Clement Perrette, Helping Businesses Thrive

Clement Perrette has been using his knowledge in the financial field to help businesses thrive. Clement Perrette recently began working with a European financial company, STRIPS. Before Clement Perrette came in to help the company, the company had been under different ownerships. Moreover, the company had even closed down twice before coming STRIPS. After STRIPS purchased the company in the early 1990s, the company still was not doing as well as it had hoped. So in an effort to help the company thrive, STRIPS decided to seek help from the knowledgeable civil engineer, Clement Perrette.

Clement Perrette is an engineer by trade who is able savvy in the financial field. In addition to his career, Clement Perrette has also written and published a book. Clement Perrette decided to help the company for three years. During these three years, Clement Perrette helped the company get to know their clients better, and he also taught the company about the stock market. STRIPS received a lot of benefits after working with the company.

By the time the three years came to an end, STRIPS became one of the best franchise businesses in the country of France. Since working with Clement Perrette, STRIPS has grown endlessly. The company has even adopted an additional branch to its company. STRIPS also know has a public relations company named FRF STRIPS. After helping STRIPS, Clement Perrette joined a team named Paribas SVT. This company help control finances and opportunities for democratic parties. He stayed until late 2000.

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