component, HEALTH reflects the physical transformation of the body as the client is supported and mentored through the program.

ViSalus embraces a values-driven culture. The 6 core values are stated clearly, and they really do get the motivation juices flowing. The first of these is “Be inspiring.” The 2nd is about “Building Trust”. These are followed by encouragement to be a good teacher but a better student, to think creatively, like an entrepreneur, and to challenge yourself.

The 6th of these core values is about simplicity. Perhaps this value is what makes the ViSalus program and the 90 day Challenge so appealing. Getting fit is a complex process but ViSalus provides simple solutions. There is a wide array of techniques and tools to help people achieve their fitness goals. These strategies have a simplicity to them that everyone can appreciate. Getting fit may be challenging but it doesn’t have to be stressful


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