Does This Change Your Opinion Of Willie Nelson?

There is so much controversy and so many varied opinions when it comes to whether marijuana should be legal or not, and many celebrities are getting in on it. Willie Nelson is one of the people who has taken a stand on the side of the drug being legal. He supports it so much that he has even decided to start selling it.
Does this change your opinion of this singer, either way? Most people feel strongly one way or another and knowing that a celebrity feels the same way as you can feel exhilarating, but knowing that they feel the opposite can feel disappointing.


You might have long been a Willie Nelson fan like Brad Reifler but now that you know that he’ll be selling marijuana you want nothing to do with him. Or, maybe you just recently starting listening to his music and knowing that he supports the legalization of this drug makes you like him all the more. Either way, you are bound to have an opinion on this. It is a very controversial issue. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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