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Isabel dos Santos

The global economy has a lot to do with how the head worker of large companies completes their work. Isabel dos Santos is one of these workers. Isabel works in telecommunication. She is a hard working entrepreneur who knows just how hard a woman has to work to succeed in this world. Isabel dos Santos has a lot of experience working in companies such as these (Cnn). 

She says in order to become a successful business woman you have to keep a few things in mind. These things include making sure to use a high level of technology. The internet is something that really promotes business. Using technology and internet will either make or break your business. 

Isabel dos Santos helps to run a company called UNITEL. UNITEL is working hard to bring communication technology to remote areas across the world. Also, UNITEL, together with Isabel, offer scholarships worldwide so that they can help advance education across the world. UNITEL works with some of the biggest companies including Huawei to do everything they can to spread technology and internet around the world. 

Isabel dos Santos knows how hard it can be to be a businesswoman in today’s worls so being a successful businesswoman is a huge deal to her. She wants to lead by example and show other women that they too can be successful if they work hard and stay determined. Isabel dos Santos is a very determined individual who knows what her dreams are and wants to make them a reality.

She is going to continue to push herself everyday and will not stop until she makes all of her dreams a reality. Isabel dos Santos is changing the views of businesswomen all over the world. This charming successful entrepreneur who happens to be a woman who empowers other women,  is going to see success for many more years to come and she is going to continue to be an inspiration to businesswomen all over the world.


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