Donald Scott NYC Creates A Range Of Hair Cutting Razors

The straight razor is well known as a tool used by barbers for centuries and has recently been going through something of a renaissance as individuals look to use them for the closest possible shave and as a hair cutting tool for both stylists and individuals. In most cases, a lightweight straight razor is the most commonly chosen for cutting hair as it can be used with ease, such as those created by Donald Scott NYC form the impressive range of products produced for cutting hair and shaving.

Donald Scott NYC is based on the pioneering work of the founder who gave his name to the company after spending a number of years working in the industry as a hair stylist to a huge list of celebrity clients. Donald Scott NYC has recently been at the forefront of developing the latest technologies in straight razors and other forms of razors that offer the latest in hairdressing options using razors.

The Donald Scott NYC company has been looking to bring as many cutting options using razors to the industry as possible and has made a huge impact with the swivel twist razor that combines two cutting tools in a single product. The company has also developed a major educational program that has been designed to allow the best possible results for all stylists.

Among the styles that can benefit from the use of straight razors are those with a number of layers that can be given a more finished look; another option is to use a straight razor to provide angled edges that provide a more interesting finished look when compared to the blunt ends of a traditional scissor cut.

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