ClassDojo Improving Education

In this era where the use of technology is at the core of all things, ClassDojo, a communication app has proven to be of essence. Parents, teachers as well as students can use this app that is specially created to ensure that there is proper communication about student’s activities in school or any other development. On this app, the students take the appearances of different avatars that can be changed as they please. If a student portrays impressive character, they earn some dojo points. The popularity of the ClassDojo is on the rise.

Teachers, for instance, prefer using it since it saves a lot of time. The accomplishments of the students are recorded with just a click. As opposed to the traditional method where checkmarks were kept on the board to keep tabs on students constantly, the app is easy to use since the teacher leaves it on the smartboard the whole day. Both the pros and cons of activities ranging from greetings to indoor work with students can be obtained without the students having to leave their seats. Besides saving time, this app ensures that there is maximum sharing of data between the teachers and the students. It keeps the record of any action in the classroom. With it, teachers can set reports of the student’s behavior which can be sent to the parents every week.

ClassDojo plays a great role in ensuring that parents and their children have a substantial conversation that is not started with clichés such as “how was your day?” Given that the app posts videos of the activities of the day, the parents can choose a day’s activity and have a meaningful discussion with their children. In case the parent want to communicate urgently with the teachers, the application provides for this. Similar, when teachers want to send some urgent message to the parents, they can seamlessly do that.

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