Desiree Perez, the Executive behind Tidal’s Success

Desiree Perez is the Chief Executive of the music streaming service provider Tidal. The company tops when it comes to music streaming, and everybody is aware of this fact. Desiree Perez has created great business strategies for the company, and she is the pillar of the company success. The company is owned by Jay-Z, a very successful rapper. Tidal has changed its management team severally to remain in the business, and bringing Desiree Perez on board has been a game changer.  More updates on

Desiree Perez is experienced in business leadership. This has helped her decide the most lucrative contracts to sign for tidal. The founder of Tidal is not excellent in this trade but having the right people working with him such as Desiree has helped the company gain a lot of attention and win very lucrative contracts. Without Desiree, the jay-Z transition from rap to music streaming business could have been impossible. She has excellent skills in negotiating business deals and a good accountant, which is the combination of competence that has seen Tidal conduct business in an impeccable manner. Desiree is married to Juan Perez, and this helps her to understand the music industry in the best way possible, check this on Dez’s page. Despite a heavy presence of competitors, the Tidal application has gained a lot of popularity, and most of the young music fans are streaming for quality music. Desiree efforts and dedication continues to steer the company to greater heights.

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Tidal has had its ups and downs in recent times,  according to, but Jay-Z has never lost focus from the time he founded the company. Working with Desiree Perez has been very productive for Jay-Z Tidal as it has gained immense attention from people. Tidal has recorded a high growth rate after Desiree Perez took over the company leadership and this is a good sign that the firm will be making big leaps in the music industry that has a lot of potential.

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