Dr Saad is a pediatric surgeon in New Jersey at Eatontown. He is associated with Jersey shore medical university center and the Monmouth center at the Long Branch. He attained his medical degree at the University of Cairo Medical School, and he has had over twenty years of practice ever since. He accepts some health insurance policies which include: Aetna HMO, AmeriHealth HMO, AmeriHealth PPO among others. He has received two awards and recognition. These are the AAP fellow award and the ACS fellow award. He has experience in surgery of around forty-two years, and he specializes in pediatric and general surgery.


Dr Saad is an experienced and well known pediatric surgeon and has carried out thousands of surgical operations in the course of his career. During his career, his primary agenda has been to improve the existing procedures and methods applied in surgical operations. He always looked for ways to minimize the pain his patients underwent through during surgery and reducing the peril his patients encountered and has a result of this; Saad has come up with new surgical procedures and two surgical inventions. He has worked for over forty years, and he has served patients both outside and inside his community.


Medical Catheters are usually tubes which have some functions. They are introduced into a human body to correct specific medical disorders or to help during surgery. They can be used to drain fluids and gases or to offer access to certain instruments during surgery contingent to the catheter type used. Some catheters are left in the human body either permanently or temporarily. The surgeons have to know the exert location of the catheter inside the body and hence they have to perform an x-ray or use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to identify its positioning. MRI machines are normally not used much since they are huge and hence not portable. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html


Dr Saad developed a device that helps in locating the catheter without the patient having to undergo a body scan using a machine. He has made many other discoveries in the surgical world. This machine uses electromagnetic energy since it has an integral electromagnetic identification of the location of the catheter. The catheter has a permeable material electromagnetically in the coil, and therefore the doctor only uses an external apparatus on the outside of the patient’s body which then sends a signal to the coil as well as the permeable magnetically material which then illuminate light on the outside hence showing the position of the catheter. This device is portable and of great importance in the surgical world since it helps many patients avoid MRI and unnecessary X-rays and it can be used in by doctors on patients in ICU in case of emergencies where there is no time to locate the position of the catheter using X-rays.

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