Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Customer Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Walden ReviewsJennifer Walden is a popular cosmetic plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden demonstrates high-quality patient care, safety, and satisfaction. There more than a thousand reviews on Dr. Walden’s page and most reviewers rated Jennifer’s services a 5/5 star. Here are some of the wonderful Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews given on her website.

Aug 24, 2016: 5/5 star

This customer felt that Dr. Walden’s service was wonderful. This customer came to Dr. Walden with a hard task. She had a terrible experience with her previous doctor and sought out help, and was thrilled with the results. She wholeheartedly believes that Dr. Walden is the best choice she could have made in finding the best doctor for the results she wanted. She stated that Dr. Walden is a perfectionist and does all she can to make sure she does exactly what you want. This patient also had some of her fat transferred to her breast and she was very pleased with that task as well. She stated that Doctor Walden listened carefully, and was patient with all of her questions. She was thrilled with her results and highly recommends Dr. Walden to everyone.

Jul 05, 2019: 5/5 star

This customer was also very pleased with her results 6 months after her surgery. She also had breast implants and claimed that Dr. Walden was an amazing Dr. and artist. This client got some advice from Dr. Walden and she gave her an honest opinion that she ended up loving. Thanks to Dr. Walden, she now believes that her body is now finally proportioned the way she has always wanted. She stated that Dr. Walden and all of her nurses were incredibly sweet and helpful. She also highly recommends Dr. Jennifer Walden!


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