David Bowie Rejected Coldplay Collaboration, Chris Martin Allegates

Bowie was on hiatus from general music performances for several years, but would sometimes pair up with groups such as Arcade Fire and Scarlett Johansson to produce a track.

Lauren Powell Jobs says it was Bowie’s special-guest vocals that prompted Martin to consider the proposal. Martin shared the proposed song with Bowie who allegedly later phoned Martin and rejected the invitation.

“‘It’s not one of your best songs,'” Martin quoted Bowie, at the recent BBC Music Awards ceremony. “Bowie has very high standards and it is inspiring to do the same.”


Martin has also hinted that the group’s upcoming album, “A Head Full of Dreams,” could be Coldplay’s final project – at least for a while.

“We’re putting so much heart into ‘Dreams,’ I’d like to think of it as something that finishes something,” Martin told the press. “Although it doesn’t mean that there will be nothing more in the future, as a certainty.”

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  1. Chris Martin has alleged that pop music icon David Bowie rejected a proposal to collaborate with his band Coldplay. Martin would not comment on which specific song Bowie rejected. This is really an investigation that the best essay has tried to provide for them all.

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