Drew Madden Moves to a Madison-based Consulting Firm

The former CEO of Nordic has moved to the newest health care provider that adopts the use of the latest technology in digital record systems. The evergreen healthcare partners entered the market when a group of businesses in Madison announced the launch of the company via LinkedIn. Madison is known for nurturing great companies among them being Nordic, Sagacious consultants and Blutree Network. These companies are champions of electronic medical recording.

Drew Madden is one of the evergreen founders after moving from his position as president at Nordic. He quit his job at Nordic in 2016 in the midst of serious sexual allegations from a former vice president of the marketing department. Ms. Natalee Cruuse filed a complaint for which a decision has yet to be made. However, Drew left the company to start Evergreen which is a competitor of Nordic.

This is a great competition for the newly formed company as Nordic has quite a great reputation as being one of the best places to work in the country. It is able to achieve its goals with a steady workforce of 800 employees for which Evergreen has to conquer. However, this may not be as difficult as it looks considering that Nordic grew to reach its current state under the able leadership of Drew Madden who has moved to Evergreen and is still at the top of the steering wheel. The other challenge would be to reach out for the KLAS recognition and have evergreen ranked as an epic specific consultant in this highly competitive industry.

According to the description on its website, Evergreen is considered an advisory firm for multiple EHR platforms that specialize in healthcare technology. Madden recognizes that the new company would definitely focus on electronic health records, but there will be more to it than just records. The goal is to help healthcare providers with a broader technology in this sector.

However, this was all Madden Drew was willing to discuss as he withheld other details about the company. Madden is to work with other senior partners among them being Jeff Leach whose expertise for the past decade managing Epic installs for a variety of health systems is going to be invaluable to the new company. Also coming on board is Rebecca Borttoff formerly an executive at PPi and a renowned software creator based in Verona with a focus on long-term health care. On the team also will be Aaron Friedman who worked at Epic initiative in Los Angeles at the Loma Linda University Health. The team has two former Epic employees.

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