Desiree Perez is the Toughest Business Negotiator in the Music Industry

Jay-Z and Live Nation have been in business together since 2008 after signing a 10-year-old deal in his recorded-music business – Roc Nation; the deal was for $150 million. Technically, the deal is expected to end next year, and either of them will be able to sell their stake of Roc Nation to the other.

Some sources have it that Live Nation wants to continue working with Jay-Z on the lucrative touring side of the deal but wants out of the recorded music part since they are no longer in the business of buying recorded music. Some of the most popular Roc Nation artists are Jay, Fat Joe, Meek Mill, Shakira, and Rihanna.

Jaz and Roc Nation’s exec Desiree Perez held a meeting with the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group at his offices. Word on the street is that UMG is interested in a skate of Roc Nation.  Check

This could be a major booster to Jay Z’s company, giving him more ability to empower his artists and fight off the stiff competition he is facing from Apple Music and Spotify against his streaming service, Tidal. According to insiders, UMG is already working with Roc Nation, but on a small scale.  Related article on

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a top producer and business negotiator. Perez and Jay-Z have known each other for close to 20 years as business associates. She proved her business prowess beyond a reasonable doubt while running the SC Enterprises. For blogs and updates, visit Dez’ page.

She has an unbeatable track record of rigorous negotiation skills that helped Rihanna land a good deal with Samsung. At Roc Nation, Perez is a top decision maker and handles the publishing activities, sections of management and labeling operations of the business.

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