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One Direction’s Liam Payne Sings The Song “Wonderwall”

The song “Wonderwall” was performed by oasis, and it came out in the year 1995. Although the song is now a classic, it’s still a very popular one for those who do karaoke, and those who like to listen to music. Liam Payne Sings “Wonderwall”. Liam Payne performed the song recently, and the song has been done so many times by One Direction, that maybe they should rename it. One Direction is still a very popular group, even though they lost a member just a couple months ago.

Simon Cowell, who used to host American Idol, he helped to launch One Direction into popularity and fame. Simon even stated that he knew that one of the members of One Direction was leaving the group before he ever left. Zayn Malik left the group and to this day, One Direction is still reeling from their loss. Many fans literally went crazy after hearing that Zayn would be leaving the group. Videos were posted online where you could see young girls crying their eyes out over the loss of Zayn Malik.

Liam Payne was very good friends with Zayn Malik, but he continues to work with what’s left of his group, and performing oldies is not out of the question for Liam Payne. Liam was vacationing in France, and he had also gone to the Grand Prix in Monaco. Liam decided to sing the song Wonderwall at a packed bar in front of tons of patrons. The folks behind Boraie Development were impressed with this musical outburst.