David Mcdonald: The President of OSI Group Who Cares Deeply About His Employees and Customers Alike

David Mcdonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the OSI Group where he previously was its Project Manager. In the past, he was Chairman of North American Meat Institute and now sits on its Board of Directors. He is also Director of OSI International Foods (Australia) and earned a degree from Iowa State University in Animal Science, which has helped to give him knowledge and experience in the field of work he is involved in now. Aside from this, David is an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. where he applies his vision, tact, and experience just like he has done for all companies he has served with. David’s goal with OSI is to offer its customers better service and a higher quality of product than any other company does.

Employees Are Family At OSI

David Mcdonald believes that the success of OSI is based upon the fact that all of their employees feel like they are part of a larger family. The company, under David’s leadership, looks to always build relationships with their employees so that they work harder to provide excellence for their customers. David appreciates the fact that OSI is privately owned, and he feels like this gives them an edge in the market, because they are able to be more flexible than many other companies. David’s goal is to not only bring a more personal experience to all of OSI’s customer base, but to also always honor the employees that help them to be the success they are today.

Customers Are Valued and Respected

David Mcdonald also knows that OSI, or any company, would not be the success it is without the customers that purchase what they sell. It is in this vein that David and OSI have created custom options for their wide variety of customers. At the base of this are chefs and other food specialists that OSI, under David’s guidance, employ to create one-of-a-kind menus for their customers’ particular needs. David also firmly advocates the idea that of the food they provide isn’t good enough for him and his own family to eat, then it shouldn’t be sold to OSI’s customers. This attitude has helped the company to soar to amazing new heights.

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